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7 Cool Gadgets Every Kid Will Want In 2024

Whenever we think of cool gadgets we instantly think of the latest iPad or something similar. But every kid has a unique taste in the gadgets it wants.

You’d be surprised to find the number of gadgets that are available on the free market. Since technology evolves by the year, it would be smart to keep track of these trends when it comes to your kids.

As every kid has a unique taste and a unique preference, we thought we write an article about the 7 cool gadgets every kid will want in 2024.

1. Beginner Microscope

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Who didn’t want a microscope as a kid? Even if you weren’t a nerd in school, having the ability to see things on a microscopic level was something that every kid wanted.

Sadly, microscopes back then were very expensive. But you can get one now for a relatively reasonable price. As we move more towards globalization, these gadgets will become more and more accessible.

When shopping for a microscope to kickstart your kid’s early love for science, there are a couple of things to look out for. You should pay particular attention to the magnification capabilities, the type of material the microscope is made of, and whether or not it has a built-in color wheel for filtering particular cells.

2. Science Kit

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When on the subject of science gadgets, why not get your kid a science kit for making experiments from home?

There are hundreds of types of kits out there when it comes to stimulating your kid’s love for science, and we will touch on a particular one.

The crystal-growing experiment is one type of science kit that contains all the necessary materials for you to grow your very own crystals.

There are seven of them and the best thing is that it will turn your kid into a science enthusiast by the end of it. This gadget comes with lots of handy items that make you feel like a real scientist, such as the special display glass where you can put each crystal to admire your creations.

The crystal growing kit resembles the dinosaur growing toy we had when we were children, and we all know how much fun that was back then.

3. Invisible Pen

An invisible pen isn’t really invisible, but the ink in it is. This pen can be very special for your children as it can make them feel like 007.

The thing with this gadget is that you write something down and it will disappear in a few seconds. After a short time, the message that you wrote will illuminate in the ink color, effectively revealing what the message was.

This gadget is very fun and chances are you’ll get a message or two from your children under the door at some point after getting it.

4. Hoverboard

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If you ever wanted your kid to look cool, then getting them a hoverboard is an obvious choice.

Hoverboards are very popular and very convenient for around the house. If you don’t know what this gadget is, then you have to familiarize yourself with it as soon as possible.

The best thing about this gadget is that it requires your children to stay in balance while using it. Truthfully speaking, this is the main purpose of these gadgets that no one wants to admit.

Apart from being an effective means of transportation, your children can learn a lot by using it.

Not everyone can keep their balance on these gadgets from the first try, so you should never let your kids on it without a helmet.

If you’re interested in the best hoverboards for your children, then make sure to pay hoverboardforu a visit.

5. Fart Machine

If your kid is the prankster in the family, then getting a fart machine can be quite hit or miss. For starters, you’ll be getting something that they’ll enjoy, but it might backfire on you as your children might use it against you.

This isn’t so bad after the first prank, but it can get quite annoying after an entire day of farting sounds.

With all that said, this gadget might be the best way to have fun during family meetings and lunches. What better way to prank grandma into thinking she released a loud one.

When shooting for fart machines, do know that these gadgets have advanced a lot since we were younger. Some come in two parts. The first part is the remote control that sends a signal to the second part, the receiver, where it releases the fart sounds.

6. Smartwatch

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Smartwatches are very popular nowadays for a number of reasons. Apart from the fact that you can call and take calls, smartwatches are the perfect accessory when it comes to keeping track of time, watching your favorite videos, and are the ultimate gym buddies.

But you don’t have to get a fully functional smartwatch that costs hundreds of dollars just for your children. There are kid-versions of these super-popular gadgets that cost only but a fraction of the original price.

What the watch should contain are games, a timer, a calendar, a calculator, a music player, and even an alarm for waking up. The option of being waterproof is solely down to your choosing, but the option for taking calls should definitely be explored.

If you do manage to get one that has this feature, then you can rest assured knowing that your kid will always pick up the “phone” when you need them to.

7. Coding Robot

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Let’s face it, the future belongs to those that know how to code. These people are solely responsible for you being able to read this article and me being able to write it.

From software engineers to front-end and back-end developers, and even mobile app developers these are the people that we hold in such high regard.

So, why not teach your children how to code from an early age using a coding robot? This gadget is the perfect helper you’ve always wanted.

It will provide your kid with the ultimate way to interact and learn how to code without needing a PC, a laptop, and even a mobile device to do so.

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