How Much Does A Locksmith Cost? A Complete Guide to Locksmith Prices

There are those essential skills in the history of the human species that will always be necessary that are at often dying out. Fewer and fewer people are willing to devote their lives to such arts, often referred to as skills of the past or old-timey crafts no longer needed in such large volume.

However, while that may be true for some fine arts and skillsets dominant throughout history but less so today, locksmithing is very much alive and crucial in the modern age. The science and art of making, defeating, and repairing locks is still a very valuable traditional trade that requires years of apprenticeship to be perfected. It is not something you can simply learn about and be good at. You have to spend years actually doing it and learning from a true master of the trade.

Therefore, people are often shocked when they hear how much the services of a locksmith are. Since they know, everyone has dozens of locks in their life, at home, at work, and on every vehicle, they are of the opinion that it is an easy trade to master and that anyone can do it. The reality is of course very different, which is why we decided to help you familiarize yourself with locksmith prices. In this article, you will learn how much locksmiths cost and what services they provide. If you need such skills in the country of Australia, and for more on locksmithing in Australia in general.

Price Factors


Various things influence the final price of the service a locksmith performs. Like any other craft or service, there is a wide variety of possibilities and scenarios that severely affect the cost. First of all, the distance that the locksmith has to cover to get to you is important, and they have specific costs for certain distances in town, especially out of town. Then, the complexity of the service is there as the most obvious factor. Depending on what you need them to do, there is a whole catalog of different prices.

Similarly, the new parts you require the locksmith to use and install cost extra. If the labor itself is harder than average, the locksmith could decide to charge extra for the trouble. Regarding the labor, most locksmiths will charge it in the form of the length of the overall service. If they have to come and back multiple times during the day, or during the week, it will probably cost you more.

Finally, the experience is everything in traditional trades, and you will absolutely pay more for an experienced locksmith than you will for an apprentice. A good estimate could be made as soon as you hear or see the locksmith. If they are in their later years, chances are they are among the best. Younger locksmiths will probably charge a bit less, work longer, or even require assistance and advice from their older colleague or master.

Different Kinds of Locksmiths


What you should also know is that there are three basic types of locksmiths in existence. Automotive locksmiths deal with all sorts of vehicle locks and keys and are experts in anything auto-related. Make sure to go with them whenever you need something for your car, van, truck, and any other kind of road-legal vehicle. The second type is residential locksmiths who deal mostly with residential projects and the lock and keys related to them. They are the ones to call when your apartment or house needs a lock and key work. Lastly, the third kind of locksmiths is commercial locksmiths. As the name suggests, they do not work so much with homes but businesses and buildings with heavier, more complex locks and keys. Think of them as residential locksmiths on a larger scale. There are those who combine residential and commercial locksmithing, while automotive locksmiths usually only deal with vehicles. They could also provide other vehicle-related services that a regular mechanic would do.

Cost of Locksmithing

It is finally time to determine how much you could or should pay for the services of a locksmith. The services will be dealt with according to the three different types of locksmiths.

1. Automotive Locksmith Cost


The basic cost for a car lockout is anywhere from $25 to $35 and can go up depending on the situation and the locksmith. These services encompass everything related to being locked outside or inside a vehicle.

Making a new key is tough, and the prices usually start at $120. It can increase greatly depending on any additional services involved. The prices for key replacement, duplication, and cutting are the same since this is essentially the same type of service.

More complex and technically demanding tasks like transponder key programming are also around $120, but not every locksmith can do it. Some of them can do it for way less but the price doubles or triples as there are multiple things needed for this service.

Ignition repair or replacement is another service they offer, and it starts at around $95. This is a tricky service to pull off, so be ready to pay a bit more than this.

2. Residential Locksmith Costs


Lockout services are the basic services of residential locksmiths, and they come down to some $35. Replacing damaged locks that cannot be repaired is the same as installing the new lock, both of which are also around $35. These services all fall under the basic range of things every residential locksmith does on a daily basis.

If a lock can be repaired, the price is usually around $20. The same goes for repairing window locks, another skill that most locksmiths possess. Retrofitting a lock for another key, or rekeying it as it is called, is $20 as well.

If you want a smart lock, the original $35 price applies with additional charges based on the type of door you have. Certain doors require more work in order to support the smart lock and any other security measure you wish to have.

3. Commercial Locksmith Costs


Commercial locksmiths do the same type of work as their residential colleagues, and as established, there are many who perform both sets of services. That being said, since the locks and keys are more complex, the prices are usually slightly higher.

For example, repairs and rekeying are usually around $30, while installing new office and business-grade locks is anywhere from $40 to $50. The same prices apply to office lockouts, smart locks, and lock changes.

Additionally, most locksmiths also have the necessary tools for replicating and making new keys of any type, from the usual residential and office building keys to heavy-duty keys that open safes. The prices of keys depend basically from door type to door type, and it is best to ask the locksmith for the specifics.

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