7 Reasons Your Business Should Upgrade to Cloud-Based Phone Services

Whether small or big, every business should have a good communication channel to connect with customers, vendors, prospects, and partners. As companies evolve, their communication channels should be flexible enough to scale up or down.

For instance, companies need phone systems that can accommodate additional lines when the number of employees increases. The need for on-site hardware, high setup, maintenance costs, and dependence on IT support make this impossible to achieve with traditional phone systems.

Traditional Vs Cloud Phone Technology

With the growth of internet and mobile phone technology, companies use a mix of emails, phone calls, and texts to connect with their stakeholders. The growing need for phone infrastructure that can support multi-channel communication is increasingly rendering traditional phone systems irrelevant.

Cloud-based phone services enable companies to manage their communication in more agile and streamlined ways. If you’re unsure about upgrading your conventional phone service to a cloud-based phone service, here are seven reasons to do so:

1. No Need For An IT Team


Businesses that upgrade to cloud-based phone systems eliminate the need for IT teams. Once a company subscribes to a cloud phone service, the need to set up on-site infrastructure ceases.

Service providers offer all the services required to run the system. This includes hosting the system, maintaining it, and conducting regular upgrades. For businesses, this eliminates the need to hire IT teams to monitor the system and keep the phone lines working.

In addition, cloud-based phones don’t require separate lines and machines to handle calls, and receive PDF to fax. Instead, the phone system consolidates all the functions in a single service, streamlining the system for easy management.

The phones don’t require complex equipment to work, making maintenance easy. With a reliable cloud phone service provider like SafeCall and a good internet connection, businesses can enjoy all the features available in cloud-based phone service.

2. Efficiency


Upgrading your communication system to a cloud-based phone service improves business efficiency. This is because a cloud-based phone service allows you to integrate your communication system with the applications, workflows, and processes that your business uses daily.

You can integrate business tools easily when they’re in the cloud, enabling employees to collaborate in the office or when working outside the office. By making your business presence consistent through seamless access to video conferencing, customer relationship management tools, instant messaging, and email, a cloud-based phone system increases team productivity significantly.

3. Enterprise Features


One key reason your business should upgrade to cloud-based phone services is to get access to enterprise features. The enterprise features on cloud phone systems are highly affordable, even for small businesses. The standard features that cut across all cloud phone services include video conferencing, call forwarding, caller ID, and voicemail.

Video conferencing enhances team collaboration and makes remote working possible. Cloud phone systems also have an auto-attendant feature that allows companies to use virtual receptionists to direct and answer calls.

The system has a call recording team that enables users to retain vital information, train employees, and boost customer relationships. The voicemail-to-email and cloud faxing features help maximize efficiency and reduce running costs while facilitating secure transmission of faxes from any location.

4. Portability


Portability is suitable for your business to upgrade to a cloud-based phone system. Cloud-based phone services can offer your full business functionality from any location as long as you have a good internet connection, allowing your teams to work from different locations.

Portability also allows you to browse call activity anytime or anywhere and change voicemail message settings when the need arises. In addition to having a phone system that’s accessible from anywhere, VoIP and PBX providers also provide mobile apps that allow employees access to the phone system via tablets and smartphones.

This enables remote teams in small and medium enterprises to collaborate in real-time. They can manage phone settings, send and receive texts, and even set up conference calls.

5. Cost-Efficiency


The other reason to upgrade the phone system into a cloud-based one is cost-efficiency. Every business, irrespective of size, wants to keep operational costs as low as possible. Unlike the traditional phone systems that have a lock-in period, have to be maintained regularly, and require upfront payment, cloud-based phone services are designed to keep operational costs.

With a hosted VoIP solution, you can pay-as-you-go based on service usage. Further, your business doesn’t invest in physical hardware that attracts upgrading and maintenance expenses because the phone service is hosted in the cloud. This makes the phone service more cost-effective than the conventional landline option.

6. Scalability


The other benefit that cloud-based phone services offer businesses is scalability. Cloud phone systems allow users to expand their services as the business grows.

You can add direct numbers and extensions to your phone service with a few clicks. Hosted VoIP and PBX phones also allow companies to operate a simple communication system configured from a mobile device or desktop computer.

7. Competitive Edge


You need to upgrade your phone system to a cloud-based service to stay ahead of the competition. Cloud phones are cost-effective and straightforward, enabling businesses to deliver faster and better outputs than conventional phone systems.

With cloud-based phone services, your employees can invest more time on activities that add value to the business and less time managing phone communication. Further, the phone systems are efficient and straightforward, so teams don’t have to spend a lot of time learning how they work.

They require little effort and time to maintain and offer businesses greater control and flexibility. Since they’re highly efficient, cloud phone systems give companies a competitive edge as employees focus their energies on satisfying customers and growing sales.

Final Thoughts

The benefits that cloud phone systems offer businesses make selecting phone solutions by companies easy. Most companies replace conventional phone systems with cloud-based solutions to reap those benefits. If you’re unsure whether a cloud-based phone service is a good fit for your business, the seven reasons discussed in this article should be enough to convince you to have it for your business.

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