All That You Need Before Your Baby Arrives – 2024 Guide

Your list of baby items is probably getting pretty long, especially if you are going to be a first-time mom. Like most soon-to-be moms you probably think that you will need everything in order to be successful at the parenting thing, but, you might soon realize that there are specific things that you might not need. For instance, you will find out that you might not need some items like the super expensive wash-bowl, as well as other things that are sponsored by major companies.

When the first month passes, you will probably realize that you do not need all the things you bought. And if you want to prevent yourself from spending unnecessary items, here is a list of things that you will definitely need when your newborn arrives. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Diapers and Keep in Mind That You Will Need Loads of Them


It does not really matter if you plan to use a cloth or diapers, you will definitely want to stock up on a lot of diapers. Trust me, you do not want to run out of diapers at 3 am, and getting more is what suggests, just in case. Also, it is smart to buy diapers in various sizes since ones that are too small will not do the trick for your baby.

2. Onesies With Small Mitten’s


Buying small mittens for your baby will be extremely cute, but they will fall off when your child is sleeping. Hence, you should opt for buying onesies that have mittens for your little one. The onesies will be the only thing you want your kid to wear for the first month at home and they will definitely stop them from scratching their cheeks while they are sleeping. Keep in mind that it might be difficult to choose 2 or 3 onesies since they are all extremely cute.

3. A Personalised Baby Blanket


Most infants find blankets quite comfortable since it will provide them with the feeling of being in the womb. And it is even better to get a personalised baby blanket. You can add almost anything from them such as the name, date of birth, a cute little unicorn – basically whatever you want the design to feature it can. If you want to see more information about personalised baby blankets, visit here.

4. A Portable Changing Pad


Although most bathrooms will have a changing station for babies, you still might want to get a portable changing pad. Also, it is worth mentioning that not all bathroom changing stations are clean, hence, you might feel more comfortable if you had your own. With a changing pad, you can also get compartments for storing the wipes, diapers, and creams for changing your baby.

5. A Night Light


It is normal for newborns to wake up during the night, hence, you might want to get a night light until your baby can sleep through the night. Like all the items from this list, the night light comes in various sizes and shapes, as well as features. Some of them might even be able to create a light show on the ceiling, play songs for your baby, and show the temperature in the room.

6. A Rocking Chair

source: aliexpress

All babies are different – some go to sleep easily, while others give their parents a hard time. But no matter what you do, you will need to get them to fall asleep and for that, a rocking chair is irreplaceable. You will definitely need one, and not only will you get some rest while you put your baby to sleep, but they will love it as well. Check out the best rocking chairs at


As you can see, these are some things that you will need to buy before your baby arrives. Hence, do not waste any more time and start browsing for these items right away.

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