What Value Can a Central Heating System and Boiler Add to a House?

There are two most common options when it comes to boilers and heating systems, and that is to repair the existing one, or upgrade by installing an advanced version. When it comes to boilers, the most important factors are capacity and efficiency. Besides that, the consumption of electricity represents an important detail as well.

Heating systems can be even more complex, especially if you want to install a central one. They are more expensive than boilers, but both options can be serious investments. Therefore, proper maintenance is crucial.

In that matter, it is important to monitor different parts from time to time, and call the service before facing serious malfunctions. Also, if you live in an area with colder winters, chances are great that you might face issues with frozen pipes. If that is the case, you can check BoilerCentral to find more about the best solution.

Another reason to pay more attention to these devices is that they can affect the expenses. If you are using some older version of a boiler, it might have a lower capacity, while the consumption of electricity is much higher. It might not be able to hold the temperature for a longer time as well. The situation with older models of central heating is even more serious since they require a lot more energy to operate.

Investing more in maintenance, repairs, and upgrades is a great way to keep your bills lower, but it can also increase the value of your home. Keep in mind that people today are more interested in energy efficiency. Here are some important things to know about the value that can be added to your house if you have the right heating system and boiler.

It Depends on Various Factors


The fact is that having a proper heating, boiler, and air-conditioning is always an important detail for someone looking to buy a house. Investing in these elements is not cheap, and many people would rather decide to buy a house with existing systems that don’t require any additional investments. Therefore, even if your systems don’t add some significant value, it will be easier for you to sell.

Moreover, it also depends on the models you have installed. In the case that these are some older versions that were installed decades ago, you cannot expect any value from them even if they are still in great condition.

On the other hand, investing in new systems is always a good solution even if you are planning to sell your property soon. For example, you bought a house, but you are planning to live there only for a couple of years. Therefore, investing a lot of money might seem unnecessary.

Still, making this choice will lead to many benefits. First of all, it can significantly lower your bills and save you a lot of money, especially during winter. Apart from that, you can expect the same value to be added to the price of your house.

If you paid the system more than $10,000, and other elements are in great condition, you can easily return that amount of money by raising the price by the same $10k, and even more. However, it can be tricky sometimes, and if you are buying a house only to resell it, investing in these systems won’t increase the value in every case.

People will see that as a positive factor when they are looking to buy, and it can increase the price, but some other factors might prevent that. For instance, you simply decided to buy a new heating system, but you didn’t invest in electric installation, isolation, and roof. That will still lead to lower efficiency and higher energy consumption.

Therefore, it is crucial to check each corner of your home and see where you must invest in improvements so you can expect a higher price. The problem is that leaving these things “as-is” can lower the price much more. In that matter, these investments will always secure a return.

Invest in New Technologies


One of the best solutions you can make is to choose the most advanced versions because energy efficiency combined with smart devices is one of the biggest trends today. For example, after you get a new heating system, it is a good option to buy an additional controller connected to the internet. It is a cheap upgrade that can make your house more attractive to potential buyer.

The main feature of this device is that controlling the temperature is much easier and accurate. For instance, you can reduce the heat when not at home, but not turning it off so the cold won’t affect the walls and other elements. Also, you can slightly increase the heat when you are coming home from work, and feel more comfortable while saving a lot of energy.

The same is with modern boilers where you can check the amount of water, and make sure to keep it on the right level. Adding a new boiler is actually one of the best ways to add more value. For example, if your home is in good condition, and you decide to spend $2k on a new heating device, it can increase the value for over $5k.

Last Words


There are many types of repairs and additional investments that people often choose when they want to increase the value of their property. However, a lot of them are making mistakes by focusing on design and convenience, while not being aware that buyers today will always check the energy efficiency and consumption as the most important factors.

Therefore, instead of buying new furniture or a kitchen, or adding some new details to your lawn, you should check the current heating system and see if there is a way to make it more efficient.

This will surely increase the value of your property by at least 50% of the money you invested in the upgrades. If you are not sure which types of upgrades to choose, the best solution is to contact an expert in this area.

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