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9 Authentic Gifts For Sport Enthusiasts in 2024

Our gift-giving culture has expanded a lot throughout the years. The main reason for it is due to authenticity through personalization. If there is a specific group of people that can benefit the most from authenticity it’s the sports enthusiasts.

Sports seem to be the only things that can help bring people together through tough times. What’s even more impressive is the fact that unique sports gifts can be perceived as small personal treasures by fans.

So, if you happened to have a friend or close family member that loves watching baseball on the weekend, or any other sport, here is a list of X authentic gifts.

1. NBA Socks

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The socks that NBA players wear are some of the most iconic in the sport. Apart from the jersey and the Spalding ball, the socks are probably the third most memorable piece of attire.

As all of us have been victims of socks as gifts, with grandma usually being the main perpetrator, there is a silver lining when it comes to these.

They might not be suited for everyday wear nor perceived as fashion, but they’ll come excellently when your friend gets to play ball.

2. Eephus League Poster Set

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Every baseball fan knows about the Eephus League. Mostly referred to as “America’s Pastime”, Eephus League was the first installment of what is currently Major League Baseball.

While very few fans have gotten to actually see it live that are currently alive, we’re frequently given documentaries and movies to watch that hopefully get to relive the glorious moments.

However, that is rarely the case and all we could do is simply celebrate history. And, what better to celebrate history than with an Eephus League poster set that you can hang in your room to hopefully serve as a reminder of how far MLB has gotten today.

3. Hats

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Hats are one of those accessories that are not only instrumental for how the game is played (baseball) but are also one of the most iconic team merchandise.

You can buy a hat from literary any team across any sport. And this will be the gift you’ll be giving your closest family members. If a person in your family, and even a friend, loves a team and will support it to the very last breath, getting club merch might be the best thing you could possibly get.

As we mentioned, getting him a hat or cap with the iconic colors and logo of his team will be a gift he will never forget.

4. Hockey Stick BBQ Set

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America is known to go overboard when it comes to creating sports merchandise.

If there is one thing that tops off this ridiculous tradition is a bbq set made in hockey sticks.

The sticks aren’t actually the size of real-life hockey sticks, but they’re made in the shape and form of such. And what better gift to give the dad who happens to be fan or hockey and making a mean stake.

5. Trading Pins

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The world of sports collectibles only grows bigger by the day, with baseball cards and trading pins at the center of it.

Being deeply rooted in the tradition of the sport also comes with a certain price that you have to pay for obtaining collectible editions of these two.

Out of both, it seems that baseball cards are rated higher than pins. But that doesn’t mean you should dismiss baseball trading pins. A lot of people take an interest in these, and there are even marketplaces for it.

Also, one of these marketplaces, called GS-JJ, offers you the chance to create your very own pins that you can put to your collection. Simply said, there has never been a better time to start collecting baseball pins.

6. Madden 20

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The latest edition of American Football to grace our consoles and PC’s, Madden 20 comes with a high reputation of being one of the best ever game released by EA.

Madden, for those that don’t know, caters to American football the way FIFA and NBA2K cater to both soccer and basketball respectably.

While both NBA2K and FIFA seem to be more popular than Madden, it is still the perfect present for the person in your life that loves watching American football.

Madden 20 is already out, and you can get it for both PS and Xbox, as well as for PC.

7. ESPN 30 For 30

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When it comes to sports broadcasting, none do it better than ESPN. ESPN broadcasts nearly all the sports in the world; even some of the niche ones.

But ESPN is also considered a “god” when it comes to sports documentaries. As the purpose of the television is to cater to the sports audiences, ESPN has created a documentary series called 30 for 30.

The series includes 6 DVDs, although you could probably find these in a digital copy, created for the televisions’ 30th birthday.

Being a sports fan has never been better.

8. Backpack Cooler Chair

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When it comes to watching the game on the TV, it’s all about having all the snacks and drinks around to make it that much enjoyable. But, we always seem to forget things that would require us to go and get them (we know, how hard).

That’s why the backpack cooler chair is probably the gift to give dad to put an end to his struggles. Not only is this chair suited for indoors, but it’s also great for the family bbq. If you wanted to go after authenticity, then the backpack cooler chair is the thing to get.

9. The NASCAR Racing Experience

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Sports don’t always mean kicking or throwing balls, it could be about speed and cars.

NASCAR is one of the most iconic American sports that have ever graced the country. If you happened to have a friend or family member that absolutely loves NASCAR, then the NASCAR racing experience is the thing to get him.

Not only does this package involve “ride-along’s” with some of the most prominent NASCAR drivers, but it also gives you the chance to meet them in person.

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