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Reasons To Consider Mass Text Messaging Services To Increase Your Business’ Sales

Marketing has always been a pivot for a business to turnaround and to rise from the ground up. Having this much impact, marketing also continues to evolve as time goes by. It follows trends and phases that consumers go through and try to appeal to them the best way possible.

Right now, companies are becoming more aggressive when it comes to contacting consumers to get as much brand recognition as possible. One of the ways on how companies do that is to send mass text messages about their services.

If you still aren’t practicing mass SMS messaging, here are some reasons to consider this method to increase the sales of your business.

What Are Mass Text Messaging Services?

Before anything else, you need to know what mass text messaging is first. A mass SMS messaging service provides businesses the opportunity to send a single SMS message to hundreds or thousands of people at the same time. This makes it convenient and fast for companies to relay a message to many subscribers quickly and conveniently.

Examples of mass text messages are daily SMS updates, texts on special offers and events, SMS alerts, and many more. Mass SMS messaging is used in the e-commerce industry to notify the customers of the status of deliveries and payments.

How Do You Send Mass Text Messaging Services?

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After knowing what mass SMS messaging services are, you also have to know how you can send these mass text messages. Unlike SMS messages that are sent from the phone, mass text messaging is sent through a website. Mainly, this is for the reason that phones can’t simply handle the volume of messages that you send during mass SMS message blasts.

On top of that, telecommunications providers also don’t allow this much volume of text messages sent via mobile phones just for promotions. It’ll also be hard to send thousands of texts via mobile phones. To make it easier for businesses to relay a message, the need for a third-party increased, and there were services created to do mass SMS messaging services. Because of this setup, you need a platform that’ll allow you to do this marketing technique. There are websites online where you can sign up and create an account to allow you to do bulk SMS messaging, such as Drop Cowboy.

What Are The Advantages Of Mass SMS Messaging Services? 

One of the reasons to consider mass text messaging services to increase your business’ sales is its advantages, which are listed below:

  1. Get to Customers Immediately

As compared to social media, ads, and posters, customer engagement is direct, immediate, and real-time with mass SMS messaging services. When you want to relay a message that’ll reach your customers immediately, then texting is one of the fastest ways to achieve this.

If there’s one thing people don’t leave home without, it’s usually their phone. Sending mass text messages regarding a sale or promotion will certainly get to your consumers at once. It could be quicker than your ad on social media or the newspaper. In turn, you’ll get faster responses and more chances of selling your product. This is to ensure that you’re on top of your target market.

  1. Build on Customer Loyalty

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Mass SMS messaging can also serve as a customer loyalty engagement program. It can be used to promote brand loyalty in customers.

For instance, you can use this to SMS a customer about a reward for their birthday. Another way is to say thank you to your customers via mass SMS messaging. You can also message them about some exclusive discounts and special deals to make them feel more special. Because of this, they’ll be more loyal to your brand.

  1. Connect with Customers

Mass SMS messaging is also an avenue to get the thoughts of your customers. You can easily do this by texting all your customers a survey link with a reward included after the survey. By doing so, you can get feedback immediately from your customers and build a better company with their thoughts and comments. There are multiple services available to achieve this in your company; one that is being used by many businesses is DialMyCalls.

On top of that, you’ll be able to connect with customers because more people check their phones for text messages more than their emails or social media. So, your mass text message will most likely be read than other ads, email blasts, or social media blasts.

  1. Allow Customers to Track Orders

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Especially with the boom in e-commerce, mass text messaging improves customer service and satisfaction.

First, mass SMS messaging improves customer service by being able to SMS everyone whose orders are going out for delivery on the day it’s out. By notifying customers, customers will be given a heads up of their delivery for the day. This improves customer service by allowing customers to prepare for the delivery.

Second, mass SMS messaging increases customer delight by making customers happier. Even though it may seem to be a little thing, getting a notification via SMS that your package is arriving will allow your customer to make the necessary preparations to accept the package.

Surprise deliveries will only cause complications due to unavailability and poor coordination. This will result in more expenses either on the buyer or seller. So, having this service enables the business to get more customers since they’re delighted with the service.

In addition to that, it also allows the e-commerce business to save on logistics costs by avoiding constant back and forth of deliveries due to inefficiencies.

  1. Use It As A Marketing Tool

Mass SMS messaging services are used as marketing tools by many businesses. It’s a great way to let your customers know about your new products and collections. Even though some companies launch this on their website or send an email blast, SMS messaging will still reach your customers faster since not everyone checks your website every day.

The earlier and more frequently people see your brand and new products, the higher the probability that you’ll get a sale from that certain customer.

  1. Doesn’t Break The Bank 

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Another advantage of mass texting is its low cost. For reaching thousands of customers in real-time, it’s cheaper to use mass SMS messaging as compared to a television ad.

Most importantly, it won’t use up much of your manpower. A simple platform can do mass texting for you, and it can be automated. So, you won’t even need to hire additional people for mass SMS messaging.

  1. Can Target Specific People

When you do mass SMS messaging, you can target a specific set of people at a click of a button. This can prove to be useful when you just want to SMS the customers that haven’t logged into their e-commerce account for a while to remind them of your business. On the other hand, you can also use it to SMS a set of VIP clients for exclusive events.

By doing this, you get a more personal connection with a target-specific communication mode. Thus, satisfaction from customers increases and will also reflect in your sales. Targeting your messages will also allow you to shape your messages in a way that’ll appeal to that certain group of people.

  1. Won’t Need Wifi

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Customers don’t need wifi, mobile data, or the internet to receive SMS messages. All they need is a cell signal, which is easily accessible nowadays. So, mass SMS messaging can be more accessible for your customers.

Even if they forget to check their emails or social media feeds, they’ll still be notified by an SMS message nevertheless. You don’t need to worry about how to make your clients deliberately check their inboxes.

  1. Appeals to People of All Ages

There are still some adults who have a hard time checking emails or navigating through social media. So, a text message is the middle-ground for millennials, Gen Y, Gen Z, and Baby Boomers. All of those generations are still comfortable with text as a communication channel.

Thus, by doing a mass text message blast for your business, you’ll be able to reach people of all ages. Teens, kids, young adults, young professionals, middle-aged, retired veterans, you name it – they can have access to text messages anytime and almost anywhere.

  1. Can Be Very Simple and Conversational

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Unlike emails or posters, you can use relaxed language and send messages in a very conversational manner. As a marketer, you can be more flexible in injecting attitude and personality into your brand.

Having this conversational format, you’ll also appeal more to clients by making them feel like the brand is talking to them. This format also provides an avenue for the company to inject humor and emojis that you don’t normally see in emails.

What are the Disadvantages of Mass Text Messaging Services?

Now that you know the advantages, it’s also important to consider the disadvantages of a mass text messaging service.

  1. Given a Limited Number of Characters

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When it comes to text messages, you’re only given limited space to fit all your thoughts and grab the attention of your clients. So, your messages need to be short and simple, yet must attract the attention of your clients so they won’t ignore your messages.

Given this, you need to be more creative in catching the attention of your clients since you won’t have the leeway to use striking fonts or pictures to make your clients more interested. You have to pick the right words to get your clients reading your text messages.

  1. Need Permission and Information

Unlike an ad or poster where you just post it and it goes on public, with text messages, you need the exact cellphone contact number and permission of your clients to be able to send messages.

One of the challenges you’ll be facing is to convince your clients to give their phone numbers and allow you to send them text messages. As a tip, it’s important that you let your clients know what kind of information you’ll be texting them and how frequent it’ll be.

As an option, on the sign-ups, you can already ask your clients how frequent they want your texts and what topics they want to hear about. This way, you’ll be able to get more consumers to join in.

  1. Might Be Spamming Your Customers

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When you send mass text messages, after a while, your clients might feel that your messages are spammy. Once it’s considered as spam, clients might get irritable with the volume of messages. Because of this, they might stop reading your messages.

To avoid this from happening, make sure that you’re not sending repeating messages. Don’t send too many messages in a short period of time. It’s important to strategize your text message blasts at the onset.

Every mass text message shouldn’t just be an announcement, there must be a goal or insight you want to relay to your clients. In other words, there has to be a hidden agenda every time you send mass text messages.

  1. Inability to Add a Lot of Information

With just a limited space, it’s very challenging to fit in all the information that you need to tell your clients, especially if it’s a special promo. You won’t have space to list down all the rules, terms, and conditions of whatever you’re talking about. Another disadvantage is that you can’t add attachments or send files in the mass text messages.

Although, a solution for this is to insert a short link for more information on the terms and conditions of the promotion. You can also include a link for the complete poster for people to be able to see an infographic.


Consider these advantages, disadvantages, and uses for mass text messaging for your business and how it can improve its sales. Despite the disadvantages, the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages. Moreover, there are many solutions available to you to remedy the disadvantages.

As you can see, mass text messaging services increase customer delight, customer service, and customer satisfaction. Because of this, your business will benefit by getting more sales from different clients. So, if you still don’t do this, you might want to join in and start practicing this in your business.

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