Top Travel Destinations for 2024

Many people are going into 2024 with a sense of optimism, and the hope travel will rebound with the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.

With that feeling of hope in mind, the following are some of the trending travel destinations as we look ahead to a new year.

1. Branson, Missouri


There’s a lot of interest in so-called flyover travel or travel to more rural destinations that have a down-home feel. That’s captured when you visit family-friendly

Many urban dwellers are looking for a way to get outside of their day-to-day life, which is why destinations like Branson and the Smoky Mountains are so popular. There’s nature, and there’s a sense of small-town charm, plus these are family-friendly destinations.

Many families are coming together on a large scale for the first time in years and renting expansive cabins and houses, which are available in places like Branson.

Trips are more like family reunions and are multigenerational. Travelers, as a result, are looking for destinations that meet the needs of a wide range of ages.

2. Greece


Greece was a huge destination for travelers in 2024, and that’s likely to become even more true in 2024.

What was great about Greece for many travelers in the COVID era is first that so many things you do there are outside. The eateries and different venues almost always have outdoor seating, so people feel more comfortable.

Greece also has a little of everything from history to beaches.

The islands are likely to be a top pick for travelers in 2024. There are the more well-known islands like Mykonos and Santorini that are always popular. Lesser-known islands are also getting people’s interest.

For example, Naxos and Paros have the best beaches and swimming opportunities. It’s hard to go wrong no matter where you specifically pick to visit in Greece.

Naxos is especially alluring, being the largest of the Cycladic Islands in the Aegean. Naxos has not only long, sandy stretches of beach but also olive groves, mountains, and traditional villages.

3. Miami, Florida


Miami isn’t new as far as being a vacation hotspot, but in 2024 and 2024, the numbers of people flocking to the city have seemed to grow. Miami has both the feel of a big, cosmopolitan urban area and a beach town all in one.

Nightlife is a big reason some people choose Miami. You can party all night at many of the clubs, and in fact, DJs often don’t even start their sets until 2 or 3 in the morning in Miami.

The beaches are among the best in the country, and hotel pools have their own party scenes in Miami Beach.

Even if you don’t like to party into the morning hours, you’re likely to find plenty of things that are appealing in Miami. The food is wonderful, and there’s a thriving art scene. Miami is also vibrant, energetic, and great for people-watching.

There are wonderful hotels regardless of your budget or your preferences.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas is constantly changing. No matter how many times you’ve already been, when you go back, you’ll find something new, which is what’s so great about the city.

In 2024, both Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood are set to start new artist residencies, for example.

The Stirp recently saw the opening of the first brand-new resort in more than ten years—Resorts World Las Vegas. The Wynn also spent $200 million to remodel its rooms and add new restaurants.

The Palms will reopen at the start of 2024, and celebrating a grand opening isVanderpump A Paris, from reality star Lisa Vanderpump.

KISS will be doing a run of shows at Planet Hollywood, too, if you prefer classic rock.

5. Mexico


There are a lot of reasons to add Mexico to your trip plans next year. First, it’s an international destination but at the same time, the flights are relatively short. They also tend to be reasonably inexpensive. Mexico is also home to natural beauty, great beaches and resorts, and Indigenous cultures.

In fact, Travel + Leisure named Mexico its 2024 “Destination of the Year.”

If you want to step outside the confines of the typical all-inclusive beach resorts we tend to associate with Mexico, there are a lot of lesser-known options that are stunning.

For example, Bacalar is in Quintana Roo, featuring a turquoise lagoon.

Tequila isn’t just home to the beverage, although you can go and see how blue agave is turned into the drink. Tequila also features excellent shops with a lot of crafts, and it’s home to the Tequila volcano.

For spirituality and history, consider Cholula in Puebla. Cholula was home to a pre-Hispanic civilization. During the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs, many temples were destroyed and replaced with Catholic churches here. As a small town, Cholula has 37 churches, most of which are currently active. Click here for more information.

6. Freiburg, Germany


Freiburg is a town on the edge of the Black Forest in Germany. Freiburg is a university city, and it has a medieval town center. The squares with cobblestones have architecture that’s Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic. Many of these buildings were painstakingly reconstructed following World War II.

The Freiburg Munster is one notable landmark featuring Gothic architecture. It’s one of the few structures that survived bombings during World War II.

Munsterplatz is the square in front of Freiburg Munster. Munsterplatz Features historical buildings like the Wentzinger House.

There’s an open-air farmer’s market that takes up most of Munsterplatz, with dozens of stalls selling everything.

You can also have dinner at the oldest hotel in Germany. ZumRoten Baren dates to 1120, and the restaurant features traditional German dishes like wiener schnitzel and risotto.

Finally, also in Freiburg, you can visit HausbrauereiFeierling, which is one of the oldest breweries in the city. During the summer, people gather in the beer garden and have draught beers and pretzels.

The pub itself is three stories and was founded in 1877.

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