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After a day’s walk-in Frenchmen street, everything has twice its usual value


The world is an amazing place, but New Orleans is something different than the rest. Prepare yourself to enjoy various types of exciting experiences for the first time. However, you should not worry much about the planning part, as we have created a shortlist with the Dos and Don’ts on your flight to New Orleans.

Let’s get started with the Dos:

  • Do you love new food? Do try all the food you can get your hands on. From Brenan’s, Galatoires to Tujague’s. Food is on the next level there, you will experience a new taste of foods in every different restaurant.
  • Visit the Frenchmen street. It is considered to be one of the most inspiring and influential streets in the world. Let the jazz, blues, and rock sounds guide your soul back home.
  • If you love the natural sights, then visiting the Mississippi river and finding a spot to take a clear view shot over it, is a must-do thing.
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  • Do you love monsters? Then the swamp tour is something you must do. Taking a day off from the nightlife and spending it on watching those beautiful gators, and bayou is worth it.
  • Jackson Square is where you will be able to listen to the most talented musician in the country.
  • Bourbon Street is the right spot to enjoy your nights, but remember! This is something magical that will leave you drained out.
  • The area North East of the French quarter is strongly recommended for more chill and relaxed vibes.

Of course, you must be searching the internet for cheap flights to New Orleans right now. Moreover, the prices in New Orleans are really on point.

Save your pocket and time by avoiding these critical mistakes


Now you know exactly what to do in New Orleans to spend your vacation to its full potential. Moving next to the things you need to avoid at any cost. However, doing these things will not ruin your experience, but it could be considered a drawback by most tourists.

Here is a shortlist of the don’ts:

  • Schedule your arrival in the summertime. Avoid hurricanes and winter as much as possible.
  • Love palm reading? It is fine there are many palm readers out there, but you should be picky when it comes to selecting the person to do so, as there are many scammers out there.
  • If you are searching for cheap flights to New Orleans, do not book the first offer you encounter, as there could be way cheaper offers.
  • Cafes, in general, are at their peak in the nighttime, however, there are other activities to be done during the daytime.
  • Avoid festival periods if you are looking for a more calming and relaxing atmosphere. Festivals sometimes get out of control there.
  • Hot sauces and spicy food in general in the New Orleans area are on the next level, so do not try it unless you are a big fan of spicy food.
  • Spend enough time searching for the cheapest flight to New Orleans.

What Do You Know About The Softshell Crab?


You should never leave Vegas without trying out some signature dishes, which is why we will help you to pick the right dishes.

Softshell crab is something out of this world. You can eat the entire crab without the need to peel it off. It comes in a very reasonable size with a perfect price of around $50.

On Mondays we ate a very delicious traditional dish “red beans and rice”, it was different and tasted better than any red beans and rice we had before anywhere.

COCHON butcher will serve you the best burger sandwiches in your life. They have their secret ingredients to make this fabulous sandwich. Do not leave the French quarter before eating it!

Are you a fan of fried chicken? No problem, Willie Mays is their signature restaurant for fried chicken. However, you can still find the famous KFC branch there, but we are recommending you to try out new restaurants and you will never go back.

Book your cheap flight tickets on Sundays


Our experts have noticed that Sunday is the best day to book flight tickets. Whether you want to take a domestic trip or looking for a vacation abroad- book your flight on this day and you can save significantly on airfares. Most flight booking platforms allow you to compare fares on different days of the week. We recommend you take some time out and do your bargain hunting on a Sunday.

Be Flexible with your holiday destinations


If it’s the case of non-essential travel and you are looking for a vacation, it’s best to be flexible with where you want to fly. Compare multiple destinations that suit your taste and budget and then go ahead to reserve your airlines tickets. So if being flexible with time is a problem for you, try being flexible with the destination and save mega bucks on flights and airfares.

General Tips to Find Cheap Flights to New Orleans


Do not rush when you are booking a flight ticket, as the prices have been changing dramatically post-COVID. There are too many cheap flights to Florida to find on the internet if you take it slowly and compare the prices.

Public transportations from the hotel area across Canal streets are easily accessible and fairly cheap. It will only cost you 2$ and no transit tickets are required.

Creole & Crescent: A bike tour is something you should consider trying out. It will be a lot of fun and most likely is the best place for meeting/making new friends.

Registering for a walking tour with a professional tour guide will add up to your traveling experience. However, the wrong tour guide could make it the complete opposite so watch out.

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