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10 Earliest Pregnancy Signs – 2024 Guide

Thinking you are pregnant can be exciting, stressful, or both in some cases. However, no matter your feelings, you should always be prepared and know what the signs of pregnancy actually are so that you are always prepared. In this article, we will go over some of the earliest signs you might be pregnant. For more, check out YourDoctorsOnline.

1. Late Period

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The timing of your period is often the best sign of early signs of pregnancy. If your calculations are correct and your period is later than usual, chances are you may be pregnant. Still, this is not 100% accurate, as periods can be late for multiple reasons, including weight loss or gain, illness, hormonal changes, and stress. If a week passes or longer, the chance of pregnancy is usually high. However, this is still not true for everyone, as many women have vastly irregular cycles, which can be annoying and stressful each month.

2. Breast Changes

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Changes in your breasts may happen due to pregnancy. If you are pregnant and are not aware of it, changes to your breasts may have happened. They can become painful, sensitive, heavy, swollen, and the areola may become darker.

3. Bathroom Habits

The bathroom routine tends to change during the early stages of pregnancy because the hormonal changes make you take more trips to the bathroom than usual. Women that are six or more weeks far in pregnancy urinate more frequently than before, so keep this in mind. However, urinary tract infections and diabetes also result in more frequent urinating, so again, this is not a clear sign of pregnancy.

4. Cramps

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Abdominal cramps are a usual symptom soon after the conception. They are quite similar to period cramps, and women tend to mix them up and think it is simply the start of menstruation, especially if they are common for them. Early pregnancy cramps are mild, and they go away with time.

5. Nausea

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Morning sickness is a go-to pop-culture sign of early pregnancy. Many women do experience nausea in the first days of being pregnant, but it does not necessarily happen during the mornings. Because of the increased hormone circulation, you may experience nausea at any time of day. Mornings are the most common time, however.

6. Tiredness

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Many women feel fatigued during the early pregnancy days. This happens because of the rising progesterone levels in the body. Also, blood pressure and sugar changes contribute to the lack of energy feeling. More rest is key here.

7. Food Cravings

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Weird and Unusual food cravings are probably the biggest stereotype about pregnancy. This is yet another result of the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy. Some foods become a favorite, while others are not at all an option. In some cases, even the smell of some foods causes nausea. Some women experience this during the whole pregnancy, while others have it for the first three months.

8. Light Bleeding

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Between 6 and 12 months after fertilization, light vaginal bleeding occurs, often accompanied by cramps. This is called implantation bleeding. If the bleeding is heavier, consult a professional immediately.

9. Emotions

Change in hormone levels causes your emotions to be out of balance and unpredictable. This happens the most in the first trimester and then slows down. Mood swings are also common for PMS, so it is not a clear sign of pregnancy.

10. Missed Birth Control

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If you missed one or more birth control pills, chances are you might be pregnant. If the next period does not come, a pregnancy test may be in order.

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