Print Marketing – a Realtors Best Friend

When the internet was first catching on in popularity, real estate professionals arrived in big numbers to explore the exciting new marketing opportunity. Now, many years later, the web is flooded with competitive offers, and limited reach is preventing many of them from having their voices heard.

That’s where direct mail marketing comes to the rescue. The strategy has been around since before the internet was a big thing, and it works better than ever in a digital era. For any realtor who wants a high ROI on marketing investments, there’s no good reason to ignore this proven method.

It’s Okay to Start Small

Starting small is not a problem. Thanks to sites like, realtors can try their hand at direct mailers with no order minimums. It may be too daunting of a challenge to send 1,000 pieces as their competitors demand.

One primary and lasting advantage of starting small is that it lets you remain calm until you start seeing results. Nobody enjoys spending a ton on ads to get very few results. That feeling of disappointment is not in the cards with direct mail marketing, and to find out if it’s for you, start with a modest budget.

Brand Recognition Made Easy


Sending direct mail pieces provides a way to add instant brand recognition with your most vital prospects for a real estate agent. Face it, with so many competing agencies around; it’s no wonder people don’t remember every real estate person they meet. Direct mail pieces are a way to remind them you’re out there and that you are the ideal person to help them buy or sell their home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to selling real estate or represent an entity that’s been going strong for decades. There’s always a reason to build on the advantages of marketing through mail.

Promotional Offers Pack a Punch

Nothing beats direct mail for sending informative content and promotional offers. Real estate professionals who provide value with top information earn expert status and attract more new clients.

It’s smart to send potential customers market status brochures, and information-rich flyers rivet their attention on your brand. They’re more likely to remember someone who added significant value to their knowledge of the real estate market. That value translates into more credibility and more sales. According to the printing experts at a great way to boost customer loyalty is through personalized printing and experiences.

The Kay-Grant Group saw a 20% increase in close rates after implementing a direct mail marketing campaign. If that idea excites you, it may be time to put your company’s plan into motion. Marketing real estate indeed takes a ton of discipline, but creativity also plays a vital role. The more innovate the pieces you send, the higher your opportunity to capture attention and turn that into a close.

If you need an effective way to find people that are less expensive than alternatives, explore this option soon. Realtors always need an edge and an ideal campaign that gets attention and focuses it on their services. Branding in the minds of the local market requires continuous effort and an understanding of the marketing methods that have the most definite appeal. for all info you need

Campaign Frequency Is Vital for Ultimate Success

Even though it may not feel like a great idea to keep sending mail to people who don’t respond, it remains a crucial part of a successful long-term campaign. People are busy and forgetful when it comes to a commercial message. Most businesses mail them numerous times before they get a response. Ad Frequency has always been an integral part of marketing, so make sure to budget accordingly.

People who are learning about this option for the first time may be surprised to learn that it’s cost-effective. They won’t go broke paying for expensive digital ads on crowded social networks and search engines. Gone are the pay per click models that drain budgets and don’t bring in buyers.

The Best Idea for a Realtor or Real Estate Agent


Direct mail saves money because it goes to small zip-code specific areas chosen by the advertiser. That eliminates the costs of having way too many prospects, many of whom would not be in a position to buy. Reducing waste like that is the quickest route to increasing conversion rates and lowering marketing costs.

It’s worth exploring this avenue just to bring in more customers. There are too many online programs that aren’t delivering. If you find you’re overpaying for online ads, it might be the perfect time to explore a proven method that never stops working.

With examples of leading agencies using the same style of marketing so effectively, it’s time to create your campaigns to share some of the bounties. Real estate is an industry that constantly changes, but where a few principles remain the same. Finding qualified buyers is always a challenge, but it’s the number one way to ensure continued growth.

Improved Marketing Will Result in a Higher Close Rate

The top end of the funnel is where the prospects start their journey. The more of them that start, the more closed sales in the end. It’s a rough formula, but it helps guide anyone in the industry who understands that selling is mostly a numbers game. Any effective marketing campaign is vital because it provides the raw material of leads that keep a business thriving.

Lower Expenses and Keep Them Down

Join other real estate agencies, and salespeople who are reducing their digital ad spend to embrace going local with direct mail. The people they’re looking for don’t live online; they exist down the street! That’s why it makes sense and profits to target them and reduce the cost of advertising to an affordable level. You pay for only the people who have a chance of using your product, which maximizes your ad spend.

When you spend less on a campaign, and it succeeds, you have a lot of extra revenue to try it again and refine your initial ideas. After you send a few times, you’ll have feedback from customers who are willing to share it. They can help you improve your overall program until it meets your objectives.

Get More Rewards from Your Marketing Efforts

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If you’re paying way too much for what you’re getting digitally, it’s logical to try a new approach. The online space is maturing and very crowded with deep-pocketed advertisers. Most independent marketers can’t keep up with them, so don’t feel bad if you’re unable to bid for the top spots on the search and social ads. Only the ultra-wealthy companies can sustain traffic on the highest volume keywords.

Instead, look only for the most likely prospects. Instead of casting a wide net that is empty when you pull it back in, engage with your ideal marketing avatars. That will fill your basket with qualified candidates who are in the home market. The time you used to spend on speaking with people who would never buy now turns into communicating with the folks who are most likely to close.

Naturally, if you’re already happy with your digital efforts, expanding to direct mail still makes sense. It’s a new way to enhance your current profitable efforts, which will make selling even more straightforward. The more people who know about your brand in your target area, the chances of closing faster and more sales is a distinct probability. The real estate industry continues to be competitive, and that will never change. It’s time to upgrade tactics so that you can stay ahead of your rivals.

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