Top Five Places to Make Your Long-Distance Move

Top Five Places to Make Your Long-Distance Move in 2024

Long-distance moving can seem like a significant undertaking, and the thought of the process induces anxiety, but when you are heading somewhere new, that is not how everything should feel. While Colorado is a challenging place to live, if you are allowed to seek out where you would like to go, everyone seems to have a soft spot for heading to the Southern states.

Long-distance movers in Denver, CO, are certainly used to running in that direction, and more and more Denverites are choosing to pack up their belongings and trek South. When you have a crew of professional movers to help get you to where you are going, you can sit back and worry about steering the ship.

Fun in Florida

Your Long-Distance Move to Florida

Florida is a place that people often choose to vacation, but with the impact of COVID, many are headed down there with the flexibility to work from home because of how lax the lockdown was. This trend continued today as it is a hot spot for cross-country moving and a state that offers the opposite of what Colorado can provide.

  • Florida has no income tax, which has long been a drawing factor. Beyond that, the sales tax is relatively low compared to the national average!
  • Florida has a flowing and robust economy which feeds into the fact that there is a lucrative job market for any industry. Plus, it is especially friendly to entrepreneurs with all the Angel investors flying around.
  • It is a melting pot of all different kinds of people which means the culture is rich, and the food influenced by it all is even better!
  • Purchasing property is easy as the pricing is reasonable for buying and renting. It doesn’t hurt that all utilities are incredibly cheap too!

A Taste of Texas

A Taste of Texas - long-distance moving

The Lone Star state is another popular place residents are migrating to, and it’s not too far from Colorado, so you will always be able to come back for a visit with friends and family quickly. It is always a quick hop, skip, and jump for moving companies, making the distance traveled shorter and more efficient when budgeting for your move.

  • It may be no surprise that Texas doesn’t have income taxes, which will bulk your yearly take-home pay.
  • The homes are beautiful and have some of the most reasonable prices in the nation. When you are coming from Denver, this is incredibly enticing!
  • In TX, there are multiple megacities, plenty of quaint suburbs, and small towns to settle in.
  • There is a plethora of outdoor recreation and national parks to visit, rivers and lakes to explore, and tons of delicious cuisine to enjoy!

Try Out Tennessee

why you should Try Out Tennessee for long-distance moving

While you may not immediately consider Tennessee unless you have ties there, don’t discount it too quickly because it has continued gaining traction with Americans nationwide. The Volunteer State is known for its luscious greens, good music, and close-knit communities that make you feel like you have family, even if they aren’t nearby.

  • You have the attractions of Nashville, Graceville, Chattanooga, and the one and only Great Smoky Mountains.
  • The climate is generally mild year-round, and while it can warm up in the summer and there is some humidity, you usually live in a neutral space.
  • Tennessee is known for its low cost of living; you can upgrade your lifestyle there with many luxury communities for a fraction of the price in CO.
  • If you are a fan of the water, you can purchase a lakefront property and enjoy your lake house without having to trade in an arm and a leg!

New Residents Heading to North Carolina

moving to North Carolina

The Carolinas are a part of the Southern family of states pulling in new residents like nobody’s business. North Carolina is beautiful, with so much to do, new places to see, and plenty more new residents to meet. You have the continued support of your new friends and neighbors because hospitality is at the forefront of their values in the South, and welcoming newcomers is something every neighborhood is glad to do!

  • If you are looking away from the hills and towards the waterfront, NC has one of the country’s most beautiful coastlines and beaches!
  • The overall cost of living is lower than the national average, but housing is an even better deal; if you want to lay down the roots, North Carolina is the place to do it.
  • The economy is diverse, with a mix of Fortune 500 companies, technology startups, agriculture, tourism, hospitality, and service.
  • North Carolina has a lower tax burden than the rest of America and runs a flat rate income tax, similar to Colorado, and sales tax is half that of what Coloradans have gotten used to paying.

Can’t forget about South Carolina

why should you consider South Carolina for long-distance moving

Moving to the other twin state, South Carolina is pulling in just as many residents as its Northern counterpart. Long-distance relocation companies are also getting used to transporting customers out to the Palmetto State, and it seems like residents are dashing away from Colorado in packs, almost not unlike people from all other parts of the country.

  • Again, South Carolina is similar to its Northern twin in affordability and overall accessibility – nearly 12% cheaper than other states in everyday living.
  • You get the mountains, even ground, parks, trails, and the ocean here – if you are looking for a place to explore, SC is the place to be!
  • Coming out of the pandemic, many people are looking for work or even a career change, and South Carolina has a massive job market with opportunities in almost every field you can think of.
  • Good old southern hospitality prevails, and the service industry is booming, meaning new food and drinks are everywhere; your turn will blow your mind!

Making a move across the interstate can feel a bit intimidating, but there is also something so exhilarating about discovering something new. If you do your research, plan well, and hire a local, licensed moving company to get you there, you are off to a great start!

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