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7 Tools Every Contractor Needs – 2024 Guide

Every contractor, to reach their full potential, should have a wide array of tools in their box. Without the correct tools, jobs will be left incomplete and clients will be lost. But, there is a major difference in having standard tools and having the correct tools.

When upholding a livelihood with the extended usage of tools on a daily basis, it really makes a difference in the standard of tools used, and finding the right one can often be difficult. This is the distinction between a profitable business and a futile one.

With this comprehensive list, as a contractor, you will be that much closer to becoming successful and expanding your business.

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Tape measure

A tape measure is one of the most significant tools a contractor would need, it is often overlooked and taken for granted. But its use is substantial as precision is key and so, accurate measurements are crucial in order to be successful. It is invaluable to have such a tool in your box that allows you to be accurate every step of the way. A tape measure allows a contractor to be cost effective and resourceful, it prevents the waste of materials, not to mention the fact that incorrect measurements often lead to mistakes, and wasted time thus leading to the loss of clientele and profit. A tape measure is lightweight, durable and compact, making it an asset to any toolbox.

Adjustable wrench

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An adjustable wrench is convenient and handy to anyone working in the trade industry, especially contractors. By using an adjustable wrench all the sizes you need are in one product, meaning that you do not need to carry around a toolbox filled with wrenches of countless sizes. This is beneficial as contractors often have to carry around heavy items from one job to the next and so, by eliminating that problem makes it that much easier to be successful. It has a moveable jaw that allows it to be versatile and accommodate to various sizes. This means that you will never be stuck due to an uncommonly sized nut. An adjustable wrench is beneficial in every sense of the word.

Claw hammer

A claw hammer is one of the most commonly used tools for a contracting professional. It has a dual purpose, as it not only drives nails into the correct location, but it also has the ability to amend mistakes with minimal damage by prying nails off of materials. The claw allows the hammer to grip onto nails and remove them with little to no damage. The hammer can also be used in demolition, this is particularly useful to a contractor who often has to tear down walls and other obstacles before rebuilding. It is so simple to use as it is strong and sturdy and they usually last a long time. A claw hammer allows the effortless completion of jobs with ease and accuracy.


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A handsaw is a tool that everyone should own. Not only is it a staple tool that can be used for a wide range of projects, but it is convenient as it isn’t big or bulky so it does not weigh your toolbox down. It is lightweight and portable, meaning it can fit into small spaces making it the perfect tool in your box. A handsaw allows the user to be precise in order to finely carve which leads to detailed work that is top quality. It can also double up as a ruler and be used to draw straight lines for maximum precision. Most handsaws can be re-sharpened, making them efficient and suitable for long term use.

Spirit Level

Spirit levels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are useful for big spaces and are also essential for tight spaces. This tool is vital to direct how straight or plumb a surface is, ensuring precision and accuracy for any project. They are very easy to use and there are no adjustments needed in order to use this product. They are affordable for any contractor and ensure confidence in any work undertaken. Success is dependent on your tools, by investing in a spirit level, you are enabling yourself to up to the best standard. Not only are spirit levels cheap and effectively, they cause little to no environmental disturbance.

Combination pliers

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Combination pliers are heavy duty and are suitable for prolonged usage. They are multi-purpose so they can be used for gripping and bending as they have heavy durable jaws. They are perfect for stripping wires and also cutting. Pliers come in different sizes, they are versatile and an effective tool to obtain. They work alongside many different materials, making them one of the best tools to keep. They are better than standard pliers as they have a high leverage and stronger grip ensuring stability and superior usage. They are very practical to have in your toolbox, so it is best to ensure you have a good quality one.


It is beneficial to have screwdrivers in close proximity when working as a contractor. They are useful in many ways as their use is imminent. They are used in every aspect of a contracting job, so it is beneficial to have a screwdriver set that includes the most common types of screws. A screwdriver can be used to install or remove screws, they are easy to use and require minimal effort to complete tasks. They have durable handles which assist in secure gripping and allow the user to determine how quickly they want to use the product. Screwdrivers are not only useful for completing the task at hand, but they are also useful for repairing tools that are having issues. All in all, by investing in a good quality set of screwdrivers you are ensuring that you are on the road to success.

It is in the best interests of all parties involved that all tools are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It is vital that you exercise complete caution and adhere to safety guidelines to ensure the safe usage of tools, and follow the regulations set forward by both the government, your workplace, and the manufacturers.

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