5 Intelligent Tips to Save Money For Dubai Car Rentals

Dubai is the most popular district in all around the world. This popularity is due to the presence of the world’s biggest building, shopping mall, garden, island, hotel, and many more tourist attractions. 

Despite these attractions, the highly appealing tours to Dubai are also due to its ever-growing business in the Middle East. Such travelers usually hire cars on rent from Dubai Rental company during their visit.

As Dubai is a highly visited destination, automobiles of companies such as RentalCarUae.Com are highly rented. It is because the auto rental services have become the most appealing services. If you are interested in exploring Dubai, car rental services are a great choice for you.

Rental vehicles provide more comfort, convenience, privacy, and reliability than any public transport. You will be surprised to know that you can enjoy the wheels of your own choice from different varieties of rental agencies at a budget-friendly rate. 

The cost of a rental car varies with its type, brand, and model. But if you are going to avail of some additional services, you have to pay some extra charges. Rental companies in Dubai offer some discount deals to their loyal customers. It depicts how you can rent a supercar at an affordable price by the implementation of some money-saving tips.

The following are 5 best money-saving tips to get a car at better rates from 

1. Limit your additional rental requirements


Prior to demanding extra accessories from the rental company, make sure that whether your budget allows it or not. The best way is to estimate the costs of extras. If all the charges are within your budget, you should go for it but where these extras are necessary, You can easily enjoy your journey without considering such items. 

What are the additional accessories you need to avoid?


There are many additional things a customer requires just to impress others. But if you want to save money, you should spend a limited amount. For instance, if you are hiring a vehicle only for your use, what’s the need of choosing the largest SUV? Decide the size of your vehicle on the basis of travelers along with you. 

We suggest you select a short mileage limit if you cover short distances daily in Dubai. Choosing a higher mileage limit may cost you greater when you have not even covered all the miles of a shorter limit. So choose wisely while renting a motorcar. 

Children’s seats are often demanded by customers. We suggest you ask for a child’s car seat if and only if your child’s age is below 5 years because it may upset your budget as it costs AED 30 per day.

Some other extras are Wi-Fi, navigation system, Bluetooth, and LED screen fitted in the vehicle to make your journey exciting and full of entertainment. But you can save money by avoiding these extras. 

2. Don’t use airport auto rental services


Rent a car company will provide your rental services in any area of the city you want. Some tourists and travelers hire airport rental services of some companies in the excitement of visiting Dubai. Do you know that airport rental services are more costly than other rental services?

The airport rental services of almost every auto rental company in Dubai are expensive because airport vehicle rentals usually charge additional taxes which are almost 20% of the total rental price. Therefore, it is better to not use expensive and less affordable airport rental services.

3. Never bound yourself to a particular model and brand


It has been observed that commercial travelers and localists who are used to renting autos usually hire the same brand and same model every time. Some people even don’t bother to check and compare the prices and features of all the vehicles. 

If you are going to save money, you should not be conscious of the brand and model of the car. Instead of brand consciousness, you should monitor which vehicle is providing similar space and features at a low price. It will economize on your Dubai trip. 

4. Predetermine the duration of hiring an automobile


It’s not good to hire a vehicle immediately without any planning of your stay duration in Dubai. Tourists think that duration has nothing to do with the rental charges but it’s absolutely wrong. For how long you are renting an auto is a decisive factor in the cost of a rental car

For instance, if you rent a wheel for a week instead of daily hiring, you will get your auto at weekly rates which are economical than the overall charges of per day rental services of all the week. Tourists who plan to spend their vacations in Dubai should go for a long term contract with a rental agency i.e., they should lease a supercar for their long term stay in Dubai. 

There is also a difference in the rental rates from season to season as it’s cheaper to rent the same car in summer than as in winter. It is due to the reason that most tourists visit the UAE in winter. Thus, select and rent your car after estimating your hiring duration as well as other combinations for saving your budget. 

5. Be a loyal customer of the rental company


If you are a regular customer of a rental company, they will find you as a loyal customer who always tends to hire their services irrespective of the conditions, charges, and competitors’ offers. In such scenarios, you can ask the company to offer discount deals and free upgrades. 

Some people don’t show practical loyalty with a particular company or dealers but they tend to prove themselves most loyal with the rental company by making oral promises. But you should know oral promises are not long-lasting. You should prepare some additional things to prove your loyalty and inclination toward them to avail of offers of long-term clients. 

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