Amazing Facts About Flowers That Could Intrigue You

Why are flowers so important? They are elegant, beautiful and they make a person happy when you give it to them and that is why most people love flowers. They have their own unique beauty and enticing scents. They are said to be the gifts of nature. They add a spark to every event.

You can always see big events decorated with flowers; there is no event that has no flowers as a means for decorations. All these flowers have amazing facts about them that will blow your mind. You may see these flowers but do you really know them? Therefore with the help of Floraqueen, here are amazing facts about flowers and some facts that could intrigue you.



Everyone loves tulips; they are used at weddings and other events. They add a scent of beauty to your event. They make you look pretty. In the 17th century, tulips were more valuable than gold, for their characteristics, of symbolizing immortality, life, and love. Tulips were so expensive and we’re treated as a form of currency. The lifespan of a tulip is also short, being 3 to 7 days.

Gas plant


The gas plant is also called burning bush, as it is called sometimes. It has leathery green leaves, and it is how it earned its name. It gives a strong lemon scented vapor, that comes from flower and seed pods. That means, on a calm summer night, it can be ignited with a match. This flower is famous as it is beautiful and it is charming.



Angelica got its name in Europe as it could cure everything from indigestion to bubonic plague. It said to be used to ward off evil spirits and curses at home. It is also known as wild celery. A lot of medical practitioners say it is good herbal tea to take for hepatitis, indigestion, colic gas, heartburn, etc. It used to cure a lot of health diseases such as respiratory system.



The bamboo is beautiful, although the flowers of bamboo are rarely seen; the flowers of the bamboo develop after 65 to 120 years. It is a fact that all flowers of one species bamboo develop at the same time no matter where they are located or where they are growing. Bamboo grows really fast; it releases more 30% oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide compared to other plants. Bamboo decreases the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, therefore cleaning the air.



The ancient Egyptians considered lotus to be a sacred flower, which was used in burial rituals. They die during the time of droughts and bloom in damps, rivers, and wetlands. The Egyptians considered lotus to be the symbol of eternal life and resurrection.


Flowers are one of the best things available. People love flowers, as it is used in every event and used as decorations. There are different varieties of flowers that are available. There are different florists that also have their websites that sell a variety of flowers that you want. They can be easily available.

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