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How Much Does it Cost to Take Down a Palm Tree in 2024

The answer will depend on the size of the palm tree, the species and the obstacles/ access to the palm. This guide will give you a clue to how much it will cost to remove your palm tree, but to get a super accurate price for your particular palm tree, you will need to contact some local tree service and get them to come out and inspect the job for you.

Below, we will look at average prices based on size alone according to

  • Small (Less than 10 ft.) – between $100 and $200
  • Medium (10- 20 ft.) – between $200 and $350
  • Large (20 – 30 ft.) – between $500 and $750
  • Extra Large (30 – 40 ft.) – $850+
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Of course, these are just average prices to give you an estimate based purely on height, but as stated above, due to other variables involved, a professional company would have to come out and make an assessment in order to give you an accurate quote.

Are Palm Trees Easy to Remove?

The answer to this question is relative – a professional arborist may tell you that the majority of the time, palm trees are easy to remove, however, they are trained, qualified, and have all the correct equipment and resources. For an unqualified person, without the right equipment, removing a palm tree is no easy task. Bear in mind that palm trees are incredibly heavy and chainsaws are extremely dangerous, so combining these two factors could result in disaster.

If the palm tree you are dealing with is a single trunk, small in size, and doesn’t have too many palm leaves, then of course, the removal will be much easier. However, it is unlikely that this is the case since palm trees are known for their stature.

Should I Get a Professional for the Job?

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You should absolutely get a professional for the job. As discussed earlier, palm trees are not easy to remove for the average person, and you can end up causing a huge amount of damage to your property, to your neighbor’s property, or even injure yourself – any of these situations alone could leave you with a hefty bill to pay.

On top of that, if you attempt to remove it yourself, you could end up making the ground worse, and now the bill for the professional is higher than it would have been if you had used them in the first place. Removing a tree isn’t just a standard part of gardening that can be done in an afternoon, and you should always seek professional help as it is the only way to guarantee the best and safest possible outcome.

Professional arborists are required to have years of supervision and training, so even though tree removal can set you back hundreds of dollars, you can at least be assured that the worker dealing with the job is highly trained and worth the money.

Will Homeowner’s Insurance Pay for Removal?

You should always check your policy, but it is very rare that your homeowner’s insurance will cover tree removal. Often, the only time this applies is if you have a tree that has fallen down during bad weather and the tree has caused damage to your property, then the removal of the tree is now covered under this claim, and your home insurance company will deal with it.

Can I Finance Palm Tree Removal?

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This will depend entirely on the company that you go to, some companies will offer a finance service and others will not. Be sure to check with the company in advance before agreeing for any work to be done so that neither party is left in the lurch. Even if the company doesn’t openly advertise that finance is an option, that doesn’t mean they won’t be open to discussing the possibility with you, so it is always a good idea to ask.

Is There Any Way to Get a Palm Tree Removed Free?

Generally, you should expect the answer to be no, however, there are a couple of possible exceptions. Firstly, if your palm tree has value then you can find a landscaping company in your area who will remove it for free as long as they get to keep the palm. Valuable palm trees include Phoenix and Date palm trees among others, so it is worth checking which type you have. Secondly, if the palm is causing a problem with electricity cables, water pipes, or poses some kind of risk, then call your local town hall and they can arrange removal for free if it is deemed to be a danger.

Who would I contact to buy my palm tree?

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The best place to start would be to use the search terms in Google “we buy palm trees [your city]” or “sell your palm tree [your city].

This will give you a list of local nurseries and landscape companies who buy palm trees.

Next you will need to send them an image of the tree so it can be identified and they will let you know if they will buy it or not.

Because fully grown trees are very desirable, a quality Palm tree can fetch some high prices, but what you should be aiming to do is break even.

If you get some money for your tree, bonus, but if you can just get it removed for free then you are winning.

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