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7 Ways to Promote Your New Clothing Brand in 2024

If you have recently created a clothing line or fashion brand, or you’re thinking of starting one, marketing your new business in the right way will help you to increase sales and improve brand awareness. Digital marketing is one of the ways in which you can make a huge difference to your customer reach, as well as being able to get instant feedback, ensuring you are on the right track. Below we will discuss methods and techniques you can implement to give your sales a boost.

Create a good website

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This may seem like an obvious point but when promoting a new brand it’s important to have a smart website that is easy to use, as stated by It doesn’t have to cost a lot but this is a base for all of your customers to return to, whether they are just browsing a new collection or placing an order.

Sometimes when designing a website, easy functions and customer usability can be lost, so testing the website with a range of different people, ages and varied tech knowledge and ability will ensure that customers can actually order from you as quickly and as easily as possible.

Use good images to promote clothing

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According to, when advertising clothing, there can be a few small details that can make the difference between good and bad photos. To display your clothing in the best possible way you must consider how they are viewed online.

You could think about using a model to wear your clothing, rather than taking photos of the product alone. This will instantly give a professional and stylish feel to your brand, whilst showing potential customers how your products will look on a real person.

Once you have your photos its important that they are as good in quality as possible, as poor images will often put potential customers off, thinking your brand to be cheap and bad quality when this might be the total opposite. This is your one chance to display what you have to offer, so make the most of it with good photos.

Use Facebook ads to help to direct traffic to your page

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When using ads on Facebook, there are a variety of different ways you can do this. Firstly you can generate an ad for the general public. This will help to reinforce your brand to existing customers whilst helping you to reach those that have never even heard of you.

Secondly you can target customers that have recently visited your site but did not purchase anything. This is a good way to give potential customers a little nudge in your direction and remind them of what they were interested in when they first discovered your brand.

Thirdly you can offer discounts to certain customers via ads. This can be offered to a returning customer or one that has left products in a shopping basket. Either way this can help to turn browsing into sales.

Run a promotion

Promotions are a great way to get more traffic to your site. You can take advantage of particular holidays, such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Whichever holiday you choose to focus your promotion around, try to tailor it to your products. For example if you are running a promotional campaign around Valentine’s Day, focus your discounts towards red products or matching items.

You can provide discounts and incentives in various ways, such as sending out an email to all those subscribed to an emailing list, having a discount code on your website and by sharing all promotions across all social media, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Create a style guide

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Showcasing your products via a style guide is a great way to market to potential customers without them feeling like they are seeing another advert.

A style guide is when you advise what products would go together and the best way to wear them. You can feature your items as well as offering ideas of a customer’s already existing wardrobe.

This guide can be featured on your website as a blog where you can go into more specific details about products and styling. Doing a monthly style guide would keep it fresh and up to date, whilst keeping your customers engaged with your brand. The best look of the month could be shared overall social media platforms.

A giveaway on Facebook/Instagram

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Offering customers something for no money is always going to be appealing. Running a giveaway campaign is a very cost-effective way of increasing followers and gaining likes. More followers and more likes means more publicity for your brand, allowing you to pop up on people’s news feeds more frequently.

Choosing an item you wish to give away is your first step, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive product in your collection but it does need to be substantial enough as a prize giveaway.

Next you would post the good news about your giveaway and ask people to like/share or follow you to be in with a chance of winning it. Then sit back and watch the likes come flooding in, everyone loves a freebie.

Interact with bloggers.

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Bloggers and influencers are a great way to promote your brand to your target audience. Firstly choose a blogger that you would like to represent your brand. Do you have the same values? Will their followers be interested in your brand? If so then contact a blogger who you would love to write about your brand. Sending the blogger a small gift, such as a new product will help them to understand your brand more and will convince them that your brand is one to write about.

Hopefully this guide has been a helpful tool to get you started when promoting your new clothing brand. By keeping your social media platforms current and up to date you can keep your customers and potential customers engaged. Running promotions and giveaways will also help keep your brand out there.

This industry can be fast paced and challenging but if you follow some of our steps this can give you a boost when your unsure of your next move.

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