Should You Learn on Acoustic or Electronic Drums?

Playing a musical instrument is a great hobby. Drumming is a great hobby for both children and adults alike. You would be surprised to learn that drumming has been known to have benefits for your emotional and physical health.

Playing drums regularly can help you reduce stress, lower tension, and relax deeply. If you are looking to adopt drumming as a hobby or even a potential career, then you need to start somewhere.

There are many different types of drums available, and the type you choose to learn with can determine the type of skills you develop. The primary choice you have to make is between acoustic and electronic drums, as per Ted’s List.

We will cover all the aspects you should consider and which type of drum is better for learning!

Is Drumming For You?


Make sure drums are the right instrument for you before considering the type of drum to buy. In case you are considering a variety of instruments, drumming is a great choice as it comes with many benefits.

Playing drums can improve your mood! Drumming can be a great form of relief if you are stressed or frustrated. Drumming releases endorphins and elevates your mood. So not only is drumming a good hobby, but it is also a great activity for stress relief.

Drumming can make you smarter! Yes, this is true. Studies have shown that children who play drums and know rhythm tend to have better English and Math skills.

Drumming also boosts our brain power since it requires coordination of all four limbs. It also forces you to use the non-dominant side of your brain hence, boosting your brainpower.

Drumming is also a great form of exercise. A drumming session will surely have you sweating and working up. The best part is that you get physical exercise while also having fun!

What Should You Look For As A Beginner?


If you are new to the world of drums and drumming, you need to make sure you get a drum set that is easy to use and aids your learning. Your first drum set will determine the type of skills you develop.

Consider the size of the drumset! This is an important consideration since you will have to store the drum set but also because the size of a drum set also determines the type of sound it produces.

Smaller drums produce higher pitches, while bigger drums tend to have lower pitches. If you plan on playing very loud, then you should definitely go for a bigger drum.

However, you need to consider your own size as well, make sure you are comfortable playing, no matter the size of the drum set.

You will also need to purchase hardware such as pedals, a stand, and a drum throne to go with your drum set. Make sure the hardware is sturdy but not too heavy as then it will be difficult to carry around.

Most importantly, you should look at the cost of the drum set. You might have to purchase drums, hardware, and cymbals separately.

However, there are many kits for beginners, which include all three at a reasonable price. These kits are a good option if you want to test and check if drumming is the right hobby for you.

Acoustic Vs. Electronic Drums


You will have to choose between an acoustic and an electronic drum set. Let’s look at some important aspects you should consider.


In terms of noise, acoustic drums provide amazing levels of noise. While electronic drums may not have the same level of noise, they do have the upper hand, considering they allow you to use sampled sounds.

Electronic drums also come with volume-adjustable headphones and line outputs. They also have mesh pads that make them quieter compared to acoustic guitars.


Full-size acoustic drum sets will always be bigger than electronic ones. Since the acoustic set will consist of many different parts, including the drums, cymbal, kick drum, etc., you will need an adequate amount of space to store it.

However, an electronic drum is relatively small in size and easy to store. It is also quite compact as the small pads, kick tower, and racking is designed neatly. So in case, you have less space, definitely go with an electronic guitar.


You can decide to opt for an acoustic drum set at the moment and then switch to an electronic one later on. The best thing is that your skills will be translatable. However, switching from an electronic to an acoustic set is a learning curve and requires a lot of adjustment.

The Jam Difference


The best way to get better at any discipline is to practice. But, doing it on your own will only get you so far. The best way to get better is to play alongside your peers. When it comes to improving your status doesn’t matter. You can see the drums for the first time, be a two-year apprentice, or Lars Ulrich, there’s always room for improvement. Yes, this is a trade that is constantly improving and it allows you to progress regardless of your development so far.

This is where the choice of your drums can be vital. With acoustic drums, you’re on your own. There’s no way to bring a partner in, who could aid you with learning. On the other hand, you have electronic drums. The story is different with them. Let’s say that they bring people with them. Most drum kits of this type offer connection to your CD players, stereo, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. What this means is that you can play whichever song you like. All of a sudden it won’t be only you and the drums, you’ll have the entire Metallica line-up by your side; Hetfield, Hammett, and the bunch included. This is a side in which the electronic drums have a clear advantage over the acoustic kit. Things get much easier when you have other instruments and a singer following your jam. When you’re behind the acoustic set, you’ll be on your own, with the ability to progress, but a little handicapped.

Record and Moving Ability


When it comes to recording, electronic drums have an advantage when you’re a novice. Yes, you can record the sound of an acoustic kit, but it requires a bit of professionalism. You’d require microphones, post-production, and everything would have to be put in place for the sound to be recorded. On the other side, with the electronic ones, it all comes easy. As we said, they have multiple ports and are easily accessible to all sorts of equipment. Recording devices are no different. With electronic drums, you’d be able to do it all by yourself. Of course, it would be amateurish, but it’s quick, simpler, and more cost-effective.

Furthermore, you can choose to record on them wherever you like. Due to the ease of transport they offer, you can switch locations at will. This could be vital if you plan on filing a video and not only audio. Most electronic kits are not heavy, weighing up to 15 kilos. You can pick your equipment in a bag, and move around, which is quite impossible with a true acoustic kit. With time you could get your hands on both, and use one in your home, and another while on the move. Furthermore, there’s a possibility to make a mixture between the two. You wouldn’t be the first person to have a hybrid drum set.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, an acoustic drum set will help you develop a strong skill set as a beginner. However, acoustic sets tend to be bulky, expensive, and loud. And in that case, you can always opt for an electronic drum set.

Learning on an electronic drum set can also allow you to discern if drumming is the right hobby for you, and you can invest in an acoustic set later on!

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