5 Top Features to Assess When You’re Shopping for a Commercial Freezer
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5 Top Features to Assess When You’re Shopping for a Commercial Freezer

If you’re a new business owner in the hospitality industry, then buying the right equipment is at the top of your to-do list. Whether you’re opening a coffee shop, a sit-down restaurant, or even just a corner café, you’ll need to keep drinks and food items cool, cold, or even frozen.

That means, choosing the right cooling solutions is a crucial part of your kitchen setup. Since each commercial kitchen has its own specific needs, there’s no one-size-fits-all option. That said, it’s necessary to compare and review the features of various commercial upright freezers to find the perfect cooling solution.

Commercial Cooling: How to Choose the Best Option

Before you even start shortlisting potential cooling solutions for your commercial kitchen, make sure you shop like a pro. We’ve compiled a list of the top features to keep in mind.

1. Determine the Size

The most significant feature to consider is finding a freezer that matches the SIZE you need. This means you should measure the available space before you even start shopping. Ideally, you want your freezer to stand close to an electric outlet and also out of the way, so it’s easy for crucial staff to easily access as they prepare and store meals and drinks.

Once you know where your freezer is going to stand, you’ll have an idea of the dimensions needed. This is especially important if your freezer will be slotted under a shelf or next to another appliance. Don’t let a few centimeters create a crisis in the kitchen layout!

2. Capacity is Essential

Capacity is Essential
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Next on your list of features to establish is the capacity that you need. To do this you need to first assess what you’re going to put in the freezer and how often it will be opened. Keep in mind that a regular freezer may not work in a setting where the door is regularly opened. It simply won’t be able to keep the interior optimally cool.

Furthermore, choosing a freezer with the right capacity for your needs will make it easier to store and reach items without having everything squashed together. It’s always a good idea to opt for a freezer with a larger capacity than you think you need as this will accommodate busy periods or unexpected, large orders.

3. Review Overall Design and Organisational Features

When it comes to the general design of the freezer, assess whether you want a unit with a solid door or rather one with a clear glass alternative. Keep in mind that a clear glass door option is an excellent way for your staff to quickly be able to see what’s in the freezer which can make restocking easier.

Another reason you may want to opt for a clear glass door is to make it easier for customers to see what drinks or prepacked desserts you have available when they’re standing at the counter.

You’ll also want to check the number of shelves available and whether or not they can be adjusted for taller or shorter drinks. And don’t forget to invest in shelves and doors that are easy to clean. Grubby freezers won’t do your brand reputation any favors!

4. Opt for Automatic Defrosting

A build-up of ice in your freezer can lead to reduced or even slow performance, especially if the door is constantly being opened and closed. For this reason, it’s recommended that you opt for a freezer with an automatic defrosting system.

Additionally, automatic defrosting will also save you a considerable amount of time when it comes to the cleaning process as there’s no need to manually remove the ice. For the most part, this means your staff won’t need to remove all the stock in the freezer to turn off the unit and melt built-up ice. You also won’t have to schedule time to do this, as the freezer will automatically defrost.

No downtime is always a great option for any business!

5. Energy Efficiency is Essential

Another simple way to reduce the costs in your commercial kitchen is to opt for energy-efficient appliances wherever possible. These appliances are not only more environmentally friendly, but they also boast lower running costs, showing you considerable savings over time.

When choosing an energy-efficient freezer, it’s also recommended to review the quality of insulation on offer. Typically, polyurethane foam is one of the better options because it boasts a high compression strength as well as low thermal conductivity. This option ensures that the items in your freezer will remain cooler for longer and at the same time consume less energy.

Final Thoughts

Commercial Freezer
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Choosing the best freezer for your new commercial kitchen should be about more than choosing the cheapest option on offer. Opting for quality cooling solutions should always be the number one priority when you’re reviewing potential kitchen appliances. By keeping our tips in mind, you’ll end up with the investment that suits your budget and your long-term business plans.

Selecting the right commercial freezer is crucial for any hospitality business. Prioritize features like size, capacity, design, automatic defrosting, and energy efficiency. Ensure the freezer fits your space, has ample storage, and is easy to clean.

Opt for energy-efficient models with quality insulation for long-term savings. Remember, investing in quality cooling solutions aligns with your business’s longevity and success. By carefully assessing these top features, you’ll make a smart investment that supports your budget and long-term business goals, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction in your commercial kitchen.

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