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7 Things to Know before Using a Portable Vaporizer For The First Time

If you have never vaped before, you may want to learn how to do it first. Vaping is different than smoking, even though there are some similarities. A lot of smokers choose e-cigarettes and vaping devices to try to quit smoking. This proves to be very effective because vaping liquids and herbs don’t cause addiction.

The idea is to go from smoking to vape and then quit. However, most people continue vaping because of the habit. However, vaping is more than just a step to quitting smoking. Many people who haven’t smoked before start vaping as a hobby.

If this is your first time vaping, you may want to read the tips below because we will explore what it is like to use a portable vaporizer for the first time.

1. Buying your Vaporizer

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The first thing you should consider is buying your own vaporizer. They come in different shapes and forms and you need to choose the one that suits you best. There are some devices that you can carry with you all the time, that fit in your pocket and which are easily charged and maintained.

On the other hand, there are devices such as Switch Bundle from DrDabber which provide the ultimate vaping experience, but it is intended for home use and you cannot carry it outside.

There are a lot of movable parts here, which may confuse first-time users, but it is definitely one of the best vaporizers in the market.

The beauty of choosing your vaporizer is that you can get more than one. You can opt for something such as e-cigarettes to have when you go out and something such as the Bundle for home use. Either way, find the device that suits you best.

2. Cleaning and Maintenance

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Before you buy a vaporizer keep in mind that the cleaning and maintenance are important to extend the life of your device. This is the number one rule to have a better vaping experience. Your tank builds up residue that can affect the quality of e-liquids and herbs.

Every time you change your e-juice, you should clean your device, but about once a month you can clean it thoroughly by following the cleaning instructions in the manual. Some parts should be submerged in warm water, while the others you should just wipe.

Keep in mind that these are electronic vaporizers, so you don’t want to damage it with water. Cleaning the device is crucial for hygiene and vaping experience too.

3. Change flavors occasionally

One of the mistakes people make when vaping is sticking to one flavor. Obviously after a few months, you will find your favorite flavor, but after a while, you will develop something called “vaper’s tongue”. In other words, you will not feel the taste of the juice anymore.

This problem can be solved easily if you switch between different flavors. Therefore, always have a couple of flavors in your stock and keep alternating to avoid vaper’s tongue.

If you experience this, there’s nothing to worry about. This will last a couple of days and it only affects your vaping experience. When you eat or drink, you will feel everything flavor normally.

4. A variety of Vaporizers

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What you should know before you buy your vaporizer is that there is a large number of different vaporizer types. First of all, there are those using dry herbs, but the heating method can be different between those. For example, there are devices that use conduction while the others use convection.

Speaking of dry herb vaporizers, you can also select, the desktop, portable and the vape pen. As their names suggest, they are used differently, and you need to find one which method you will use the most. We’ve already given you ideas on what to get, but you don’t have to limit yourself.

5. Learn how to Puff

Vaping is different than smoking and it may require you some time to get used to it. While smoking, you can take several hits one after another, but that doesn’t apply to vaping. Generally speaking, you need to wait about 20-30 seconds before each hit in order to avoid dry hits.

This may take some time to get used to, but those dry hits will serve as a reminder. The wicks need to get saturated before you can take another vape.

6. Pay attention to the battery

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We’ve already mentioned different types of vaporizers, but there are also those with integrated batteries and removable batteries. Each have their own benefits and the choice falls down to a personal preference. With removable batteries, you will get more power, but charging it requires you to take out the battery and place it on a charger.

On the other hand, vaporizers with integrated batteries are easier to use because all you have to do is plug them in and in a couple of minutes, you will have your device ready.

What you should avoid is leaving the vaporizers to charge over the night. This will reduce battery life over time drastically. Keep in mind that the batteries for vaporizers are much smaller than those you have on your phones and you cannot justify leaving it on a charger the entire night.

There are some useful gadgets that prevent the devices from overcharging if you don’t want to worry about it.

7. Don’t go Back to Smoking

Smoking is way worse than vaping and if your goal is to quit, stick to vaping. There are much more side effects in smoking and cigarettes contain more toxic ingredients. Switching between vaping and smoking also doesn’t have useful effects and you should pick one or the other.

If you think that your vaping device is too weak to replace the cigarettes, there are e-juices with higher nicotine concentrations, so you may as well opt for those instead of returning to smoking.


This should give you an idea what you need to do as a person who vapes. Buying the right device for you is crucial and maintaining it. All you have to do is select your favorite flavors and enjoy.

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