8 Ways Your Business Can Use Text to Speech Software

Text to speech has been around for a while now, but most people haven’t taken advantage of it just yet. The popular TTS can help businesses in a way most companies do not comprehend at the moment. What we see as a reason is a fact that it maybe needs to be explained better. This is what we are going to do in this article.

First of all, this is sophisticated software. Its primary job is to convert text into a speech format. What once was only seen in science fiction movies is now a reality. The best part is that thanks to tech evolution, it gets better with every passing day. It is because of changes that we witness every day, TTS sounds more like a human than like a computer. It is incredible how small updates can push a machine to understand natural language better and then pronounce it the way it should sound. These are genuinely wonderful times we’re living in.

As we said, this software has been around for a long, so you must be wondering what is it that brought it to the center of attention right now. The reason is another piece of advancement that we almost now take for granted – the cloud-based platforms. TTS is now considered to be a quality voice service and with a reason. It helps companies dealing with customers more manageable and also reduce the price of automatized calls. This is the right time for you to consider this technology, as the momentum is correct, as this market is expected to grow in the coming years. Now that our introductions are completed, it’s time to take a look at the eight ways your business can use text to speech software.

No Restrictions


Unlike SMS marketing campaigns that are full of restrictions, TTS doesn’t come with any. What we are talking about are character limitations, that can pose a real issue for companies, and various regulations that follow SMS messages. Text to speech is a far superior option by all means.



Businesses that started using this system benefited by receiving more positive feedback, which increased their number of customers. The reason behind this is simple. With one application, you can reach a larger portion of the targeted audience.



Imagine a job getting done in minutes that once took hours to complete. Now, stop imagining it. This software does this, as it can process millions of calls thanks to could-based technologies. It works on the principle of an automatic trigger of these calls. Because of this, it is also not necessary to have too many employees.

Word-of-mouth Marketing


Today, it’s all about user experience. People love new ways of strolling the net, and if you put something like this in front of them, they’ll be thrilled. But impressing the fan base you already have is not all there is to it. In addition to creating loyal customers, the chances are that they’ll recommend your platform to other users. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Today, when we have various social platforms and media, a good voice really can be heard far.

A Brand Voice


When you look at the world around us, you can tell it is technology evolving every day. It is no wonder most people believe that today’s companies should rely more on advanced technologies. In the future, we are going to be able to employ artificial intelligence, which will be able to replace humans in a sense – nothing dangerous like in Will Smith’s I Robot. With TTS, this can already be done, at least partially. It is only a matter of time when one text to speech software is going to have a unique voice that will later be associated with the brand by the people. This could elevate brands to levels unseen so far.

Creating Audiobooks


If you are in the audiobook business, this could be a tide changer of unseen proportions. People these days are switching to audiobooks, and some even find them better and more enjoyable than the real deal. One issue is that there are millions of books in the world and not enough voice actors to read them out loud. With this technology, it is going to be possible to record many books all at once. What comes as a mitigating circumstance is the fact that you don’t need a professional actor for every book, nor every publisher has the means or interest to pay one. As you can see, this could revolutionize the book market. Even as we speak, the popularity of audiobooks is growing.

Treating Reading Disorders


In the world we live in, people more and more rely on online tools to help them deal with their issues. Text to speech can be one of those tools, with its usefulness not yet being fully understood. For example, many companies or organizations can have it installed in order to help people who suffer from dyslexia or other reading disorders. Imagine the joy they could felt after being able to hear what they can’t read, and it was your firm who made it possible. Furthermore, it could be sued as a device for using a foreign language, starting with people who would like to learn English. With this type of platform, the company would present itself to the world on a high note. Just imagine it being free.

User Support


The norm we have today with call centers is that most calls are automated. Even customers are using voice assistants in order to communicate with their companies. The future could be right now with TTS as for most information people are seeking, you don’t need humans by the phone. This software could do it for you, as it is able to convert information about people’s names, bank accounts, and other information into voice. We could continue, as there are numerous more appliances available. Maybe even you can think of some. If you are prepared to give this tech a chance, be free to visit

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