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The Best Method of Packing a Parcel for Delivery in 2024

Sending a parcel to another country or just within the UK is now easier than ever, and there’s no doubt that you can take your pick from a whole host of parcel delivery services out there – each with pricing that’s more competitive than the other. But when it comes to packing your parcel in the proper way, there are certain steps you should follow as well.

After all, you don’t want your parcel to get lost or misplaced in transit or worse, sent to the wrong address. You also have to think about how to package your parcel so that the contents inside the parcel don’t get damaged while it is being transported. So what, then, is the best method of packing a parcel for delivery? Here’s your essential guide.

Choose the proper box

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The first step is, of course, to choose the proper box or packaging for it. The box you select for your parcel should be big enough, so the item inside will fit well, but it shouldn’t be too big that the item has a chance of being shaken around and potentially damaged. There should be a gap between the actual item and the sides of the box (a gap of around 5 centimeters is best), but make sure to fill this gap with the appropriate packing material such as packaging peanuts or bubble wrap.

The box you select should also be new; it may save you a bit of money trying to make use of a second-hand box, but a second-hand box will always be structurally weaker than a new one, so it’s worth the investment. You can choose from two main kinds of cardboard boxes as well: single-walled or double-walled. If you have a box with a measurement of 30 square centimeters, it’s better if it is double-walled, and if you have an item which is heavier than 5 kilograms, it’s best to choose a double-walled box as well.

Wrap it in the right material

As mentioned, you should make use of the appropriate packaging material, not just for the space between the box’s sides and the actual item, but for the item itself. For wrapping the item and making sure it is amply protected, bubble wrap is the best option, especially if the item is delicate or fragile. You can then fill the empty space around the item with loose fill or packaging peanuts or Styrofoam.

Close it with sturdy tape

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Once you have wrapped the item and fill the empty spaces within the box with the right fillers, you can then close and seal the box using tape. But make sure that the tape you use is as sturdy as possible, so the box doesn’t accidentally fall open during transit. Also, if you would like your item to be extra secure, you have the option of using two boxes, and this is called ‘double-boxing’.

You can simply place the main box which contains the item into a bigger box, which is then separated by your chosen packaging material or filler. When you have placed the smaller box inside the bigger box, you can just close and seal the bigger box with tape. Here’s another tip: make sure you seal not just the top of the box, but also the sides and corners so you can make doubly sure that your parcel remains secure.

Weigh and measure it

When you have sealed the box and your parcel is secure, you should make it a point to weigh and measure it so that you know exactly how much it will cost to send it. This is especially crucial because you wouldn’t want your parcel to be heavier or bigger than you stated when you book it for delivery, as you may incur an extra charge.

Label and address it

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Now comes another tricky part, and it’s important for you to get this correctly as well. When it comes to addressing and labeling your parcel, the proper details are essential. Some couriers may have different requirements from others, so you have to make sure to follow the requirements of the courier delivery service you choose.

For instance, there are companies that will require you to have a label with a bar code printed out, while there are those which require just an address, and they will attach the bar code themselves. Whatever the requirements, it would also be best if you have a minimum of two copies of the label or bar code with your parcel. Attach one label to the outside or exterior of the box (once again using sturdy tape), and place the other label inside the box where your item is just in case the exterior label becomes loose or falls off.

What to expect with parcel delivery

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As already stated, you can select from a broad variety of parcel delivery services, and you can even do your search for a courier service or company online – and take advantage of services from which can provide you with a fast quote online as well.

The good aspect of these courier services is that once you have confirmed your order, you can expect your particular parcel to be picked up by the service itself, so you don’t even have to go out of your home or office. The driver or representative will then simply take your parcel to the depot, have it processed (which means that it will be weighed and measured and the bar code will be properly scanned), and will then be sorted for transport.

When all this is done, your parcel will be taken to a hub and loaded onto a conveyor, where it will once again be sorted mechanically and then loaded for delivery to a depot. Once your parcel is delivered to the appropriate depot, it will then be picked up by the van or lorry so it can arrive at its final destination.

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