Tips to Take Care of Heating Equipment During Off-Season

It is a common notion that no one needs their heating and cooling types of equipment throughout the year. This leaves the heating appliance with the selective bracket that it will not be used for a couple of months when the weather is ambient.

However, before you turn off your devices for the coming season, you should follow some tips given by the experts of the heating industry like Limcan that ensures that your heating equipment does not create any problem during next season.

Since HVAC is a business of extreme temperatures, the contractors know how to deal with these pieces of equipment during off-season. They make sure it does not create havoc later on when the demand for them rises again. By following these tips, you can be assured that your equipment performs perfectly. These points are as follows: –

Turn the Pilot light off

When not in use, it will be a good idea to turn the pilot light off. The pilot light of the equipment keeps running round the clock to prepare the equipment for the next cycle. This keeps feeding on gas in the background, which burns a hole in your pocket and causes a waste of energy resources. Unless another appliance is connected with the same pilot light that you may require, it will be better to turn it off for the season.

Plug off the main switch


Flip the switch of your appliance from the mains electricity board if you do not require it for some time. Ensure that the wire does not have any cuts on it that can create problems with its efficiency.

Change the air filter

The filter is the most used equipment of the HVAC system. The air that passes through the filter is treated to make sure it does not blow up any allergen and dust particles. At any time when the air quality is decreased that residents of the house start suffering from health issues, especially respiratory disorders.

Therefore, you must clean the air filter or replace the disposable one. To choose the best option, you can call Industry Air Sales Ltd. for expert advice.

Time for maintenance

If your heating system is suffering from any issue, it will be a better idea to call the contractor for support before you shut it down. When your equipment is off for a while, the smallest issue will become drastic, and you will have to invest more money in its repair before you can use it for the next season. That said, make sure you visit for further information and details on maintenance and system replacements.

Maintain cleanliness

Once you turn off the equipment for the offseason, we recommend cleaning the material as well as the area surrounding it. Smaller margins, vents, and filters are likely to harbor a lot of dust within them.

Making the area sweep clean around the equipment increases its efficiency, and it does not create a hindrance while performing the maintenance. In addition to that, it also ensures that the area is free from any fire safety hazard.

Benefits of the precaution


Enhanced performance

An equipment with cleaner parts doesn’t put excess load on the machinery, requires less energy, and performs better.

Energy savings

You can cut down the supply of the energy going to your heating equipment once you turn off the electricity supply. At the same time, when you use any equipment after proper maintenance, they require less energy to maintain the right temperature of your home.

Improve air quality

Any equipment that has less build-up blows the clean air. A cleaned filter ensures that the air surrounding your room has fewer dust particles, and you suffer from fewer respiratory problems.

Longer lifespan

When you schedule the regular maintenance for your HVAC system and keep it clean, it lasts longer. Thus, the equipment performs at peak efficiency and lasts for decades.

How to make your heating equipment winter-ready


After taking a break during the comfortable temperature, it is essential to check that your heating types of equipment are optimally performing before you put them to use again. To ensure this, some tips are added to give you a better understanding of how to ensure that your heating equipment is winter-ready.

A rightly maintained equipment runs optimally throughout the season so that you and your dear one feel cozy in your interiors.

Appliance care

Filter is a small equipment that gets overlooked and thus puts an excessive burden on your humidifier. Periodically check your filter to ensure that it is working correctly and to determine its life so that it can be replaced on time.

A clogged filter makes your equipment work harder. The poor performance due to the dryline clogging is often a cause of house fire. Use a brush to clean the mold and dust within the lint before you put your humidifier to use.

Remove obstacles

Heating equipment that has multiple constraints on the way compromises the air quality as well as the temperature level of the interior. This means that when you put furniture and other objects on the direction of air passage, the hot air does not get appropriately circulated within the room.

Thus, it will take more time to heat the room and puts an excessive burden on the heating appliance. Also, if the heating appliance undergoes any spark issues, these hurdles are likely to be the first items to catch the flames. Remove any potential obstacles and ensure that the areas around the heating appliances are clean and free from any disturbance.

Maximize efficiency

It is useless to let your resources go to vain when you can effectively increase the effectiveness of the heating equipment with some simple techniques. Be smart while you put your heating equipment to use with some smart decisions and increase productivity.

Cover the windows with the thick curtains and close the doors. Remove any obstacles that hinder the flow of air, keep your filters clean, and get its maintenance done on time by the experts as directed.

Run the thermostat


As you start your HVAC system after a period, turn the thermostat of your furnace and let it run for a couple of minutes. If the furnace continues to run, it is probably working just fine. On the other hand, if your furnace stops working in the next 3 to 5 minutes, it is perhaps due to the short cycle of the furnace. Call an expert for further analysis of your heating system and get the issue fixed.

Check the flame

If your furnace and boiler show flames on the ignition, check them for quality and color. A flame showing colors other than blue with tight ovals is a warning sign and requires maintenance by an expert. Make sure that the air quality of the room is not compromised as the residents may suffer from the respiratory cases if this happens.

Adding the following tips in your lifestyle will make sure that your heating appliance stays winter-ready, and you do not burn a hole due to hefty expenses in your pocket. After all, a smart consumer makes an intelligent choice.

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