New Cool Ways to Print Your Photos

These days there is no shortage of creative photo printing techniques. While traditional photo paper prints still serve a purpose, professional photographers and enthusiastic amateurs explore new opportunities of custom printing. New printing techniques such as printing on canvas, metal, or glass present photos in a whole new light and can be used for home decoration and art projects.

Let’s take a look at these new printing techniques.

1. Canvas Prints


Canvas prints are the new trendy thing in the printing world. They have truly come into their own over recent years and have made their way into art galleries, public spaces and private homes alike. What’s the reason behind this success? Well, here are just some of them: amazing depth, vibrant colors, crisp resolution and last but not least, pleasant physical tangibility.

What makes them different from high-quality photo prints then, you might ask? Unlike classic printed photos that are paper-flat, canvas prints normally come wrapped over inner frame that instantly makes canvas prints look more substantial. Moreover, thanks to textured canvas fabric, these prints have very pleasant soft overtones that make photos look more artistic. Canvas is also a surprisingly hardwearing material – properly printed and stretched, canvas prints look like new for up to 75 years.

2. Metal Prints


Compared to canvas prints, metal prints have a completely different feel. While canvas prints represent good old artistic values and have an apparent vintage charm, metal prints stand for the contemporary design of the 21st century. Metal prints see the image of your choice printed on a composite panel that consists of aluminum sheets and a hardened polyethylene core. Unlike canvas prints, prints on metal are super glossy and waterproof – safe to display outdoors and in humid environments such as kitchens or even bathrooms.

Metal prints are ideal for displaying bold photos that call for an extraordinary printing medium. The remarkably sleek and smooth surface is a perfect background for photos that burst with character: human portraits, urban panoramas, abstract photography etc. Metal prints look great in contemporary-styled interiors but can find their way into rooms decorated in a classic, Scandinavian or even romantic Provence style – just choose the suited image and you’ll see how lively your room can become!

3. Acrylic Prints


Another glossy and sparkling alternative to classic photo reproductions is acrylic printing. The acrylic glass (also known as Plexiglass) is an ultra-transparent printing substrate that adds to your images a magical 3D effect. Just like metal prints, prints on acrylic glass are also resistant to UV and moisture damage.

Metal and acrylic prints are fairly similar in terms of design and main benefits, but there are also quite a few important differences. Let’s have a look at the acrylic and metal prints available at – you’ll see that their metal prints come with a photo reproduction printed onto the printing substrate, whereas acrylic prints see the image reproduced behind acrylic glass. Polished transparent edges of the acrylic prints let you see the image from any angle and ensure a captivating depth effect that no paper-flat print can compete with.

4. Prints on PVC Foam Base


PVC foam is an extraordinarily versatile material that is used in many industries, including digital printing. Photo reproductions on PVC foam base boast the same color vibrancy and crisp resolution as other print types but they also have a couple of unique perks. Firstly, prints on PVC foam are extra lightweight – a considerable advantage if you want to decorate walls with reduced bearing capacity or need to transport your prints to a new home.

Secondly, some printing providers offer foamboard prints that can be secured on the wall without drilling works. For example, one of the most beloved American printing companies, produces MIXPIX® photo tiles equipped with a magnetic-adhesive hanging system. If you don’t want to commit to just one fixed wall art pattern, consider decorating with removable photo tiles. It’s also an ideal solution for those renting a home and having to comply with strict rental rules – if your landlord doesn’t allow drilling, you can still spruce up your place with removable and fun photo tiles!

5. Prints on Home Textiles


Photo blankets, towels and cushions have been around for some time already, so this isn’t a brand-new way to print and display photos. However, the quality of contemporary custom home textiles is truly worlds apart from the old examples. These days, printing companies use a special technique to transfer inks into the very core of the fabric rather than printing onto the fabric surface. The result – superbly vibrant and wonderfully durable photo textiles that look as good as new even after years of regular washing.

But what makes people go for photo home textiles if there are so many ready-made designs available on high street and online shops alike? One of the reasons is the possibility to create a truly unique home accessory with a huge emotional value – think of a snug photo blanket featuring a memorable moment from one of your favorite trips or a set of throw cushions with the photos of your beloved pets printed on them… That’s interior decoration taken to a whole new level of personalization!

The Bottom Line

With the advent of new printing techniques, it is now possible to create stunning prints from your own photos or graphic designs. And this seems to be the future of interior decoration – people look for new ways how to use their own cherished photos in their home decor schemes. While there are alternatives to personalized decor – think of mass-produced wall art or unique artworks that are made to order – customized photo decor solutions are truly coming into their own these days.

To make the most impact with personalized home decor, make sure to choose a reliable printing provider that delivers high-quality products and doesn’t cut corners. Our favorite is – a top destination for thousands of creative and budget-savvy American buyers. The company offers dozens of personalized wall art solutions and photo accessories – check them out now!

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