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5 Simple Ways to Take Your Franchise to the Next Level in 2024

Have you ever wondered what makes those flourishing franchises better and more prosperous than the ordinary ones who don’t manage to achieve this amount of success? A profitable and well-built business plan is a big part of the whole thing – however, many things depend on the person who’s in charge of all that: a franchisee. Regardless of the type of improvement you’re seeking, there are a couple of pillars of proper franchise management that could easily turn your average branch into a thriving one.

It doesn’t matter if you’re one of the employees that want to give some useful tips to its superiors, or you’re a franchisee himself/herself – the best thing to do is to inform yourself about the current trends and implement some truly marvelous changes into your business. Even if your business has a physical location, it’s important to have a well-built online store that offers a great user experience. Using the correct enterprise eCommerce software is crucial, we want to suggest Shopify Plus for this purpose since you want to ensure that your potential customers are happy and help you take your business to the next level

2024 should be the year of prospering and many victories in the field of enterprises and businesses, and this article will be your mini-guide to making your franchise go along the way.

  1. Recruit wisely and improve learning

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The quality of your unit is its major and most important feature – and what makes a franchise good (or even the best) is its staff. The team that works on improving its performance. Therefore, as good employees always tend to be a key factor for a successful business, make sure you recruit them wisely. Sometimes we desperately need new team members and make a mistake by hiring people who aren’t the appropriate candidates for those positions. In such cases, this affects team performance and the overall out-turn of your business. Don’t let it happen; make sure to always look for the best.

Once you obtain your employees, the second step is to teach them well. To convey all your knowledge to the ones who are supposed to be your helping hand and to make them realize all the values and advantages of your business. Don’t leave anything to chance – some well-built improvement plans regarding learning software would absolutely help more than you think. This includes a bunch of videos, tutorials, practice within the software in question, questionnaires, images, manuals and many other types of convenient assets.

This way you’ll be able to offer the most enriching and full educational experience to the ones who work with you. By using technology and also digital assets,  you’re enhancing the franchisee training and also keep your people engaged and inspired. As long as they’re happy with their knowledge and progress, they’ll also be eager to convey all the useful information they have to the ones who need it.

  1. Work on your contact details accessibility

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So yes – a business can have its own web page where one could find probably everything about it. But, as long as you own a separate franchise, it’s not a bad idea to try to make it more perceptible for clients. How? Well, first of all, you can try with making a specific, separate online web page dedicated to this branch. Or at least a specific page within the website that covers all franchises. Although you might not know this, many people try to find the one that’s the nearest or the most convenient for them, and they’ll always be thankful to find out more about it with zero effort. You can enrich this online place with as much information as you can give related to it, some useful answers to most common questions and, of course, with contact details. This is called encouraging your customers to reach out whenever they’re experiencing any kind of problem that could be resolved by you. You’re showing that you’re there, accessible and ready to help.

Also, another essential thing. As today many people tend to search and communicate via mobile phones, maybe you should think about optimizing your website for mobile users. It should look well anyway, however, it’s much easier to be able to navigate the application or a website on their phones.

  1. Introduce some innovations

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Everybody likes to play on the safe side. And that’s completely fine. When we see that some things work, we kind of settle down and keep doing them, as they bring us success and profit. And, although it seems that we don’t need more, it’s a plus to be open to some fresh possibilities, as some brand new launches. Or, basically, any kind of modifications that could bring us more success. In order to keep customers interested, it’s necessary to offer a couple of innovations here and there. Better said – to surprise them and give them something they don’t even hope for. That’s something that requires a little bit of creativity and effort, but the results can be rather fascinating.

First of all, it’s great to search a little bit and come up with effective solutions regarding the overall modernization of your systems. What does this mean? This means taking care of implementing alterations related to the production machines, gear used in performance, and of course, franchise management. Through this, not only will the branch be able to work more efficiently, but it will also pave the way for a better future. It will allow your business to offer even more with the months and years that are coming. Don’t forget that your competitors might be working on their enhancement, as well. One more reason to be really persistent in your idea and keep going strong with all this upgrade.

  1. Build a perfect customer service

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Why is this service so important for the business? The answer is more than simple: it absolutely represents its image and gives customers the opportunity to get a kind of insight into some internal performances and operations inside the enterprise. Good customer service makes a strong connection with consumers and its main goal is to answer all queries they might have and resolve issues that might appear.

Of course, if implemented in the right way, this aspect changes their perception of our franchise and makes them appreciate it more. Make sure that people who will work as your customer care support know how to approach them, be kind and gain their trust, as it all depends on them. In the end, taking care of meeting the needs of your consumers is the pillar of serving them properly and building a relationship full of trust.

  1. Use social networks

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It’s a technology era, and we believe we’re all pretty aware of that. Social networks have experienced a true expansion during the last couple of decades, and they keep growing. However, using them for these purposes requires some more effort in order to learn how to use them properly for your company’s or franchise’s profit.

First of all, just think about all the advantages social networks could give to your branch. The information will spread more quickly. You’ll also have an online place (or two, or three, or as many as you prefer) that will enable your customers to always access the necessary information or find out more. People spend much time scrolling down the home pages on Facebook or Instagram, so, basically, there are no other means that could possibly improve your communication with them more than making profiles on most successful networks.

However, although it sounds undemanding, think twice – not everyone can maintain those. You’ll need somebody who knows how to deliver absorbing and catchy content that will actually make someone click on things you’re posting. Long story short – you’ll need a team or a person specialized in this niche.  It’s definitely not “too much” when they say that bad practice might destroy a whole quality concept.

Of course, you don’t need to do this alone; nowadays there’s a bunch of specialized companies such as whose main concern would be to manage your social network pages with success. And if you choose the right team, it’s impossible not to feel the advancement. You have nothing to lose anyway, as long as you have a decent strategy of maintaining the client’s interest.

Listening to our advice and using these tips mean working hard to achieve the improvement of your franchise performance. Sales and profitability enhancement is a dream of any entrepreneur. Don’t be afraid to change things –  it’s what motivates the creation of new ideas and innovations that will lead you to success!

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