When Was Cannabis Legalized in Canada? 

The CBD industry is truly impressive. You can come across lots of online dispensaries where CBD assortment inspires real surprise. You can find tinctures, oils, capsules, hemp flowers, vape pens and even dog treats. Yet, on some occasions, you can come across such a question – when was cannabis legalized in Canada or is it legal to consume with no trouble today. Let’s try to figure out what stays behind weed legalisation Canada, and how to approach the purchase of such products.

Basics of Canada Legalize Weed


Let’s start by saying that the Canadian Government first legalized access to cannabis across the country on October 17 in 2018. The government specified the following rules and restrictions:

  • all adults can legally possess only up to 30grams of cannabis;
  • they can grow only up to 4 plants per their household;
  • the legal age for purchasing cannabis is 18 years old, however, some provinces reserve the full right to increase the age limits;
  • the production of cannabis should be controlled by the federal authorities only;
  • distribution and sale of cannabis Canada is controlled by the provincial government;
  • the government issued provisions to address cannabis-impaired driving.

The next Cannabis Canada regulations issued by the government involved the rules regarding keeping cannabis away from children. For instance, Canada goes the extra mile ensuring cannabis is kept away from youth to avoid legal proceedings and health issues. Since the minimum age is set to 18, it is a pretty common practice for youth to consume cannabis, hence, authorities promote the awareness of potential health risks when it is accessed in a not legal way. The government keeps zero-tolerance regarding the distribution of cannabis to those who underaged and involves fines and sanctions to such sellers.


Then, such a children zero-tolerance approach predetermines the next aspects:

  • public consumption of weed is banned in areas with frequented children;
  • the growth of cannabis indoors is limited to personal purposes only;
  • all the retailer’s staff should be of full legal age and educated and trained to sell cannabis. Retailers should always double-check the age of clients.

Therefore, if you believe children who reside next to you, children of your friends, relatives, colleagues have open access to cannabis, you should immediately report such events to the designated authorities. By knowing about such events, and avoiding the help of authorities bears zero-tolerance too. You can be led to legal proceedings and experience fines.

So, let’s sum up. You can buy cannabis Ottawa with no trouble. You have to be of full legal age only. For the utmost safety away from fines and other legal proceedings, you should ensure that your city does not have increased age limits to distributing, growing and consuming weed. You have to buy it only with dispensaries that inspire confidence in their legitimacy. The staff of such retailing services should be also of full legal age and properly educated. If you face vice versa events, please do abstain from the consumption and purchase of the products.

CBD Market in Canada


If the matter with weed is quite understood with the above-mentioned regulations, what about CBD products in online dispensaries? Looking ahead, you can access a high-quality and legal assortment of CBD products with Best Pot Delivery Store at This store offers cannabis, extracts, tinctures, pre-rolls, vape, and edibles for any liking and preference. The same concerns the wide variety of prices for any paying capacity.

How to legally approach the purchase? If you are new to such products, you should follow the next tips:

  1. Ensure the retailer in Canada is licensed to operate in the market. It can be various documentation and certifications that will hint you at the safety of buying with them. Normally, such certificates are available to the public eye, or you can request some proof from the retailers that buying with them is safe;
  2. Check the THC amounts. If you want to buy a CBD tincture just for an overall boost of your well-being, the legally allowable THC amount is limited to 0.3% only. Higher amounts just signal possible high effects;
  3. Extraction methods. Depending on the manufacturer, a CBD item can be made using different extraction methods like CO2 which guarantees the quality, and pure formula. Check with the retailer this information;
  4. Third-party lab tests. The best product for your smoking or intake is the one that comes with third-party lab tests. They confirm that good cannabis involves no heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizers or chemical additives which may lower the potential of the final product;
  5. Prices. Weed legalization Canada led to the appearance of various paying ranges for such products. Yet, you should not trust sellers that offer too suspiciously low prices or exorbitant ones. For instance, with Best Pot Delivery Store, you can buy CBD drops only at 35 CAD which is a pretty good price.

Such basics give you an understanding that a store can inspire some trust for you to rely on it. Beyond that, you can always address inquiries to such stores about other bothersome questions you might have. Since retailers are usually staffed by educated and trained specialists, you can also ask them whether buying weed or vape pens (including IndeJuice vape) in certain quantities is legal in your province or city.Please note, even though weed is legalized in Canada, you should abstain from prescribing it alone for your health condition.

You should consult your doctor or healthcare provider about whether it can fit the treatment of your insomnia or anxiety. On some occasions, you can be recommended to mix it with first-line modalities or other designated therapies. The main idea is to never fully rely on cannabis to cure one or another disease but consider it only as an alternative or assistance to the whole treatment regimen. Be mindful also about possible side effects and contraindications which might rarely appear if you exceed the dosage or consume weed alongside alcohol or other medications.

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