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How to Create a Delivery Note for your Business – 2024 Guide

You ever order a certain item from Amazon, eBay or whichever company you prefer, you open up the package after you receive it and you are met with a note inside that tells you everything about the product you have bought, the quantity, basically everything that is inside of the box you are receiving. It allows you to cross-examine the package and the piece of paper to ensure that nothing has been forgotten, dropped or stolen.

Well, if you own a company that will need to supply your customers with goods, you should consider creating a delivery note. Sure, it might not be mandatory by law, but it does show just how much you care about your customers and it will surely make them appreciate you more.

To help you create the best possible delivery note, here are something you should know about it.

What’s a delivery note?

Well, the first thing you will need to understand before we go any further is what it is and what exactly entails with it. It is actually quite simple. You can think of it as a receipt from a supermarket. This piece of paper should list all of the “ingredients” that are inside of your package that you are supplying to your clients.

By adding this note with the shipment and listing everything inside the package, it allows the recipient to compare all of the products with the order. They won’t have to go online, log in their account just to check their order. With this, you are making their lives just a bit more convenient which is always what people appreciate. But, that’s not the only benefit of it. One copy should also be sent to the seller which is a way of showing them that the product has been received and that the client is satisfied.


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As soon as someone makes an order through your business, it is your company’s job to send that product as soon as possible. If you manage to create a delivery note before you receive the goods, you can use it as a checklist for your workers too and not just the recipient. It puts you, the seller and the buyer at ease. There’s simply no reason you shouldn’t do it.

Keep in mind, if you plan on creating such a list of contents by yourself, it is very important that you do not make any mistakes when you create it. This can create confusion at all sides, making you the center of the problem which is definitely not something that you want.

Cheap Marketing

Another great thing about this piece of paper is that you can actually use it as a way to advertise your business. You can add in your logo, your brand’s colors and your company’s name to the note. By doing this you are spreading awareness and strengthening the recognition of your logo. Who doesn’t want easy and cheap marketing, right?


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So, if you have finally decided that you want to include this kind of piece of paper in all of your shipments, you probably want to do it the right way. You want to know about what you should add, what you should avoid adding and all those other bits and pieces you should be aware of.

Fortunately, with this simple guide, you will understand the contents of such a delivery note in just a few minutes. If you are having trouble creating the perfect delivery note, you can use Billdu to easily generate it.

As a business that handles shipping, you are probably well aware of what an invoice is. It is a piece of document that is provided by the seller for the buyer as proof for the transaction and the goods that the seller provided to the buyer. Well, a note works quite similarly to the invoice.

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They both have all the details about the company’s name, address, date and other bits of information and they both list all the contents of the package. But, the main difference between these two is that the invoice lists the price of the goods while the delivery note doesn’t. You should never think that it is a way to replace the invoice completely.

You might be wondering why a buyer would need another piece of paper that lists the products he received when he already has an invoice. Well, the invoice or the bill is obligatory and filled with all kinds of professional information that not everyone would understand. On the other hand, the delivery note is quite simple.

The first heading explains the order number, the subheading thanks the customer for the purchase and for choosing that delivery option and then comes the list of products. On the bottom, there is a line that marks where the recipient will signs. Naturally, you will need two copies to be signed. One will be for the buyer and the other will need to be sent back to the seller. If you

Online delivery

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What’s great about the internet these days is that you can actually send the delivery note through e-mail too. It is easier for you as a business, it is easier for the client to read on their computer than having to read on a piece of paper and it is easier for the seller to receive on email than a physical copy.

The main difference between a digital and physical copy of a delivery note is that the physical one reaches the recipient with the goods while the digital one is sent as soon as the product is shipped. You might consider it as a way to remind your clients that they have an active order and that they should expect a package anytime. You also won’t need to get a signature which is great because you won’t have to deal with a customer that is not at home at the moment (if you are not delivering to PO boxes).

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