5 Ways Modern Technology Can Improve your Online Teaching Productivity

Education has always been the driving force of civilization. Advancements in any field or industry are hardly possible without the collective mind of humankind learning new things and coming up with solutions to challenges and problems. As individuals, we cannot hope to bring about change or have a successful career without educating ourselves in many different ways. Primary education is required by law, and has been for a while. Secondary is not, but it goes without saying that you cannot be an equal member of society if you lack high school knowledge.

With higher educational institutions like colleges and universities, it is a bit different. Not everyone is willing to prolong their academic career, nor does everyone have enough time, motivation, or money to do it. Thankfully, in the modern world of technology and information, there are now numerous alternatives where anyone interested in higher levels of knowledge and specializing can learn so much.

This is available thanks to technology of the 21st century, a time where everything is connected and smart. Developed to ease socialization and networking in every sense, online teaching and learning possibilities are as productive, if not more, than traditional learning. In the article ahead we will examine the ways in which this modern tech has improved and is still improving online teaching.

Read on to learn more especially if you are considering a new career as an online teacher or tutor. This is a very popular freelance and full-time job at the moment, particularly due to the new wave of measures and a shift in education following the pandemic.

1. Presentations Made Easy


Thanks to all the modern hardware and software, you are able to show amazing presentations just like you would in real life, if not better. Multimedia that is at your disposal allows you to edit all sorts of elements and features and utilize your creativity to the fullest. Whatever you are teaching to your online students, whether it is a language or something sciency, they will benefit from the visuals you are allowing them as you talk about the subject matter at hand. One of the novelty gadgets available for presentations comes in the form of document cameras. This is the perfect solution for distance learning and home offices, as it gives you a chance to optimally present and showcase whatever it is your students need to see. To attract and keep the attention of every student in your online classroom, you will need something like this. Make sure to check out to find out more about document cameras. In addition, they also provide helpful resources to students, low vision individuals, artists, businessman and other professionals who may be in need of a solution to perform their duties with ease.

2. Better and Easier Communication

Virtual classrooms are much more advanced now than they were a few years ago. Out of urgency and necessity, all software developers as well as IT giants have given the users new software and updated their old apps so that everyone can teach and learn from the comfort of their home. From the more archaic solutions like Skype, to newer virtual classroom and video conferencing apps like Google Meet and Zoom, communication is easier, better, and much more stable. Being able to optimally communicate with your students and use the camera to make it more personal and lifelike is crucial since you cannot interact with them physically and show them or approach them if they are having issues with the material. Assigning and grading in-class work and homework is easy, chat sections are easy to use and clear, and interacting with more students is equally good as having one on one sessions. Best of all, all of these apps and services are free!

3. Screen Sharing


Teaching online and remaining productive the entire time is challenging in certain situations. There are lessons and units the students cannot possibly know or understand the first few times around, so there is no point in giving them work. They first need to see you do it, and only then try for themselves. For this, the fan-favorite feature of sharing your screen, also known as streaming, comes into play. By clicking a single button, the service or app goes into screen-sharing mode and every student sees what you are doing on your native system. Then, you can do whatever you need, present the material, and take it slow until everyone knows what they need to do. This is also great when file sharing is not possible or if the files are too large to transfer in real time. Even the students can do it if they are having problems with saving their work or handing it in for evaluation. They share the screen and you correct it and grade it on the spot. Easy!

4. Advanced Research Possibilities

Since you are teaching online, there is virtually nothing that you cannot find. The internet contains all the knowledge and information in the world, so even if you have not prepared something or if the student catches you unprepared with a question, you can quickly find it. Apart from searching the entire internet on Google, you also have the opportunity to store valuable files and documents on cloud storage that your class will have access to at any time. No longer do the students need to go through countless books and waste time until they find what they need. Search options and filters allow us to find what we need to the word and fulfil tasks and assignments better and easier. Even if you want them to use their own devices and learn how to research for academic purposes, you can upload a few books or other files to the cloud and allow them to do it on their own.

5. Easier Scheduling


Last but not least, we have to reflect on how easier it is to make schedules and be on time when teaching and learning is done online. People are already at home so they do not need to spend hours in traffic before their education can continue. Everyone will be freer to schedule classes with you, and you will have an opportunity to use more of your day and fill out the schedule whenever and however you like. Making your own schedule is not possible with traditional means of working, which is why online teaching jobs are on the rise and why more and more people wish to tutor others using modern tech.

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