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Where to Buy Road Signs – 2024 Guide

Knowing where to buy the road signs and traffic control accessories you need in your community might be a little nerve-racking for someone with no prior exposure to the industry. Of course, you could always Google for road signs, but that would leave you with a list of companies you didn’t know, and had no reason to choose one over another.

If you could start out with the knowledge that there are very few companies which manufacture superior road sign products, and have been recognized for their contribution to traffic safety in this country, you’d be way ahead of the game. This discussion will provide you with information that will put you in that precise position, so you’ll know why one company stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Can I Buy Road Signs Online?

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When you’re wondering about the best place to obtain traffic signs and all the accessories needed to support those signs for traffic control, there’s really only one place that should be at the top of your list, and that’s Worksafe Traffic Control Industries. Founded in 1993, the company has steadily risen to the top of the industry, and has been recognized on numerous occasions for their contributions to traffic safety in this country.

The company has won awards both in the New England area, whereit’s headquartered, as well as on the national scene, where it has become a major force in traffic safety. The broad range of products offered by the company is another reason that it should be everyone’s choice for traffic control products, since they can supply you with high quality versions of virtually any kind of traffic product in existence.

And that leads to another reason why this company should be at the top of everyone’s list: the superior quality of their manufactured goods. You won’t find higher quality products anywhere in the country, made to withstand the elements, and last so long that you always get a great return on your investment.

Who is Responsible for Sourcing Highway and Road Signs?

The ultimate source for road signs and traffic control devices in this country is the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Nearly half the states in the country rely on this manual as a standalone document, while another 20 states use it in tandem with a supplemental document. The other seven states have created their own version of the MUTCD, which is substantially based on that document.

That means you can pretty much count on uniformity throughout the country when it comes to road signs and their meaning for vehicle operators. However, it will not be the federal government which implements traffic control signs or other devices intended to direct the flow of traffic in a given community or area. This is generally a state or local responsibility, and both the funding and the specific materials used will be provided by that particular agency.

Local governments will also be responsible for removing roadway obstructions, repairing traffic signals or pedestrian signals, removing shrubs which impair visibility, repainting pavement markings, replacing damaged traffic control signs, and cordoning off flooded roadways. Whatever the specific name is for your local Department of Transportation, that will be the agency you should contact when you encounter any of the above.

Are Road Signs the Same Everywhere?

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The previously described MUTCD contains the standards imposed by the nation’s road managers for installing and maintaining traffic control devices on all those roadways open to public travel. Since 1971, this manual has been the ultimate source for all national standards relative to traffic signals, highway signs, road markings, and all other traffic control devices.

It is kept updated by a committee of individuals who respond to changing traffic requirements throughout the country, and ensure that the manual stays as relevant as possible. There are sometimes new technologies which emerge which can be taken advantage of, and these are also incorporated into the manual for the benefit of highway motorists. If there were no such sources as the MUTCD, there would be the possibility of confusion on the roadways whenever you crossed state lines, and came under the jurisdiction of a different Department of Transportation.

Purchase Quality Signs That Will Meet Your Needs

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There is a single standard in this country that every state adopts to a great extent, for managing traffic flow and for implementing uniform road signs and other traffic devices to accomplish efficient traffic flow. All those standards are contained in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, which was implemented nearly 50 years ago, and continues to be the ultimate source for all guidance on traffic control and the devices used.

In the same way that this manual is considered to be the only one to consult, there is a company which has a similar reputation in the area of manufacturing traffic control devices, which is All products necessary to carry out the standards set forth in the MUTCD can be purchased directly from Worksafe, and you can rely on receiving the highest quality version of any product you purchase. Contact us today with any questions you might have about traffic control devices, or to obtain a quote on products you need.

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