France Beauty Product Market

France dominates the global market share of cosmetics and beauty products by 23%. The net sales of the industry reach 45 billion Euros in 2017. The total export of beauty products goes by 14 billion Euros.  A certain fraction of the market is dominated by Ethni Beauty Market, which is doing well in the export market.

France is an excellent market for the production of cosmetics and other beauty products. Most of these companies are SME’s and boast of having an extensive distribution network across the globe. France records one of the highest exports and sums up almost 50% of Europe’s total export. The French certified organic products will expectedly increase up to 25% of the present value.

The haircare segment is likely to grow in market share:  As per the hair care products are concerned, consumers tend to incline towards organic and other natural products. Regarding conditioner use, the women use to moisturize and add a shine to the hair mainly. The consumer trend in Poland and Germany is to provide nourishment to the hair. The ethnic beauty products, especially for hair care, grow in an incremental tendency since 2015.


The oral care segment will significantly gain its share: Oral care products in France are significant and gain importance over the years. These oral care products are sold directly to the customer and not through the wholesale or retailer chain. The toothpaste that’s formulated for kids below 12 years of age doesn’t contain fluoride. Moreover, an electric toothbrush is gaining importance, just like smartphones. The consumer aged between 15 and 75 years come to seek solutions to teeth problems like scaling and pain due to poorly cleaned teeth.


Managing the competitive market: France’s cosmetic and beauty products face tremendous competition from various brands and adopt strategies like innovation, expansion, and finally, merger with the acquisition. The brands tend to sell directly to consumers with the help of an online marketing technique. They usually bombard consumers with a variety of offers. Digital and social media advertisements awaken consumers and pamper them with various offers.

Current vital factors that drive the French beauty market:  The real scenario is that France is losing personal care products. Consumers have a different trend in this segment. The main key factors that drive the market are:

  • The beauty routine skincare is very simplified. Consumers like to use lesser but better products.
  • Some products have dissatisfied users, which is why beauty products lose that market share.
  • The present trend is that the more product, the more garbage it becomes. The product should be less available, but of course, the best by quality.
  • The trend that sways the users is that the products should be organic and natural, a significantly lesser percentage of chemicals to be used.
  • Lots of research and development is to be done in the beauty segment. The younger generation uses lesser products compared to those who are aged above 40 years. The younger generation needs to get tutorials on skincare and various products used.

Products that are the main focus in the beauty market: The products that observe key growth categories in the beauty product market in France are mainly- Body Care, Depilatories, Hand care, Facial care, and Makeup remover. The main observation is enumerated below:

  • Young adults in France are having a weakness in antiaging skincare products. A consumer within the age of 39 years emphasizes a lot on preventive measures of aging. Body care and various facial products in this category have a great future ahead.
  • Young women prefer using products that might have a beneficial effect on their appearance. Facial care products are more popular with young women compared to men. So this segment could be a massive fan of facial care products.
  • Skincare products are widely distributed in Supermarkets and Hypermarkets. Health and beauty stores follow the list of availability of the widely sued skincare products.
  • The most widely used product is the makeup remover, and that recorded a 9% increment in the value of its market share in 2012. Consumers aged between 15 and 60 years are the vast users of makeup remover.

The key highlights of the trend of beauty products in France are like

  • Skincare product usage by women is more than that of the male segment consumers. Male consumers in skincare tend to look for costlier products and of high quality. Males look for a crème product.
  • The penetration of provable label products is lower in the market. French consumers believe that branded products offer better yield for the money spent. Consumers are ready to spend those extra bucks for buying a premium product.
  • Facial and body care products account for about 86.5 % of the total beauty care products used in France, and the result is that there is increased use of tubs, tubes, and bottles. The premium skincare products use snap tops, flip tops, and screw-top closures.
  • Almost 6.4 % of French consumers use valuable products as there is a greater ethical responsibility concerned. Consumers tend to equate quality with natural, organic products rather than chemicals.

There is a great value attached to French skincare and perfumes. The reason is the cultural innovation and heritage imbibed in the term ‘French’ product.  The cultural heritage of French perfumes bears an emotional and cultural heritage more than product quality.  The reason why French perfumes are the best sold and valued products are:

  • There is an undeniable historical heritage that concurs with the brand French perfume.
  • Brands affix a French emotional attractiveness with every emerging French perfume.
  • The sale of perfumes hugely influences French tourism. Purchasing French perfumes is the most coveted part of tourism.
  • French perfume is recognized by the constant renewed quality and safe application in the derma cosmetic category.

France leads the beauty product market and records the highest export in entire Europe. There is an inevitable reason why French cosmetics and skincare products do the best in the world, of course, the lineage and cultural heritage that’s incomparable to anything else.

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