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The Best Water Filter for Your Home in 2024 – All You Need to Know

In a world more and more concerned with water contamination, it is no wonder that filtration systems are the go-to solution for citizens worldwide. If the story of Flint, Michigan, taught us something, it taught us that we should be more careful with whatever runs on our sinks. While tap is relatively safe and clean in all developed countries, one cannot be too cautious. But sizing the right home filtration system and choosing the proper technology for our needs is not an easy process, mainly if you live in an apartment.

Size Does Matter

According to, some of the best home filtration systems are whole house water filters. They are capable of cleaning hundreds of thousands of gallons each year. The newer, more modern brands use innovative technologies, able to strip our H2O even of the most hazardous contaminants (like heavy metals or radioactive elements). Before you pick your favorite home filtration device, however, make sure you know what you invest in as if you move you won’t be able to take the unit with you.

Whole house filtration systems for apartments are curb-appeal boosters that owners should consider for their real estate projects. These devices go best with large homes and families.

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If you are a renter, on the other hand, you may not be able to install such a massive device, as it requires a lot of space, professional plumbing, and careful maintenance. If you live in the city in a studio, for instance, you should consider a smaller unit, such as an under-sink filter for the kitchen.

By size and portability, the best filtration systems you should consider to keep your health in check are the following.

Under-sink water filters

They can fit almost all-standard plumbing. You can enjoy clean, healthy H2O from the tap without worrying about chlorine and chloramine, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses even the CDC warn about, volatile compounds, sediment, chemicals, and so on. While some brands can come at a substantial price, they change the game in apartment living: they keep the inhabitants safe, do not take a considerable toll on the environment, and require reduced maintenance.

Depending on their technology (usually, reverse osmosis filtration), under-sink filters come with another compelling advantage: they make your tap water not only clean but mineral as well. Top 5 products were recently featured on the Great Livings website round-up.

Filters for the Faucet

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You can install these small, portable filters directly on your kitchen and bathroom faucets. An excellent upgrade to an apartment, they have significant ecological value, keep the H2O clean of most common contaminants, and come with you anywhere you move. They need almost no maintenance and are very affordable.

Filter Pitchers and Jugs

Water filter pitchers replace hundreds if not thousands of plastic bottles a year. They usually feature carbon filtration, sit beautifully on the countertop, come along with you if you move, and clean your H2O of most common contaminants. Affordable and easy to maintain, filtering pitchers and jugs are eco-friendly and very useful in the long term.

Technology Matters as Well

The most common method of water filtration you can install in your apartment is active carbon (activated charcoal). The technology is present in:

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  • most whole house filters,
  • faucet filters,
  • filter pitchers,
  • and even portable filter water bottles.

The downside of active carbon filtration is that it cannot eliminate 100% of the more dangerous contaminants: toxins, some chemicals, some bacteria/viruses, radioactive elements, etc.

It is highly unlikely to find high levels of pesticides, herbicides, industrial run-off, or hazardous heavy metals in city water, but you should test it nonetheless. If you do not like the smell, color, taste, or texture of what you use for bathing, cooking, and drinking, a carbon-based filter should offer you the peace of mind you need.

On the other hand, reverse osmosis is the poster child of 100% safe and clear water. Reverse osmosis technology can remove all contaminants, viruses, bacteria, soluble contaminants, heavy metals, agricultural and industrial run-off, and more.

Click here to check out which filtration systems are the best – and safest – choice if your home is relying on the water coming from a private well.

RO systems strip tap from all its compounds, leaving it flat and with little to no nutritional value. For this reason, modern RO filters come with a mineral-adding stage. They put calcium and magnesium, together with other minerals, back into the water at balanced levels.

The most common reverse osmosis systems come in the following shapes:

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  • Under-sink RO filters. The most popular versions, these units fit under your (kitchen) sink, offering safe mineral water on tap.
  • Whole house RO filters. Bulky and sophisticated, they work best if you have a large family living in a sizeable home.
  • RO filter pitchers. These portable, slick, and affordable carafes purify and alkalinize your drinking daily H2O.

What Water Filter Should You Choose for Your Home?

If you own a house or an entire building, whole house filtration systems are your best choice.

In the city, tap water comes from a treatment facility, and it usually shows moderate levels of contaminants. If you want to improve the wellbeing and comfort of your family or renters, this is the way to go.

For a person renting a place of living, under-sink filters or faucet filters make the optimal choice.

You can install them without much fuss and take them with you when you change the address. These devices work well for both apartments and homes. Pick an RO system if the water in the area shows high levels of contamination.

People who only want to drink a liquid that smells and tastes fine, without other complications, should go for filter pitchers.

They work well with city water that has few contaminants. They are also an exceptional choice for those moving around often.

Bottom Line

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People are increasingly showing concern for the tap H2O they drink. Buying plastic bottled water is inefficient, as it harms the environment, costs a lot of money, and is not as safe as one believes.

If you are in real estate, upgrading the apartment or house with a particular home filtration system means boosting the selling or renting price.

Those who rent and want clean water for them and their families should pick the right filter for their current home and enjoy the benefits!

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