How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Car Key Replaced in 2024

Car key duplication isn’t cheap and the price isn’t always the same. Every situation is different and the price will depend on numerous factors. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you need a duplicate key, but if you do, it’s smart to have one on you already instead of trying to get one under pressure. Having one will mean you’ll easily solve the problem of being stuck in a car lockout.

You can also easily lose your car keys in your home, you can drop them somewhere, or forget them. In the past, you could have easily got a new key made, but that also meant the cars were easier to steal. Now, the technology has improved and our vehicles can’t get stolen that easily, but the car key replacement isn’t that cheap anymore.


There are some ways you can avoid paying a fortune for the lost key, but the chances are good you’ll have to be prepared for a higher price. For advice and car key replacements, check this.

Generally, locksmith’s prices for making new car keys will vary depending on the model of your car, the time, and the location. Often, the prices vary from 70 to 100 dollars, but sometimes it may be much less than that. You can request a duplicate of the key you already own, or you can ask for a new key entirely made or cut if you have lost your original keys. 

So, in order to prevent the cars from being stolen, there is a procedure you must follow in order to get your new keys. First, you need to prove that you’re the owner of the car for which you’re making the key. Also, you’ll need to submit the vehicle identification number or the VIN. In case you just locked yourself out of your car, a locksmith may get you back in for around 60 dollars, and keep in mind that locksmith car key services will be more affordable than dealership prices.

Today’s car keys have two main things, the main key, and the electronic fob. The replacement of the electronic fob can be around 100 dollars if you get it through a dealership while some might also charge for the programming the new fob, which means you’ll, in all likelihood, pay over 100 dollars.


The replacement of flip keys where the metal key folds into the fob is even more expensive. The prices here may reach a staggering 300 dollars for a replacement switchblade key.

An even more expensive variant is the smart keys. Smart keys allow you to lock, unlock a car, start the ignition, all using a radio pulse generator. As these keys are complicated and complex, it’s quite possible you’d have to go to the dealer instead of a locksmith. The dealer may charge you around 400 dollars for the replacement. 

Finding a good locksmith shouldn’t be too difficult, but make sure you find a good, experienced, and honest one. 

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