8 Places Retirees Go to Have Fun in North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the best states to retire in if you want a variety of options.

With the Appalachian Mountains to the west and the Atlantic Ocean on its east, you can have any experience you wish to while retired here.

Many people have already chosen North Carolina as where they want to spend their golden days, and it’s no mystery why! These are the top locations they love to frequent and why they’re such fun destinations.

1. Little Mountain Town of Boone


In the summer, when the heat is almost too much on the coast, you can sneak away to a quiet and gorgeous mountain town called Boone in the west. This town was once swept up in the gold mining frenzy, and signs of it are still there. You can pan for gold, enjoy the dozens of charming boutiques and shops, and take in the best mountain views in the world. The best part about this little town is how affordable it is to visit, and how easy it is to fall in love.

2. Lighthouses of the Outer Banks


There are seven coastal lighthouses on North Carolina’s outer banks, and each of them has a personality of its own. Many retirees love to tour these classic lighthouses and take in the unique beauty of each of them, gathering a stamp or token from each so that they can complete a collection. As you drive along these shores, you’ll get to take in the fantastic coastal views, beautiful little beach towns, and unique feeling that the Outer Banks can offer.

3. City fun in Raleigh-Durham


When you’re ready to get back into the excitement of city life, it’s time to make your way to Raleigh-Durham! Retirees love this area because of the endless varied entertainment, from theater to pool clubs, and plenty of concerts and fun to enjoy. There’s a large community of retirees in this area since the average age in Durham is 40, and you’ll quickly find a community where you feel at home. Thankfully the apartments in Durham, NC as provided on, ensure that this is a safe and cheap place to live above all else it offers.

4. Get Starstruck in Wilmington


Willington is sometimes referred to as Hollywood East, mostly because of how many productions and channels work out of this area. Most famously the location where Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill were filmed, retirees can enjoy walking between movie sets and seeing how shows and movies are produced.

The most recent movie of the Halloween saga and the most recent Scream movie that came out in 2024 were both filmed here, which means you may see some areas that you recognize.

5. Enjoy the Bear Frenzy in New Bern


New Bern, perhaps best known as the birthplace of Pepsi-Cola, is also well known for its passionate love of bears and cute shops. In downtown New Bern, you can enjoy walking amongst countless little stores ranging from saltwater taffy candy stores to unique thrift stores and find what sparks your interest. Numerous bear statues and branding cover the city, giving it a whimsical and fun look.

6. Enjoy the Small town of Eden


If you want a place to live peacefully and with fewer troubles, Eden might be to your liking. It is a small yet charming town, which is just outside Greensboro. So if you are one of those people who like to live close to nature, you will surely love it. Living in big cities is surely convenient but there is always traffic and hassle. Furthermore, the cost of living is more.

On the other hand, small towns are peaceful, have less pollution and more humanity. People living in the neighborhoods keep in contact with each other. Furthermore, the air is fresh because of the availability of trees. The biggest benefit is the low cost of living.

Houses in Eden cost $87,500. Therefore, it will be easy for you to move there after your retirement. You can go for long walks and have a lovely tea time at dusk. And if you get ill, there are 3 hospitals in the 25 miles of this town. In addition to this, the number of violent crimes is also low.

7. The delightful town – Spring Lake


If you like spending time around water, Spring Lake is the place for you. You can go on for picnics and enjoy the beautiful sunsets. If you do not know where it is, you might know about Fort Bragg and Fayetteville. Spring Lake is on the outskirts of these places.

The houses in Spring Lake can be purchased for around $94,000. So it will be easy for you to enjoy a relaxing retirement time of your life.

If you fall ill, you will have 7 hospitals in 25 miles of this town. Furthermore, the number of violent crimes is also quite low. The most recent reported violent crimes in the town are less than 80 and that too in a year.

8. Living a completely different life in Hendersonville


If you have plans after retirement and you like to go for adventures, you should look at Hendersonville. There are mountains with thick forests. So you will have fresh air that will keep you healthy. Furthermore, if you love going on a hike and spending your time in nature, you will have a lot to do there.

Home values in Hendersonville are around 100,100 dollars. And yes, you are likely to remain safe there. Why? Because the number of violent crimes is quite low. In the recent survey report, the annual violent crime number was 61. Furthermore, you will have better medical services as there are 10 hospitals within 25 miles of the city.

The most interesting thing about Hendersonville is the historic downtown of the city. There are historic museums, shops and also restaurants. Furthermore, you will also get to enjoy the entertainment centers and buying fresh things from the farmer’s market. And you will find some friends too because about 16.5 percent of the population is above the age of 65.

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