Successful Business Moving – Things Commercial Movers Want You to Know

Moving homes is already a difficult process, but when it comes to moving a business to a new location, there are so many things to do and just as many things that can go wrong. Luckily, there are things you can do that even commercial movers recommend for a successful business move!

Start the Process Way Before the Actual Move

The process of a commercial moving starts way before the actual moving day. Moving a business can be overwhelming. The easiest way to prevent this is to start before and narrow down what you have to do. Storage units, desk drawers, files, cleaning, etc., there’s a lot to do, which can take time and energy. Here are a few ways to help make a business move successful.

1. Do a Purge

Chances are, many things are broken beyond repair, taking up space in your office. There also might be things that you just don’t need in your new space. Such things will take up unnecessary space in your new place and waste time during the office relocation. Recycling and donating supplies can also give you a unique position in the eyes of your customers, and there are places where you can donate office supplies you don’t need.

Encourage your employees to clean their desks and make a list of broken or unnecessary things. This includes all non-essential items. Any personal items that they want to bring, they should pack themselves and bring to the new location. As for equipment, start checking what to keep, donate, recycle, or trash. Prevent wasting valuable square footage in your new location.


2. Have a Strategy

Tasks overlapping during a hectic move are imminent if you don’t make a strategy beforehand. Assign people specific jobs to do and make sure it’s communicated among everyone. To make it easier to see what needs to get done on what, start planning backward. This will help you plan down to the minute, and you’ll be clear on who is going to be facilitating what.

3. Check Out the New Location

Unless the new location has the same space and storage areas as your previous location, you’ll need to plan on what you can and can’t take. Whether your business is upsizing or downsizing, there will be changes in the new location, and you need to plan accordingly. Moreover, ensure that what you decide to move is accessible for movers.


Sort Using Categories

Once you’re done decluttering, now it’s time to see what goes where. This is when you should start organizing everything for the move. Mark the boxes where they need to go with a description of the contents inside. This is especially beneficial for professional movers as well. It’s way better than repeating which item goes where over and over again.

1. Labels Can Be a Lifesaver!

Several people are working on a commercial move, so how to make it a success? Professionals and seasoned movers will all recommend labels! You already know how much a color-coded system can help if you’re really into organizing. Whether you’re sorting based on a room or category, and if you’re handling the move personally or hiring professionals for it, labels can help.

2. Make Lists Your Companion

Lists will be your best friend. Creating lists of what you’re moving, recycling, or trashing helps keep track of the move and ensures it’s done successfully. Before the move, take an inventory, and during the move, run through your checklist. Lastly, once everything is moved and unpacked in your new location, take one last inventory with the help of your checklist to see if every item reached as it was supposed to.


Leave It to the Pros

Remember your last residential move? How much did you wish that you had someone handling it for you? Commercial moves are even more difficult, and that’s why commercial office moving companies are a godsend. Corporate moving expenses are tax-deductible, so instead of going over little things yourself, it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

A professional moving company will survey the location and ensure there is enough space for all the things you want to move there. They’ll take care of the hard work and make moving a breeze.

They’ll do the heavy lifting (literally!) to move your business easily and effectively from one location to another.

Pro Tip: Be There, but Don’t Get in the Way

It’s easy to want to get involved every step of the way to ensure a smooth move. But remember, the professionals know what they’re doing, so even if you’re there, it’s best to stay out of their way.

They are trained professionals dedicated to making a move safe. They have the experience and the skills to move your belongings to your new location as efficiently as possible.

According to the Harvard Business Review, micromanaging, especially where the help is unnecessary, is demoralizing and counterproductive instead of helpful. When you’re making a commercial move and have hired professionals, it’s great to keep an eye out that it’s going the way you wanted, but avoid stepping on the toes of the movers. Stay around, keep your distance while keeping an eye out, and let the movers do the job!

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