5 Things to Know Before Moving to Auckland

If you have moved at least once in the past, you probably remember how much stress the process caused. Whether you are moving to another city or a new country, the very fact that you will change your place of residence for a significant period of time requires adjustment and learning. You will likely have to leave your comfort zone. Today we are going to help you get familiar with some of the most important things when moving to the wonderful city of Auckland, New Zealand. It should be mentioned that our suggestions are not related to paperwork, visa, and other daunting administrative matters, however, we will help you get acquainted with this city, its lifestyle, and some basic information to help you settle down faster.

Some geographical facts about New Zealand first. This island nation is located in the southwestern Pacific. It consists of two large islands, north and south, but it also includes 600 smaller ones. Its capital is Wellington, however, the city of Auckland is really the place you will want to visit. Due to large distances between the country’s islands, they were among the last islands inhabited by a man. The natives of New Zealand are called Maori and have come to the area from eastern Polynesia. Today, they make about 14% of the country’s population. Originally, their name for New Zealand as Aotearoa, which means the land of the long, white cloud. Indeed, there you will often see the sky full of long white clouds. Now back to the topic, here are a few things to know before moving to this beautiful city.

1. Climate


One of the most important things to know before traveling is what kind of climate awaits you. Auckland weather is very unpredictable, so you should be prepared to experience all four seasons in a single day. Okay, this is a half-joke and half-true, but frequent weather changes are common. In general, Auckland has beautiful summers perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The average temperature is around 23 Celsius, while winter temperatures average around 14 degrees. Auckland is one of the sunniest areas of New Zealand, providing incredible 2060 hours of sunshine a year. However, be prepared for sudden precipitation as well. After all, that is why the landscape of this beautiful country is so lush and green.

2. Population and demography


In addition to the climate, it might be interesting for you to know how culturally and ethnically diverse Auckland is – 56% of the population comes from Europe, 13% from the Pacific island, 11% are Maori, while the Asian population is growing, currently at about 12%. Judging by these parameters, an exciting cultural diversity is to be expected. You will have an opportunity to meet and coexist with different cultures, which will certainly make your move to Auckland unforgettable.

3. Transport


In Auckland, there are several public transport options available – buses, trains, ferries, taxis, etc. However, the best and most practical option might be to own a smaller city car. If you decide to use public transport, however, ticket prices will vary depending on the city zone in which you are commuting, as well as your age. There are special prices and discounts for children, students, people with disabilities, and seniors. SkyBus is another fantastic option for travelers. It is an express bus service between Auckland city center, the airport, and the north shore. Naturally, you can always order Uber to get around in a convenient way.

4. Culture and entertainment


Auckland is very rich with cultural and entertaining content. Some of the cultural institutions worth visiting, in our opinion, include Auckland War Memorial Museum, Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand Maritime Museum, Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT), and Kaipara Coast Plant Center & Sculpture Gardens.

The city also hosts many fun attractions and well-known landmarks. Whether you are seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure, roller coaster rides, a food and wine tour, or a relaxing day out, we are sure that you will have many available options fitting your age, interest, and importantly, your budget. Popular places among tourists, but also locals, include the Auckland Zoo, Albert Park, SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium, and the Sky Tower.

If you are moving to Auckland with your family, worry not, Auckland is abundant in free and excellent playgrounds. Some of the more popular family locations include Point Chevalier, Birkenhead, New Lynn, and Okahu. These wonderful locations will give you that “this is why we live here” feeling while watching your kids carelessly playing in the sun. If you need further recommendations for restaurants, furniture stores, shopping malls, clinics, and more, you can get very useful information on BestRated.

5. Education


Auckland is a home for many reputable schools or colleges. The city is also known for its University, the University of Auckland often ranked among the 100 top universities worldwide. The great news is that this city has as many as 55 libraries offering free membership for all citizens. Each library is well equipped with tech equipment and free wi-fi. Libraries also offer classes for adults and children and even help teenagers with homework. This is such a great benefit for the entire family if you ask us.

We hope we made you a little more familiar and prepared for the charms of this wonderful city. In 2019, Auckland was rated as the third most livable city in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey. In addition, it is often ranked as one of the best places to live due to its cleanliness, infrastructure, people, climate, and a huge variety of activities. We are certain that this wonderful and open city will make your adjusting period a breeze. People there are welcoming and will know how to make you feel an Aucklander in a short period of time! Although we have listed some of the major facts about the city here, feel free to explore Auckland by yourself and discover its hidden treasures. We wish you a great time in Auckland!

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