How to Upgrade an Outdated Bathroom

How to Upgrade an Outdated Bathroom—6 Must-Try Tips

The idea of all the dust and inconvenience leads to many people putting off a bathroom upgrade. But let’s face it. That room in your house needs attention desperately!

Our guide will help you spend your money, time, and energy wisely. We cover everything from bathroom caulking to modern wet rooms. With the value you’ll add to your home, but also your experience when you ever need a relaxing bath or refreshing shower, you’ll be glad you got it done.

Light it Up

You can change the look and feel of your bathroom by changing the light fixtures. For example, a different fixture can allow more light to saturate the space. This takes a bathroom from a dingy hole to an inviting relaxation zone!

Also, use energy-saving bulbs and you’ll pay less on your power bill. Remember, this room gets used a lot throughout the day by any household. So, any savings—on water or electricity—that you can have here will have more of an impact compared to many other rooms in the house.

Do consider functional lighting, such as adding a new light fitting to light up the mirror area. From shaving to putting on makeup, it can make a huge difference. Such a change can even streamline morning routines, as you’ll have one more well-lit place for someone to get ready for the day. That means less clamoring around the hallway mirror, or mom’s dressing table, to get someone’s hair just right.

Fix the Fixtures

Fix the Fixtures

This is your tip if you’re working on a very tight budget. And you’ll be surprised at the impact it can make!

Adding new handles to a cupboard, installing a new faucet, or just adding a different towel bar can instantly give the space a different feel. Browse through the latest décor magazines and take note of which fittings are trending. Then look for ones at your local hardware store that still have classic features. This will ensure the trendy ones you install now will still impress a few years down the line.

Manage Mould and Moisture

Any upgrading should include making sure that mold and mildew are not an excessive problem. Without proper preventative measures like caulking, the hard work you put into the rest of the bathroom may deteriorate if you don’t manage moisture.

Efficient upgrades to minimize mold in a bathroom include:

  • Reapply to caulk around windows and between cupboards, floors, and walls. Moisture won’t seep into the walls or cupboards, so there will be fewer spaces that promote mold growth.
  • Check all taps and pipes for leaks and dripping, so you can prevent the room from being exposed to unnecessary moisture.
  • Invest in a humidifier that you can run to remove the moisture after someone has showered or bathed.

Modern Tubs and Shower Ideas

Modern Tubs and Shower Ideas

Bathroom design has evolved over the years, so these days décor magazines will show you some innovative transformations. A popular option is to create a wetroom, rather than the traditional bathroom.

For clarity, there’s no shower tray in a wetroom. This is a bathroom space where the shower section is at the same floor level as the rest of the room. There’s no step or barrier, so you can simply walk in.

This may seem unconventional, but no one can deny the functionality of this. For example, it makes your home much more practical for anyone using a wheelchair. Also, there’s less chance of someone stumbling over a step and injuring themselves on the hard floor.

The popularity of these designs means you’re adding value to your property and they’re much easier to clean than a traditional bathroom space. And don’t worry, the water won’t simply run everywhere. The installation includes proper sealing of the walls and floor, so they don’t get moisture damage. Also, the moisture can’t get channeled to the rest of your house.

Floor and Cupboards

The floor takes up a large portion of the room, so replacing an outdated, patterned floor covering with new, classic tiles is an instant modernization. Then take your time to find the perfect cupboards. Look for something that offers lots of storage space but also consider a floating design. This creates the illusion of spaciousness and robs you of less floor space.

Add the Right Accessories and Accents

Add the Right Accessories and Accents

Also, put some effort into picking out accessories. Don’t clutter the room but use décor to highlight your colour palette or make the space even more practical.

For example, a plant adds color and certain greenery types will flourish in a bathroom while helping to maintain good air quality and odor. Towels and rugs that carry the room’s theme in terms of design can serve as both décor and functional items.

In Summary

See? Some of these changes are much easier and quicker than you thought. You can even skip the dust-making upgrades and start with simple changes like replacing old caulking or just buying a new, modern tap. If you have any tips for other DIY home upgrades, don’t forget to share your wisdom in our comments section!

In conclusion, upgrading your outdated bathroom doesn’t have to be daunting. Our guide offers practical tips to revitalize your space efficiently and affordably. From simple changes like updating light fixtures to more extensive renovations like installing modern tubs or showers, each step adds value to your home and enhances your daily experience.

By managing mold, modernizing fixtures, and incorporating functional accessories, you can transform your bathroom into a stylish and functional oasis. Whether you’re on a tight budget or ready for a complete overhaul, these tips empower you to create a bathroom you’ll love. Share your DIY home upgrade tips in the comments below!

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