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10 Essential Gadgets Every College Student Needs in 2024

Technology is a great part of our lives in recent years, no matter our age. It is very helpful for students too because it offers a lot of easing features that help them learn things faster and efficiently. There are a lot of technology gadgets that can be incorporated into a student’s life, no matter what they study.

These devices can ease the student’s lives in the college, filling their spare time (if they have it) with a lot of fun. Those who live in a dormitory may need more gadgets to help them adapt to space because not all facilities are fully equipped with all of the necessary supplies, so the students may need to bring their own. The right chosen gadgets can be lifesavers for college attendants.

Sometimes they may need to bring their own nightstand lamps, e-readers, headphones, laptops or tablets, that can ease their life in the dormitory. Here some essential gadgets that ate the best for every university attendant, never mind if they are first or higher year of the studies. But, before you spend a lot of money, you need to plan your buying and take only the most necessary things.

This is our guide for college students and essential gadgets and devices they may need for the next academic year:

Smart and safe door lock

If you want to avoid uninvited guests, you may need to install this small gadget on the front door (if that fits dorm’s rules and policies). This device offers you safety and can be unlocked with PIN-code or fingerprint. Also, you can synchronize it with your cell-phone and it will send you a notification if someone tries to enter your dorm room illegally. You know what they say – safety first.


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It can be every reader available, or you can choose the cheaper option, tablet with suitable application. Many universities offer the learning material in e-Book format, so you can easily transfer it from the digital library to your device, using the right technology, Bluetooth or with a cable. If you can spend more money, you can buy some “big name” e-reader, but also the cheaper ones can be very useful.

Desk lamp

There are many types of desk lamps and you can find the right one for you. You can choose LED lamps that are more economic than the ordinary light bulbs, and also provide better lighting that won’t make your eyes sore and tired. It can be a lamp with an electricity cable or you can choose a portable one, with rechargeable batteries. Choose the lamps that offer brightness adjusting, so you can adapt the lighting to your needs.

Thermal curtains

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Dorm rooms can be really cold, and sometimes the warming system is not enough for the whole room. Luckily, there are efficient ways to warm-up space. As advises, thermal curtains are a great way to make your room cozy and comfortable. This is fancy, right?

External hard disc drive

On the other hand, there is nothing fancy or exciting in this gadget, but for long years it’s one of the most useful tech friends for every student. You can use it to save all of your important files, videos, presentations, and e-books, so they won’t take too much space on your laptop’s drive. Don’t forget that the backup is really important, so the cloud drives are not enough and you need something more reliable, just like the HDD is.

External battery charger (power bank)

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You may consider buying a power bank with a bigger capacity, so you can take it everywhere with you. It will help you save the battery life of your cell-phone or tablet while you are outside and there is no electricity plug near you. Don’t forget to fully charge it at night, so it won’t die at the moment you need it the most.

High-quality noise-canceling headphones

If you share your room with another student, you may need this type of headphones. It’s polite to use headphones in shared space because your sounds won’t interrupt your dorm mate, but also it can cancel all of the noises that can mess up your concentration and hard work. This gadget can be found for a great price, so you won’t need to spend too much money on it.

Key finder

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This small device is a real lifesaver for your lost keys. There is a wide range of keychains that can be synced with your cell-phone and you can literally “ring” to your lost keys and locate them. Some of these gadgets come with an application that you need to install on your phone. Their sound is really loud, which helps you a lot in the case of lost keys.

Wireless range extender

This is a pretty cheap and pretty useful device that can be used to extend the dorm’s WiFi range, so you won’t run through the halls trying to catch some Internet. It’s also great for home use, especially for those who live in big houses or apartments, so their basic router can’t cover all of the available space. You can choose if you want to extend with a 2G or 5G signal and use the speed you need.

Ergonomic mouse

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You will use it your PC or laptop a lot, and sometimes the basic types of mouse or the touchpads may cause irritable pain in your arms. An ergonomic mouse is the best for those who study graphic design or need to make a lot of digital simulations and presentations. This mouse will help you save your joints without any pain or swelling.

We hope that this 2024 student’s helpful and useful gadgets guide helped you to choose what do you need most for your next academic year at college. These are only the basics and you first need to move to your dorm room, so you can see what is missing. Remember, many of these devices can be found for great prices, so it won’t affect your budget a lot. Don’t buy a lot of things that you won’t use during the study time.

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