6 Common Myths and Facts About Sweaters and Jackets for Dogs

Winter season is approaching, which means that you will have to reach for some of your favorite sweaters, boots, as well as scarves! While you’re at it, why not also take care of your furry pal, and make sure that they feel protected and cozy as well?! Our cats can look stylish in some jackets and sweaters, and they can also use them for practicality. If you’re wondering why these are a must-have for some people, and you also want to know what are the most common myths when it comes to dressing up your dogs, keep on reading!

Top 6 myths and accurate facts when it comes to dressing up your dog

1. Comfortable and waterproof is the way to go


Yes! But only when applied to jackets since waterproof kinds will come in handy during those long walks, and when you’re puppy is out in the snow. Waterproof jackets will keep your dog dry at any given point + protected from cold and low temperatures. If you are on the lookout for some comfy sweaters instead of jackets, try out DeListProduct. They have gorgeous wool and cotton sweaters that are great for this transitional period! They also have reviews on some practical dog beds, shirts, sofas, as well as sunnies for your dogs!

2. Your dog will need a coat or a sweater to stay protected from low temperatures


Yes, and no. This myth will depend a lot on your breed, as well as your current climate. Also, what kind of dog do you have? If you have shorter-haired breeds, a small puppy, or a puppy that has naturally thin fur, try to protect him from external factors. Also, if your pup has a medical condition of any sort – try to keep him warm with the right clothes. The most important go-to item should be something cozy, which you can easily throw on. Make sure that you protect their neck and belly, especially if it is snowing or raining outside since these parts get wet the easiest, and they are prone to cold.

3. Your dog will enjoy wearing new layers of clothing


No, not really. Most dogs will have a hard time trying to adapt to new clothing that’s been presented or thrown on top of them. Some breeds can feel a bit unusual or uncomfortable when it comes to additional layers. The best way to test this out and see what works for him or her? Dress them up at home and see how they react before you take them out for a walk. If they end up freezing in place and not moving an inch, as well as once you put the leash on, rather skip on this idea for now. If they misbehave, give them some time. However, if they are loving the idea, you are more than welcome to come out for a stroll.

4. Larger breeds do not need any type of gear or equipment


This is false, believe it or not. A lot of people assume that bigger breeds are warm enough on their own. Well, these dogs can have thick or thin fur, as well as uneven growth and patches over their bodies. If your dog is a Siberian husky, you can probably skip on buying him or her a jacket or a sweater. Each pup is different, which is why you should talk the process through with a vet, or check out their fur on your own before you dress them up, or make a purchase.

5. Tight and snuggly fit is the way to go for dogs


This depends. Although we all love to cuddle up with our dogs and dress them up in some of the cutest sweaters or jackets, some pups may dislike this feel. Make sure that you think twice about your dog’s mobility. Smaller breeds will easily fit in smaller sweaters and coats, while bigger pups will need something comfortable and loose for their size. There should be no snaps or any parts that hang, wiggle, or that are covered in loads of zippers. Go for their regular size, and always try to test out most of the items before purchasing them.

6. Thicker sweaters or hoodies are a must


Nowadays, no. Years ago thicker sweaters and thicker fabrics meant cozier and warmer tops, as well as higher quality items. These also came with hefty prices. Nowadays, technology has evolved, which means that you can easily find loads of different sweaters, fabrics, as well as unique kinds on the market. When shopping for your pup, make sure to check the back labels and do your research before you make your purchase. Do not go for the thickest fabric, since your dog may boil in it and end up sweating like crazy.

PS: Make sure to measure your dog the right way before you do any kind of shopping


Last, but not least, one of the main rules is to double-check, pre-size, and test out everything before you make your purchase. How to do so? While your dog is up on his feet, use a tape measure from the base of their neck. Drag the tape across their back and down to their tail. You can also measure their chest size with a tape measure as well. These sizes can usually range from XXS-XXXL. Every brand and each manufacturer is different, so find the one that suits your preference and meets your criteria.

Ready to enjoy your new clothing items?

So, are you ready to purchase some new clothing items or accessories for your dog? As you can tell, sweaters and jackets can come in handy, especially during these colder days. If you live somewhere where it tends to get below 10 degrees Celsius, think about purchasing something comfy, furry, as well as cozy for your pal. They will appreciate most clothing items, as long as they’re loose, they come in their right size, and are made out of premium materials!

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