Solar LED Street Light – 2024 Guide

The LED lighting is the fastest growing resolution for an extensive range of outdoor lighting applications. It is the most resourceful light on the market by far blessed with the longest lifespan ever. Moreover, it produces a very high-quality light with a wide variety of features.

Have you ever stopped and question how much electricity bill the government pays to light the roads and streets of the whole nation a year? If you have been worried to think about, you must wonder why street lighting is gaining so much attention these days.

What is solar LED street lighting?

Solar LED Street lights are on the road which is power-driven by photovoltaic cells built up near the source of light. These cells soak up the sunlight during the day hours to recharge a battery, which helps in lighting the LED lamps throughout the night. For more information visit

Solar energy is renewable and accessible which comes with several advantages over non-renewable sources like coal. Such non-renewable sources get drained with no trouble and also emit carbon dioxide. Whereas, renewable sources of energy help out in lessening pollution to a certain degree and make the world a healthier place to survive for the coming generations.

Energy efficiencies

Operating lighting fixtures for approximately eight hours per night directly relates to running up energy expenses. Research has shown that the price of buying a building is just 10% of the total cost of operating it over its life. Energy costs are usually of two types: HVAC and lighting. Outdoor lighting is the most essential segment of the total lighting bill at most buildings providing facilities. But, the major exception to this trend is with hospitals, health care, and medical facilities as they utilize way more electricity inside the building than other building types.

Cutting down the expenses from outdoor lighting refers to driving down energy usage in terms of useful watts on the ground per unit of energy utilized to produce them. Fortunately, this problem has been solved by High-Pressure Sodium.



LEDs last 2-10x times as long as other substitutes available in the market. Believe it or not, manufacturers are ready to guarantee their LED products for a much longer duration whereas, for earlier products with bulb technologies, you would have been finding a warranty for 1-2 years which is way less than the advanced ones.

LED street lights provide better lighting in frequent ways:

– They use a smaller amount of energy as they generate more Lumens per Watt than HID lights. They put light on the ground rather than wasting light pushing it in all directions.

– With the help of specific optics, LEDs are capable of managing the light accurately when needed. This declares that light can be scattered out where it is lacking with the help of distribution patterns or NEMA ratings.

– They provide a better white light which encourages better visual sharpness. Hence, it makes things clearer and easier to see.

– LED fixtures are also dimmable for lower power consumption sometimes when needed. This further decreases the power necessities.

– LEDs don’t have need of a warm-up time or waiting time. They are just an “instant on”.

Outdoor lighting fixtures

The major thought for implementing lighting in outdoor parking lots, street lights and parking areas proficiently to conclude the specifications of the lighting fixture itself. Pole-mounted lights are trending by far.

Here is a step by step specification checklist to ensure that your lighting fixtures meet the minimum standards.


Just make sure that the lamp and the light are focused on the standard connections. Moreover, you should check that your supplier is making use of possible modifications or accessories which are required to rise to the existing mounting application.

Corrosion resistance

Make certain that the fixtures have been tested and check adequately for outdoor and mordant surroundings. You must search for the fixtures that have cleared the ASTM B117 salt fog or spray test. In the areas that are near the ocean are predominantly needed to put off the decay of metal or coated metal fixtures and untimely ruining of light.

Electrical reliability requirements


The lighting fixtures should meet up the electrical reliability requirements and all-important lighting standards. The Solar LED street lights or fixtures must meet the relevant vibration solutions which are recognized by the American Standards Institute.

Electromagnetic interference standards

Make sure that the lights used meet electromagnetic Interference standards which have been set up by Title 47 Part 15 of the Code of Federal Regulations (47 CFR 15). The above act covers false or unapproved low power emissions.

Mechanical reliability requirements

You must check that the fixtures and lamps meet the mechanical reliability requirements and all other important lighting standards. Make convinced that mechanical limits for poles that head solar LED street lights are met.


Street lights use extremely incompetent HID lamps that drain the grid of electricity and a million dollars a year for power and maintenance. This is obvious those streets light are significant for the protection of travelers, but how much wealth is getting wasted by making use of those inefficient previously standards of lighting? As an alternative, high performance, energy-efficient solar LED Street lights should be brought into plays and makes it the new lighting standard.

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