What If Your Rental Car Breaks Down?

A rental car breakdown disrupts the driver’s plans and causes additional stress, especially if you are in another country.

Often tourists or those who temporarily reside abroad prefer to use the services of car rentals rather than public transport and taxis — and this is often much more beneficial for the budget. For example, the UAE has now become a magnet for valuable personnel (and not only from the IT sector). Professionals from all over the world come to Dubai and Abu Dhabi to work and live. Therefore, car rentals are in great demand there. Today, there is no need to buy an expensive car because there are luxury car rentals where you can find the latest models of modern vehicles like at

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However, let’s return to the main topic of our article. You can face a rental car breakdown not only abroad, but in your hometown as well. Of course, the algorithm in case of an accident or breakdown is different for each car rental company. But, if you find yourself in such a situation, we have prepared common and useful tips for you. Let’s look at what to do if your rental car breaks down.

1. Stop the car


If your rental car breaks down while driving or has a malfunction, be sure to stop the car, ensure your safety, and try not to leave the car in the middle of the road so as not to disturb other drivers.

2. Call the car rental company

Be sure to report the situation to the car rental manager immediately after discovering a malfunction. As a rule, large companies have a special department that deals with such problems. After processing the application, the company will send its specialists to you. They will assess the nature of the breakdown and make a further decision: to carry out on-site repairs or take the car to a service station. In most cases, the company provides the renter with another vehicle.

However, renters are often afraid that they will be forced to pay for car repairs, so they don’t inform the rental company about the breakdown. But you will only have to pay for the damage if you cause this breakdown.

3. Don’t try to repair the car


The biggest mistake a renter can make when faced with an unpleasant situation on the road is to try to solve the problem on their own. Even if you are well versed in the technical structure of cars and have experience in repairing them, you can’t repair a car yourself under any circumstances.

Under no circumstances try to carry out repairs on your own and without the car rental’s knowledge, as this doesn’t guarantee further safe movement, and the company won’t compensate money spent on repairs in this situation.

4. Keep calm

If your rental car breaks down and you are in a foreign country, don’t worry. Everyone knows perfectly well that panic isn’t the best way out of the situation, and your nervousness won’t help at all. Try to relax and keep calm. In any case, a company specialist will be in touch with you, whose task (not yours) is to resolve the situation.

If you are very nervous by nature, we recommend you carefully study the rental Agreement and buy additional insurance. It covers expenses in many rental companies, even if the driver caused the breakdown.

Summing Up


Your rental car may break down — this happens, and no one is insured against it. Regardless of the extent and severity of the problem, the most crucial step is to call the rental company. Explain the situation to the manager in as much detail as possible and follow the instructions. Also, always study the agreement before signing, and don’t be afraid to ask questions that interest you.

Good luck and travel with comfort!

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