What Do you Feel When you Take CBD?

Understandably, when many people hear the mention of CBD, the first thing that runs through their minds is it’s a connection to cannabis. This sets off an element of scepticism that we strongly believe is unfounded. Unlike pure cannabis, CBD doesn’t contain any THC – which is the element of hemp that invokes the ‘high’ sensation many are uncomfortable with. This distinction is vital. The CBD experience doesn’t get you high and provides a much gentler and comfortable experience, while also being used in a variety of medical applications for thousands of years. Get all your doubts about CBD clear at CBD Armour. So how does it really feel to take CBD?

Before we go any further, it’s really important to stress just how different the THC and CBD experiences really are. At the end of the day, the distinctions are as simple as this – THC gets you high and CBD doesn’t. Many people get confused with the fact that CBD comes directly from the hemp plant, which is infamously intoxicating. CBD is the compound within the plant that is removed from the THC also present. The fact that the two effects of these compounds are drastically different is the main reason why THC has been illegal in the UK since 1928.

With all that said, how does CBD make you feel? If you’re interested in dipping your toe into the world of CBD, that’s probably your number one question. With high-quality CBD products, such as the full-spectrum oils at HighKind, the different terpene profiles of each product can have differing effects on your mood. These can range from a sharpened focus to an anti-anxiety, relaxed state of mind to a significant and productive energy boost.

While these effects are undoubtedly beneficial for your daily life, they’re not the only positive aspects to come out of CBD. The physical benefits of regular CBD use are quite simply astounding. Starting all the way back in Ancient China thousands of years ago, CBD oil has been used as a medical treatment throughout human history.

A simple way to think of CBD oil when compared to THC cannabis is to compare the two with beer and kombucha. While both are fermented drinks bringing the physical effects of alcohol, kombucha contains underlying health benefits that are fantastic for your overall health. Depending on which range of products you choose, your CBD experience will provide you with a hugely beneficial boost in mental and physical health.

So, what kinds of products are available to you when it comes to CBD? Luckily for you, the options are substantial. If you’re used to vaping the answer should be very straightforward. CBD Vape Oil is a fantastic way to add some CBF goodness to your vaping experience, which can fit seamlessly into your normal routine. Oral drops and pastes are also very popular as both health remedies and as a quick way to consume your CBD. It’s very easy to take oral drops – simply leave a few drops of the oil beneath your tongue and let it sit for between ten and fifteen seconds.

If you decide to go down the dabbing and vaping route, you’ll find that the effects will appear much quicker than other methods. This is especially true of vaping, which is immediately absorbed into your body’s system. If you want the full CBD experience, dabbing may be your best bet.

Picking the right flavour is also really important in terms of your CBD experience. Terpenes, which are the element of CBD that provide aroma, flavour and the medicinal properties, come in all sorts of delicious tastes. Botanical and bold undertones such as lavender or a fruity blueberry can really add to the overall experience. Furthermore, each terpene profile has different medicinal benefits that can improve your state of mind and well-being. We’d suggest looking for companies that have a wide range of terpene profiles – the more choice you have, the more you can experiment and find the perfect product for you.

Most of the time, CBD products that require oral consumption don’t contain the same level of variety in terms of flavour. However, if your main goal with CBD is to improve your state of mind and general well-being, we strongly recommend oral consumption.

Another great way to introduce CBD into your daily routine is to mix CBD oil into your meals. Whether you’re eating a delicious pesto pasta or baking up some cookies, CBD oil is really simple to mix in and gives your recipes a twist of CBD goodness. If you’re a fitness buff, it might even be a good idea to mix them in with your post-workout smoothie. Have a search online for some sumptuous recipes and you’ll be surprised with the outcome. Some of our favourites inc

With all that covered, there’s only one more thing to consider – strength. All CBD products will have different varieties of strength and, a lot of the time, this will depend on the quality of your product. If you stroll into your average high street supplement store, the products on offer will hardly ever contain the right amount of CBD to make any meaningful impact.

So, what strength is the most appropriate for people taking CBD seriously? For us, we’d suggest buying a product with a minimum of 500mg/5% CBD. On the other hand, if you want to consume CBD from a medical standpoint, a 2000mg/20% strength will be much more appropriate. Making sure you have the right levels of CBD in your consumptions can be the difference between feeling the effects and feeling nothing.

Taking your first steps into the world of CBD is exciting, rewarding and extremely satisfying. With the community constantly growing, it’s more important than ever to change misconceptions about the substance and distinguish it from illegal THC. While they both come from the same plant, the differences between the two are significant. Once again, we strongly believe that CBD has medicinal properties and mental health benefits that are ultimately life-changing.

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