A Beginners Guide to Online Multiplayer Gaming

Gamers are found in every nook and corner. The ease of accessing games through multiple devices has attracted people to spend some time killing the boredom. Some of the gamers have adopted it as a profession. They earn money by competing with other gamers in tournaments sponsored by some of the big brands and companies around the world. 

Some gamers have just kick-started gaming and due to the recent pandemic, most of them might have invested in buying a gaming console. Gaming is a great way to keep in touch with friends and people around the globe. If you are one of them, here’s the way to get started. 

Requirements for Gamers


Gamers who are just stepping for the first time in the world of gaming should know the basic requirements. For multiplayer gaming, almost every gaming platform supports it, but with an additional cost. Especially if you are buying a new PlayStation 4, Wii, gaming laptop, or Xbox one, you need to pay a monthly fee to unlock the multiplayer option provided in the games. 

However, no matter what gaming console or system you buy, the first thing is to ensure that you subscribe to high-speed internet. It will allow you to enjoy lag-free gaming without any glitches or buffering. Click here to subscribe now to high-speed internet for the ultimate gaming experience. 

Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation plus will unlock the multiplayer gaming option for just $10 per month. But if you want to save some bucks, you can surely get great discounts if you pay for a few months or opt for an annual plan. You won’t only be able to access online games but enjoy other perks too such as free games every month. 

If you have purchased Nintendo Switch, you need to pay for Nintendo Switch online service that costs you $4 for one month. While three months and one year plan would cost you $8 and $20 respectively. 

For Windows PC, there is generally no fee associated, but individual titles might demand some charges. Gamers on a low budget should opt for PC gaming instead of the console to save some money. However, gaming on each platform has its pros and cons. 

Competing with opponents or working with associates online compared to gaming in isolation demands more speed. The minimum requirement is to have at least a 3Mbps connection with 1Mbps upload speed. However, the faster the connection, the better it is, if you want to enjoy high resolution and increased frame rates. 

Another important factor when opting for an internet connection is to look for ping and latency rates. For optimal results, you need to have ping rates less than 100ms. If you want to reduce latency and boost speeds, you need to invest in routers that are designed specifically for gaming purposes. Always look for routers that contain external antennas to offer greater coverage in large spaces. Some of the popular manufacturers of routers include Netgear, Linksys, Asus, TP-Link, and D-Link. 

Tips for Beginners to Compete in Multiplayer Gaming


If you are new to gaming, you will have to go through a number of phases such as losing games and not knowing what to do and how to deal with it. Don’t be disappointed, and start by picking the game that is less difficult and competitive. The best thing you could do to be an expert is to practice a lot.

Moreover, at times you will come across negative experiences with other people. Just keep wary that you don’t have to bother with it. Just like in real life you come across negative people, you are going to experience the same in multiplayer gaming as well. 

Watch Videos of Gaming Experts


YouTube is filled with enough content to learn anything from project management to playing games online. Nowadays, you will find plenty of videos on YouTube where expert gamers shed some light on how to win in multiplayer gaming and what to do when you are stuck on a stage for several days. If you are new to PubG, Call of Duty, Fortnite, you will find it challenging to compete with the experts. But don’t worry, keep calm and watch tutorials and learn how to be a winner. 

Practice Makes a Man Perfect


When it comes to learning anything whether it be online gaming or solving math problems, practice is the key to learning. When it comes to gaming, most of the beginners fail to understand that practicing more would help them to be an expert and compete with gamers who are not easy to defeat. 

Make sure to spend some time in learning the tricks and tips when playing online. In the beginning, you might face some defeats that aren’t easy to digest. Most of the beginners quit gaming when facing such kind of defeats. But keep in mind that every expert was once a beginner. And if you want to be a hardcore gamer, you don’t have to worry about the roller coaster ride in the beginning. Experts would give you a hard time and if you can’t bear it now, you don’t deserve to be in this fun activity. 

Don’t Be Afraid


You can never be an expert in multiplayer gaming if you are afraid of trying. As mentioned earlier, practice is the key to master online gaming. If you are afraid to take the risk and chance only because you would lose, you are not going to survive for long. Online gamers need to be risk-takers and try different techniques and adopt different strategies to learn something new. The only way to get rid of fear is to try new things, even if you have to face defeat several times. 

Final Verdict

If you are looking forward to building a career in multiplayer gaming or just for fun purposes, make sure to follow the aforementioned tips. Don’t forget to resolve your internet issues at first hand because you won’t be able to play smoothly. Do more gaming, practice a lot, and be an expert in no time. 

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