4 Useful ATM Maintenance Tips to Save You Time & Money

In the fast-paced modern world of today, it is important for people to have means of withdrawing and depositing money all over their respective towns and cities. The norms suggest that both cash and credit/debit cards are needed in everyday life, which means an average working adult has to be able to constantly shift between the two and exchange various types of currency. Moreover, there should be a way for tourists to access their accounts and take money when they need it. The obvious solution to this has been in existence for decades, and comes in the form of ATMs.

Automated teller machines, also known as ATMs or cash machines, are the go-to way for most people when they need to pick up some cash from their bank account. Without having to wait in the line and talk to the bank clerk, all there is to this process is inserting your card, typing the pin, and collecting the money. Depending on the ATM, you can also deposit money and have it on your account almost instantly.

Owning an ATM can be a very lucrative business nowadays, as can be renting a place for it in your place of work. They are so commonly used that you will enjoy a neat and steady cash flow whatever the terms of your contract with the bank may be. Such a passive income can hardly be beaten which is why everyone should take the opportunity if it presents itself. You will also indirectly draw more potential customers to your own business, increasing your reach and revenue.

However, having such an important thing comes with certain responsibilities, all of which are a part of the general maintenance of the ATM. To learn more about how to save time and money, here are some useful tips of the said maintenance. To find out additional info on the subject, make sure to check out

1. Up-to-Date Software


Simply having the machine sit and give you all of its benefits is hardly everything there is to it. The most important thing with maintaining the ATM you own is its software. Technology changes quickly and those who could potentially harm others find new ways to bypass new additions to security. Therefore, it is important to always have the system updated to the latest version. Blocking malware and implementing the latest in cybersecurity is key if you want more people coming to your place. If your model is one of the older ones, make sure to update it as much as possible, as it will make it less susceptible to a potential hack or other form of theft attack. Having the peace of mind and sleeping well knowing you have protected it to the best of your capabilities is hard to beat, and a smart investment.

2. Keep Things Functional and Clean


While the software side of things always has to be up-to-date, the visible, physical aspect of the ATM is equally important. It may even be more important because it is the first thing a potential customer will see. Usually, people avoid dirty and barely functional machine will hardly have anyone come close to it. Instead, they will walk a bit further in search for something cleaner and more appealing. Make a habit of having your ATM cleaner regularly, two times a day even. It is not that hard, as all you need to do is wipe the screen, the buttons, and the general front section of the whole machine. You can use disinfectants and other cleaning supplies. If you do not do this regularly, all the touching, pressing, and inserting will cause the machine to become slower, break, and be less functional from all the accumulating dirt and dust. Soon, it will become infamous as one of those bad ATMs nobody visits, and that is the last thing you want. Therefore, go out of your way to clean it and have it regularly serviced if necessary.

3. Traditional Security


Robbing cash machines is among the most favorite activities of thieves and burglars. They have various tactics in place for different types of ATMs so no matter what kind you have there could be someone out there that can rob it of its money. To prevent this from ever happening to you, you should make sure all of the security measures have been taken. The best and most useful cash machines work 24/7 and always have cash inside. This is hard to do but also the best way to make sure it is useful to people. However, it also becomes the most attractive to thieves. A CCTV camera or two combined with an alarm should do the trick. Covering both corners with cameras and installing a security alarm will sway off most burglars because it does take time to steal something from an ATM. You can even put some locks depending on your circumstances, or have a walk-in model where anyone looking to use it would have to enter a small room that has a security door with all the necessary locks and automated features.

4. Cash Replacement Routine


The money inside the machine will run out eventually, something you would naturally want to prevent. If there is no money, what is the point of having the machine around? The general rule of thumb is to feed it more cash when it is about to run out. This tactic prevents you from experiencing any dried periods. A strategic cash replenishment tactic and routine goes a long way. Enough bills of different denominations are necessary, and you could always open it up to check for counterfeit and torn bills. The times of day, as well as the days of the month when you do all of this should not be the same all the time. Having a clear pattern puts you in danger of a planned robbery. Whenever you do it, make sure to have some security nearby, just in case. Transportation of money to and from banks and ATMs is when many robbery attempts take place.

Conclusion and Takeaways

On average, maintaining an ATM comes to around $160 monthly, which is not that big of an investment considering how much you can make from it. Therefore, do not be stingy and maintain it the right way. There is hardly a better way of experiencing a passive cash flow than through such a useful and popular piece of technology. It is far better than paying tens of thousands of dollars for a new one anyway!

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