What You Should Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

Buying a new home can be an exciting time in your life, and you may be eager to move in after you get yours. However, before moving in and making alterations like decorating your deck, you must be aware of any required repairs or refurbishments that are necessary.

This also applies if you’re selling your current home to buyers like Nexus Homebuyers so that you can move into a newly purchased home. Make sure you’re taking the following precautions before you decide to move:

Replace All the Door Locks


Replacing your door locks will be for your own security. You may not be sure how many duplicated keys that the previous owner has prior to your purchase. It’s possible that others, such as selling agents, listing agents, and contractors still have access to the house. You should also change the codes of your alarm system so that only you can access it.

Inspect Your House for Moisture Stains

You can hire a professional to look for any discolored yellow rings on the surface of your drywall. These are signs of moisture on your wall, and it’s best to resolve the issue before bringing your furniture inside the house.

Know Where the Shut-Off Valves Are


Every home has shut-off valves, but they don’t follow any standard positioning in a plumbing plan. It’s important to learn all the locations of your valves to determine if you need special tools to operate them. If there are plumbing plans available, these would assist you in locating the valves. You can also ask for assistance from the designer or contractor to show you specifically where the valves are located in the plans. Knowing the location and how to operate the valves are part of troubleshooting if you need to repair any water leaks.

Find the Panel Board

Knowing the location of your panel board is also very important. Faulty electrical systems are one of the most common causes of fires in a house. You must know where your panel board is and know how to shut it down if you detect an electrical fire. Visit ACS Fire & Security to set up a meeting with our trained and knowledgeable fire monitoring experts.

Change the Batteries in Smoke Alarms


Homeowners sometimes tend to forget the batteries of their smoke detectors. Make sure that you replace them with fresh new batteries, as these detectors can save lives.

Clean the Carpets

If you have carpets in your home, always assume that they are not clean, even if the previous homeowners didn’t have any pets. Professional cleaners recommend cleaning your carpets once every year. It may be best to hire carpet cleaners because they have the right equipment to do the job. Besides, you have no way of knowing when the last time the carpets were cleaned.

Replace Filters for Cooling and Heating System


The heating and cooling system of a house play a significant role for homeowners. Many people are dependent on these systems to balance extreme climate conditions. Doing regular maintenance by replacing the filters will make your heating and cooling system more efficient and help prolong its life. After doing your first check-up on the systems, you should make it a habit to do maintenance work every six months.

Attach Closet Systems

Before you proceed with moving into your new home, you need to know how much storage space you will need. After sorting all your things to bring into the new house, you will now have an idea of how much closet space you should install. Once your storage areas are ready, unpacking your things will be much more comfortable, and you can organize your items right away.

Check the Paint Condition


Painting ahead of your move-in schedule will give the house enough time to breathe, and allows the strong smell of paint to dissipate. Some would suggest that you should repaint your home after you move in so that you know how the light affects the surfaces of your home, which will give you an idea of how to treat your pain. You can do some test swatches on the surfaces for comparison.

Prepare for Winter

If you are going to live in a place that experiences winter, make sure that your house can withstand the harsh effects of the cold season. This includes having proper insulation and making sure that your roof is in good shape.

Inspect For Any Roofing Problems


Any roofing problems will give you big headaches when there’s rain or snow. Water leaks can cause significant problems for your home and may lead to further destruction like rotten wood, peeling paint and corrosion. If you’re not comfortable with doing fixes yourself, you can hire professional contractors for repairs, which may come with a warranty.

Old Surface Treatment

If you bought a house with a 90s design, it likely has textured ceilings and walls. This wall treatment was trendy in the early 1990s, but seeing as times have changed, it might be better to also change your surfaces to a more modern, appealing look. The popcorn walls and ceilings of the 90s can be messy since they can easily catch dirt and dust. You may opt for a smoother surface with paint or wallpaper.

Make it Safe for Children


Even if you don’t have kids yet, it would be best to childproof your home to avoid accidents. You can start by covering the convenience outlets, putting rubber on corners of tables and chairs, and installing gates on stair flights.

Time to Renovate

If you plan to do major renovations to the house, you should do them prior to moving in. The noise and mess involved with the renovation can be very inconvenient when you are already inside your home.

These home repair suggestions can give you a better idea of what you can do before moving into your new home. You need to consider your time and effort to make everything smooth and hassle-free, which will lead to more enjoyment for you in your new home.

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