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How To Save Time On Mail Processing in 2024

Having the right mail processing equipment could be the difference between an efficient office and one that limits your business from making the most profit. The tiniest part of the mailing process can aid in smoothening the work rate; therefore, you should invest in state-of-the-art equipment. To enable a better running of the mailroom, you will have to invest in better equipment; thus, your employees will spend less time licking stamps.

Here is an overview of the best mailing equipment in the market, along with their benefits that will help save on time.

Folder Inserters

The machine is also referred to as a folding paper machine or an envelope stuffer, and you can use it at the office when filling several envelopes or folders every hour. The machine makes your posts appear pristine, given that all documents have to go through the electronic process. Professional office supply specialists often advise office managers to analyze these inserters before purchasing one. There are a comprehensive range of folder and envelope inserter machines, ranging from desktop to high volume systems that are suitable for every size and type of business. Folder inserters have numerous benefits that include; they create neat mails that appear professional, it will save you money in the long run, they eliminate human errors that arise when posting mail and they keep on time.

The machine creates a professional appearance when printing brochures and folders, and the inserter would be ideal for you in case your company places more importance on the appearance of their documents, and they prioritize the first impression.

Franking Machine

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You need to save your employees the time they spend licking and sticking stamps by investing in a franking machine. The device will categorize mail based on their destination and weight at the click of a button. This is the simplest way any organization can send letters and a few benefits include: it is easier to note down expenses, offers better stamping payments, has a better postal presentation, and provides royal mail discounts.

Franking machine’s budgets are flexible, considering that you can rent one for averagely $25 per month or purchase one for $25,000. With this device, your employees will save the much-needed time and spend it running other errands.

Envelope Printers

Such a printer will be the best strategy that can personalize your company’s printing presentation. The machine will offer you unique labels, save on time spent jotting down letters and save the company on the money spent generating its packing. Envelope printers have numerous benefits, and some of them include; the envelopes are personalized to every recipient, the tool can act as a promotional feature, the machine generates premium envelopes and produces unique designs.

Vacuum Machines

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In case your office handles numerous batches of fresh goods, then a vacuum packaging tool could offer you great assistance. The machine would be essential in the hospitality or retail business that is used to dispatch produce, although it can also be used in managing office space. The vacuum packaging machine comes with numerous other benefits such as minimizing packaging time, the stored food maintains its flavor, it economizes on warehouse space, and it holds fresh food without the need for additives. In most mailrooms, the saved area could help create a better working environment and saves time spent on labeling, sticking, and packing.

Shrinking Machines

A shrink wrap machine is an environmentally viable alternative to the use of vacuum machines considering that the wrapping material is constructed from recyclable plastic. When considering protection, the device secures all items, eliminates the tampering, and maintains the freshness of the product. The shrinking machine comes with numerous benefits such as the recyclable plastic that minimizes environmental pollution; its durable and robust, workers can quickly notice tampering and the machine shields itself from sun and moisture damage. The machine is cost-effective and easier to use compared to other wrapping alternatives, and besides, it will enable your company to use a few wrappers; therefore, you will streamline your entire mailing procedure.

Envelope Sealers

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This tool is useful, considering that it will automate the mail sealing process. Your employees are probably used to licking their fingers or have a hard time placing glue on envelopes. Well, with the advent of this technology, the envelopes will be transported through the sealer, and the gum flaps will moisten the envelope, then later, it is pressed closed. Besides, there are manual envelope sealers; therefore, feel free to pick the technology that suits your pocket. The difference between automatic and manual sealers is evident when you consider the bin capacity, piece size, and speed of sealing the envelopes.

Tool for Opening Letters

Despite the advancement in electronic communication, various companies still receive letters and depend on an efficient mailroom that will sustain the daily operation of their business. Your business probably still relies on letters, and it would be advisable to invest in a letter opening tool that could prevent damage done when opening letters. There are numerous benefits associated with a letter opener; some of them include; it is a cheap tool that will serve your company for a long time. A letter opener creates less dirt around the office, documents can be opened without damage, and it saves on valuable time for staff members.

Tabbers or Wafer Sealers

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Mail tabbing tools will save your company time and money when processing letters in the mailroom. The device is designed to automatically apply wafer seals or mail tabs on numerous documents such as booklets, newsletters, double postcards, folded stock, and pieces of mail.


The machine is designed to increase your office printing capacity, stamp affixing, and label documents in the office. It is easy to use, and once installed, it will require little maintenance apart from checking on the bin.

Generally, the above equipment is the best that you will find in the market, and they will help save on precious time in your business. They all come with varied prices, and you might find yourself spoilt for choice, but it all boils down to creating an efficient postage flow.

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