Top 5 Places for Family Vacation This Year

The coming summer is going to be really hot. No, it is not a weather forecast. According to Expedia’s CEO, the summer of 2024 will be the busiest one in the last decade. As more people get the COVID-19 vaccine, countries reopen their borders, letting them travel. So it is already time to think about where to spend your summer vacation.

Since this summer will be special, we have prepared a list of special locations for you to visit. Choose one of them and feel like a real celebrity on vacation.

1. Dubai

This city should be on everyone’s bucket list. Its unique style is a perfect mix of old Muslim traditions and modern global culture.

While looking for an apartment to rent, you should factor in the district. If you are a fan of modern technologies and skyscrapers, Dubai Marina is perfect for you. Choose Jumeirah for its beaches and celebrity vacation spots. If you want to explore the historical part of the city, stay in Bur Dubai. Looking for a mix of old and new? Then Downtown Dubai is the place you need. Both modern and traditional at the same time, it offers tourists the ultimate experience.

Among these districts, Dubai Marina is considered the most expensive in terms of rent. The second place goes to Jumeirah. Downtown Dubai is considered one of the cheapest and most easily accessible districts in the city. The least expensive district among these four is Bur Dubai.

To get a more comprehensive view, you can use and look at various real estate options. Here you can not only check the prices in different districts but also rent or even buy an apartment your heart desires in several clicks.

Downtown Dubai — a mix of modern technologies and old traditions.

2. Mauritius

This little country may be almost invisible on a map. However, it is a real hidden treasure. Located in an Indian ocean, it is a unique luxury island for both couples and families to explore.

The country of Mauritius is formed of several islands, including Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agalega, Cargados, Carajos, and others.

Mauritius island is the center of both tourism and administration of the country. Other islands are mostly involved in agriculture and fishing. The country’s economy strongly depends on tourism, and it is doing rather well as Mauritius is known as an exclusive luxury destination. Here you can explore the picturesque UNESCO heritage locations and try unique local sweets. Coming with children? You can leave them in professional kids clubs where they will be entertained as long as you need.

Mauritius island — a perfect place for both parents and children to relax.

3. Portugal

This European country is a great destination for both fans of history and beach tourism. It consists of the mainland part and islands. On the mainland, you can do both city and coastline tourism.

If you want to see the ocean, Madeira and Azores are the perfect options for you.

Portugal also has a vibrant nightlife. If you want to dance all night, a number of clubs all around the country are open for you to visit.

However, make sure to choose the right month to come here. In July, the temperature can reach up to 40°C. So early June and mid-August are perfect for exploring the tourism treasures Portugal has to present.


Lisbon — the heart of Portugal’s day and nightlife.

4. Antigua

For a long time, this island had been just that — an island. However, the human love for corals, the sea, and beaches changed the course of Antigua’s history. Currently, luxury tourism is the main source of income for locals. And they have everything to make your vacation extraordinary.

Over 300 immaculate beaches, all-inclusive service in hotels, and all sorts of activities for you to do. This includes diving, swimming among a variety of corals, hiking in unique tropical locations, and others. If you want to see the local culture, make sure to come for the Carnaval. It goes on for 10 days in late July – early August. During this time, people listen to local music and dance through the streets of the island.

Antigua — a perfect place for informational and social detox.

5. Jordan

While it is not an obvious vacation spot, this Middle Eastern country can satisfy any kind of tourist. Want to explore ancient civilizations? A number of historical sites are here for you to visit, including the world-famous Petra. Up for some nightclubbing? Amman, the capital, is at your service. If you’re here to improve your health, the Dead Sea is your spot. Or maybe you are a Christian who wants to visit locations from the Bible? Well, Jordan is perfect for you, too — it is considered the exact space where Jesus himself was baptized. And, of course, don’t forget to cuddle the local cats. They adore human attention.

Petra — a place where time has stopped.

Summing Up

Since this summer is predicted to be pretty intense travel-wise, it is a good idea to choose your vacation destination and make the reservations ahead of time. So start by calculating your potential budget plus possible extra costs, and then choose among the places that you find affordable. But our advice is not to be skimpy: the experience you get when traveling to a different country is priceless. So choose a location and start packing! Summer is almost here, after all.

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