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How to Study Abroad – A Complete Guide 2024

Studying abroad is a good way to improve your knowledge and skills in the specific academic sectors, living ability, learning ability, social skills and so on. Hence, if you want to make yourself more competitive in this dog-eat-dog society, you can give yourself a chance to study abroad. However, we all know that it is not easy to study abroad. Every year, there are a great number of students are rejected by different foreign schools for different reasons. In this case, it is essential to know how to study abroad. If you are not sure about that, you can follow this tutorial to complete the application. It will help to study abroad more smoothly.

Decide what you want to study

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Before starting any preparation, you must be very clear about what you want to study so that you can choose the course that best suits your needs. It does not matter if you want to take an intensive English course, a professional training course or a university course to train you in the field of study that you have always dreamed of, it is important that you know what you are looking for so that you can make the right decision.

Choose the country where you want to study

There are many countries accept international students in the world. And according to the surveys, the top study destinations often include the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Australia, Singapore, etc., but it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your interests. There are several criteria that you can take into account: the climate, the attractions of each country, the quality of life of each city, the educational institutions, etc. Taking these aspects into account will help you choose the country that best suits your tastes and your needs.

Choose a school of the chosen country and know the requirements

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Have you already chosen where you want to travel? Then, the next thing you need to do is to select a school of the chosen country. This would cost you a lot of time since you need to compare different schools then make the best choice. If you want to complete the school search more effortlessly and effectively, you are recommended to use some professional school or course search tool. This kind of tool will help you to find schools through different requirements, making the search more accurately and efficiently.

After choosing a school, it is time to start organizing your trip and meet the necessary requirements. Different schools have different requirements for international students. If you want to study in one school, you need to meet all its requirements.

Apply for the school and get your visa

After choosing a school and ensuring that you have met all its requirements, you should then go to apply for the school. To do the application, you can ask a professional agent for help or make use of a course application platform like CatEight. But here, the latter is more recommended since it allows you to complete the whole application process online. You can jump to CatEight’s Course Application to see how this platform works.

Except for applying for the school, you should also apply for a visa. Many countries require international students a visa to enter the country; such is the case of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States, so if these are some of the destinations you chose, you should also start the process to apply for your visa. Supposed that you don’t know how to do that, use something like the aforementioned platform. Many one them have also equipped the Visa Application tool which guides you to apply for a student visa with simple clicks. With the help of this tool, you will be able to complete the visa application and gain the visa more easily.

Buy flights and book accommodation

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Do you already have your visa approved? Then, it is time to buy your ticket. At this point, you must take several criteria into account so that you can get the plane ticket at an optimal price. To get the best deals, you can use different flight comparators.

In addition, you must book your accommodation before traveling. It is important that you have a place to live while you settle in your new city and stay there for a relatively long time. For this, you can use some apps or platforms that allow you to find suitable accommodation at a good price.

Pack your bags and go live your adventure

And now comes the last step before your study – pack. Remember to pack only what is necessary so you don’t have to pay extra money for being overweight. Also, investigating the climate of the country you are going to visit and the season in which they are (winter, autumn, summer or spring) are necessary – it ensures that you wear the appropriate clothing. Remember that, in some countries, winters can be very hard and summers very suffocating. So, just wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.

The Bottom Line

This is the complete guide on how to study abroad. If you plan to study abroad but do not know how to start it, you can follow the steps above. They will guide you to complete the preparations for studying abroad more easily and help you realize your dream. For those who want to complete the application and study abroad more breezily, you can make use of some tools like CatEight. Such a tool will assist you to apply for schools and study abroad with ease.

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