Top 5 Honeymoon Places in Ohio for 2024

Ohio was founded in 1803. Nowadays, people usually call it the Buckeye State. This nickname has appeared because of a large number of buckeye trees that grow on its territory. Another equally well-known name for Ohio is “The Birthplace of Aviation.” In general, history remembers many discoveries and inventions that have been made here. Locals also say that a hot dog and chewing gum were invented in Ohio. It is also well-known for its strange laws that are still in power.

As you can see, it is a nice state that has many places of interest for tourists. But what about lovers on their honeymoon? You won’t regret going there! To prove this statement, made a list of top 5 Honeymoon Places in Ohio.

1. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a place of pilgrimage for music fans


In this magnificent place, they manage to reflect the whole history of rock. You can find there every musician from different periods. The building is seven floors high. On each of those floors, you will be able to find something interesting for you, including costumes, instruments and various exhibitions. If you want to go there, then we recommend paying close attention to the gallery. We are sure that you will find many interesting and romantic things there.

2. Cedar Point Amusement Park


Located at Sandusky on Lake Erie, is very well known among tourists. Usually, people visit it in summer. There are more than 17 great switchbacks and a couple of playgrounds for children. Add the fact that they organize some real-life performances there too. There is a water park called “Cedar Point Shores” near the amusement park. There is a pool with waves in this park, small pools for children, an artificial rifer with water flow and a water slide with waterfalls for truly adventurous people. There are many options where you can spend your night too, from tent camps up to cottages or even apartments at Cedar Point’s Breakers.

3. Hocking Hills State Park


Located near Logan, in a rocky natural zone. It is very popular among people who like nature and a rather severe environment. There, you can find hiking trails, grottos, camps, and huts. Many people say that this is their favorite place to visit on weekends, especially in autumn when leaves change and become brighter in forest areas. Park rangers try to organize as many “green” events as possible. Those events include viewing, taking pictures, visiting caves, and hiking.

Including the popular winter trek which attracts a tremendous amount of visitors. Also, you can find there many other things that will help you remember your honeymoon forever. You can try to ride a canoe or climb rocks. You should never miss Old Man’s Cave and definitely should go to Cedar Falls with your lover.

4. The Columbus Zoo and its Aquarium is the best zoo in the country


The zoo features more than ten thousand animals from six regions. During the year, workers organize various educational programs and art performances. Wildlights is an exciting holiday when they light over 3 million LEDs on the whole territory of the zoo. They do it to support their animated musical light shows. This usually happens at the end of November. This is definitely the best way to see animals after the nightfall and have a funny winter walk in Ohio. Not far from this zoo, you can find the Zoombezi Bay, Water Park. Usually, it serves as a wonderful addition to the zoo but unfortunately works only in summer.

5. Cincinnati Museum Center


It is a huge compound that contains many different museums at Union Terminal that provides visitors with many educational, historic, and scientifically approved services. These museums collectively have almost 2 million exhibits. You can spend a tremendous amount of time there, exploring different galleries. If you like culture, then you simply can’t afford to miss this place.

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