Top 5 Places to Have Party in 2024

Throwing a party or organizing a special event is much more than just having a great time. More often than not, creating a unique and unforgettable experience is equally important.

Today, an increasing number of people are looking for more one-of-a-kind types of experiences, wanting to escape something predictable and that has been done a million times before. This can be done by using interesting interior décor, serving unusual food, or having events that are not common on such occasions.

However, when preparing for a special occasion, one of the most important things to consider and choose is the venue. And this is exactly what can help create that uniqueness people are craving for.

Instead of having a party at a place such as a hotel ballroom, nightclub, bar, or even at home, you can throw an amazing, exciting one in places you might have never even thought of. Something different is always great, so if you are looking for ideas or are just curious, here are some unconventional places you can host any type of event in.

1. An (Underground) Parking Lot


There is an abundance of spacious parking lots in bigger cities, so why not use one as your event’s venue? Granted you will need to get a permit, but it might be worth it once you get everything set up and ready.

You can bring in a live band or have a DJ and put up tents to accommodate more people. Bringing in a food truck might be the best when it comes to food and beverages.

Underground lots might even be more fun since you can add colored lights, scatter tables all around the area, and set aside a corner for serving drinks and food, or go for a more buffet-style option. There are so many great things you can do, not to mention it is perfect if you are planning to invite a larger number of people and if you do not want to worry about the weather.

2. Airplane Hangar


Although it might be more suited for corporate events or launch parties, it is still an unusual place to have a celebration of any kind. Smaller suburban or privately owned airports close in the evening, so you can consider renting it for a night.

Hangars are usually spacious, so you will have enough room to add a projection screen, bring in a DJ, set up tables and even chairs, add some dimmed, intimate lights, all of this while having airplanes as your décor.

3. A Party Bus


For some extra excitement and a lot of fun, why not celebrate in a party bus? They have been growing in popularity in recent years and they are perfect for any occasion such as birthdays, graduations, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and many more. Even if you are on your way to a concert or sporting event, you can make a memorable experience by renting one.

You will be able to choose between several different types, mostly depending on what kind of amenities you would like to have. Some of the most common include flat-screen TVs, couches, speakers, top bars, Bluetooth connection, special lighting, bathrooms, and much more.

All you have to do is enjoy the ride without having to worry about setting everything up, decorating, traffic, safety, or anything else besides having a good time. You can visit if you would like to learn more about these unique rides.

4. An Old Warehouse or Farmhouse


For something more subtle and charming, why not go for an old warehouse or a rustic farmhouse? They offer a cozy atmosphere, the worn appearance many people love, and allow you to create something more special, romantic, and intimate, making them perfect for dinner parties.

Bring in rental furniture that matches the interior materials and decorate the space with lots of chandeliers or even better, glass lanterns. Setting up long tables will create a sense of community and a warm atmosphere, especially if you add some comfort food into the mix. Additionally, you may want to consider hiring a barrier or barricade to control the crowd, stimulate public mobility, and protect the safety of your audience, such as Viking Rental, which provides barriers that match your event needs.

Do not forget to add some beautiful wildflower centerpieces and generally incorporate plants all around the space. Leave a lot of room for a dance floor and plan the music accordingly.

5. Up in the Sky


This is another unusual venue that is becoming extremely popular and although dining 100 feet above the ground might sound impossible and surreal, it does exist. Now you can have a seat at a table that is suspended in the air, have drinks and a meal while enjoying a breathtaking view of the skyline. The experience is perfect for anyone from family, friends to colleagues and even business clients.

If you are worried about your safety, you might want to know that you will be strapped in at all times and receive a safety course before dining in the sky.

What Makes Unique Venues Great?

It is perfectly fine if one prefers traditional locations and less unique experiences. Understandably, we are all completely different. However, there are some great things about having an event in a place that is not so usual.

Firstly, they help create more long-lasting, impactful, and unforgettable memories and experiences. Besides, these locations also tend to be cheaper than more traditional, luxurious, or lavish ones. Moreover, surprising people will garner more interest, excitement, and engagement since it is less likely that your guests will grow bored.

For corporate or business events, they will help you stand out among your competition and have people talking about it all over social media, meaning you will gain more exposure.


The best parties are usually ones that have an element of surprise and what better way to amaze your guests than by choosing an unusual and fun location. No matter what place you choose in the end, always remember that thinking outside the box is what typically turns an ordinary event into an unforgettable experience.

After all, there is nothing wrong with aiming for something fresh, creative, and original. Find the best place for you, throw a big party, and have an amazing time with your guests.

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