7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Minivan Rental

For a family or party needing comfortable transportation, renting a minivan is ideal. The spacious inside offers a comfortable environment for a road trip with lots of legroom and luggage space.

Whenever someone mentions a minivan, people immediately picture families with young children. A van is undoubtedly the best option when transporting children in car seats, but these adaptable vehicles can also comfortably fit up to 7 people and extra luggage. They handle nicely and are spacious and comfy.

Check out the Chrysler Pacifica and other minivans we have available for rental. Read more about the cars we have in the fleet below. Chrysler Pacifica have 7 Passengers and 4 Bags (2 small & 2 large).

Follow these steps to hire a car so you may leave the lot without draining your bank account.

1. Plan ahead, especially during the busiest travel period


Kristin McGrath, a savings and bargains specialist for, explains that because vehicle rental businesses like Enterprise and Budget have small fleets, they must anticipate demand many weeks in advance to have a car waiting for you when you get off the plane. You’ll want to make your reservations as far in advance as possible to guarantee that you’re not just getting a fantastic deal but receiving a car, too, as peak travel season for rental car businesses approaches.

2. Use a credit card that has primary insurance coverage


Insurance is typically the most expensive part of renting an automobile. The collision damage waiver will probably be the first add-on you choose if you don’t frequently drive (hence, you don’t require or have your vehicle insurance). This is the main insurance that, in the event of an accident while the automobile is in your possession, will pay the firm back for the expenses of damage to the vehicle.

3. Reasons to Rent a MiniVan


Affordable costs are only one of the many excellent reasons to select minivan rental from Take a look at some other wonderful advantages of renting a minivan.

• Excellent Handling: The Chrysler Pacifica and other minivan models are simple to drive, easy to park, and enjoyable to handle.

• Enough to spare: The minivans include roomy interiors, big trunks, lots of storage, and room for the entire family to ride comfortably.

• Easy to Load: A minivan sliding door design makes loading and unloading luggage or young passengers simple.

4. Booking using websites like Autoslash will result in savings


Rossman utilizes the website Autoslash to get discounts on automobile rentals without affiliation with the company.

According to Rossman, estimates will be provided if you enter your destination. “What’s cool is that you can enter your Costco or AAA memberships, and they will look for those discounts and any online coupons that might help you save. They undertake pricing comparisons before and after you book, allowing you to rebook at a reduced cost if the rental you had reserved for May dropped in price two weeks later.

5. Motorcycle Models


There are various ways that minivans are practical. Take pleasure in not needing to fold down seats to reach any row effortlessly. While still having enough space for everyone, minivans frequently get better gas efficiency than big SUVs. When you hire a minivan from Avis, you could get to drive one of the following makes:

• Chrysler Pacifica

With an elegant interior and seats that conveniently fold into the car, you’ll enjoy travelling in luxury if you hire a Chrysler Pacifica.

• Dodge Caravan

A Dodge Caravan rental will take you where you need to go, thanks to its dependable and strong engine.

• Toyota Sienna

Renting a Toyota Sienna makes it easy to store bulky bags in the roomy trunk with plenty of cup holders.

• Sedona Kia

You may travel comfortably and have room for extra passengers with a Kia Sedona rental.

• Town & Country Chrysler

When travelling with a small party, a Chrysler Town & Country rental is a capable minivan.

• Passenger van made by Mercedes-Benz

Although it typically seats eight people, the Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger Van rental is light and portable.

• Nissan Quest

Renting a Nissan Quest is smart because it has superb handling and driving characteristics.

6. Do your research on packages that include a “free” rental automobile


Although packages and bundles with hotels and airfare are intended to save you money, they may cost you more for your rental car than if you booked it alone.

Randi Winter, a travel advisor with Passionate Travel, a Virtuoso partner of Classic Travel, cautions that a “free” automobile offer should not be taken at face value. “Frequently, it’s just one or two days, and the mileage or extra days might significantly outweigh the “free” offer, especially if you’re keeping a car for a week or more,” the author writes.

7. Detecting a dent? Before leaving the lot, take a picture


To note any existing dents, scratches, or other visual problems, rental car companies frequently request that you perform a cursory inspection of the vehicle you’re renting. There is no such thing as being too thorough in an assessment, and it’s important to take pictures of any issue areas you find to prevent being blamed afterwards.

Use your phone always to snap pictures of any ominous dents, dings, or interior oddities, advises Winter. “This documentation, which has a time and date stamp, can protect you from any accusations or charges after you have returned the automobile and no longer have access to evidence,” the lawyer said.


If you prepay, beware of the cancellation costs. Winter warns that paying in advance to save money can cost you the most. “Like hotels, prepayment for locked-in conditions appear like they will save you money [but] changes in flight timings, dates, cancellations for sickness, even obtaining a better price hotel in a different place — even getting a booking modified or cancelled.”

And if you cancel less than 24 hours before the planned pick-up, the cancellation fee will be doubled, costing you about $50 (the amount Alamo and Enterprise charge).

If you are prepaying, make sure that your plans won’t alter.

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